Can Cats Or Dogs Be Transgender? – Interesting Facts

Sexual orientation is not only confined to humans.

It is also essential for all animals. The BBC made a fascinating report in 2014.

A pair of male penguins in a zoo in Kent, England, had teamed up to raise orphaned eggs together.

Like humans, animals are a puzzle of need, and you must be the missing piece to complete your significant other.

Can Cats or Dogs Be Transgender

Perhaps you have noticed your beloved cat cuddling with a same-sex pal.

Or maybe you have seen your dog humping a same-sex puppy.

Getting to know your pet better, why they do it, and what they do would help to unravel the puzzle.

It could be a sign of anything, or it could be nothing at all.

Why Does My Cat/Dog Cuddle And Mount Other Same-sex Mates?

Cuddling is a common practice in cats. Humping is a common practice in dogs.

Most dogs and cats’ sexual behavior can be uncouth for the reserved and uninformed.

Dogs, for instance, will mount one another whether they are male or female.

There are a variety of other reasons why pets might act in this way, even though it’s possible that some of them do it to engage in sexual activity.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsĀ® (ASPCA), mounting is more about playing, decompressing, or asserting dominance than it is about having sex.

Maybe it is because we attribute most of our behavior as humans to our pets.

However, no matter how close we are to them, it is good to realize that these animals are not humans, and they need a different kind of understanding.

If you can understand this, you will be able to give your proper pet care.

Perhaps we should look at some things that drive them to exhibit these strange behaviors.


Just like humans, cats and dogs also have social hierarchies.

Growling, barking, and biting is not the only way a dominant alpha dog can express their dominance.

Mounting others and humping them is one of the ways they can express this position.

This queer behavior cannot, however, be attributed to cats. Nonetheless, this is common in the dog family.

They employ this as a form of dominance to be able to be in control of the pack.

That notwithstanding, sometimes a dog can mount or hump at others out of sheer frustration.

Similar to mounting, grooming can also be connected to dominance.

Grooming is one non-violent way that dominant cats can assert their dominance over other cats.

In essence, the cats are warning you not to push them too far by grooming your neck rather than biting it.

Sexual Behavior

Lack of sexual activities in humans and animals can build up frustrations before reaching a breaking point.

Both male and female cats and dogs can release stress by humping at each other.

Communicating their wants and needs, it is not uncommon for them to act in this way.

When a cat or a dog is emasculated, its sexual odor is altered.

This will lead other dogs or cats to mistake them as belonging to the opposite sex.

This shows us that we cannot rashly conclude if a dog or a cat is transgender.

Stress Indicator

When you notice your cat doing nose bop or rubbing their faces against a same-sex cat, chances are they are under stress.

Just like a human being craves a hug during stressful moments, so does the family of animals in general.

So, take a chill pill; your kitty or puppy might not be a trans after all.

If you are keen enough, you will notice that your dearest pet mounts, hump, or rub themselves at inanimate objects.

To stop this otherwise uncouth behavior, you should call your cat or dog to divert their attention.

Calling them to snap out of it is a relief as it will help avoid social embarrassments or conflicts.

Learning Process

During the juvenile stages, there is a lot of experimenting in dogs’ and cats’ worlds.

It is of utmost importance that young ones of cats and dogs be allowed to test.

This will allow them to learn the right kind of communication.

The way these animals develop their sexuality is not the same as we do.

Kitties and puppies develop their latent sexuality in different ways.

This is a significant part of their socialization and understanding of their role within the pack.

Play Behavior

We have all found ourselves blowing a whistle at a false alarm at one time in our lives.

Not all the time do you see your dog humping the same-sex dog or your cat cuddling the same-sex cat.

They are engaging in sexual activities.

You need to relax a little; they could just be playing the tickle game.

We do that too with same-sex people, don’t we?

When cats and dogs engage in such behaviors, sometimes they are merely looking for ways to exert some energy.

It is a usual attitude for these animals to play this way, and it is universal for all ages.

Just as we do to alleviate stress, they also like to jump on each other, cuddling and raking all around.

Additionally known for their prowess in the grooming department, cats frequently snuggle up to and lick one another while they sleep.

What humans might mistakenly interpret as sexual behavior may actually be a component of social grooming.

What  To Do To Stop Cuddling And Humping Within The Same Sex?

We have already mentioned that cuddling with cats and humping with dogs are the most natural things in their little world.

Well, this does not mean that it is appropriate all the time.

If your pet has not been spayed or emasculated, it is essential to call them out of this tendency.

For instance, if a dog is mounting on a same-sex dog to exert its dominance, it might lead to fighting.

Our pets need to be able to get along and be obedient all at the same time.

If your pet is doing any of these to alleviate stress, perhaps you should address them by observing them and helping them through it.

You might also want to have a long talk with your vet to determine exactly what could be triggering inappropriate mounting and cuddling.