Why Does My Cat Lay On Me All Of A Sudden? [ 7 Reasons]

One of the hardest parts of owning a cat is bonding. If it’s your first time acquiring a cat for a pet, you may think that the cat despises you or it’s not affectionate. Unlike dogs, cats take time to bond with humans. As a result, many people assume that cats are not affectionate, like dogs.

Why Does My Cat Lay on Me All of a Sudden

A cat can take time before it starts bonding with you and show affection. If your cat was timid or aloof before, and it suddenly starts to show love and lay on you, this can mean a lot of things.

To remove the guesswork out of your head, here are some possible things that might be happening to your feline friend.

1. A Sign Of Love

When your cat starts laying on you all of a sudden, it shows that it has developed some affection. Cats take time to bond and accept people, which is kind of strange but normal to them.

Apart from laying on you, the cat may also show affection by purring and head butting your face.

If you notice these changes in behavior, it’s a good sign that, finally, your cat loves you and wants to bond even further. You should reciprocate the love by cuddling it and even patting it. This will help to cool her down and even help her to sleep.

2. A Sign Of Trust

Unlike dogs, cats take a long period to trust you. Some may take 6 months, while others may take over 8 months. If your cat wasn’t fond of you but has changed her attitude, this is a sign that she trusts you.

Cats normally suffer from trust and anxiety problems. Therefore, when you take them in, they may take time before they trust you.

If your timid cat has started sleeping on your lap, this is a sign that the cat trusts you and it’s comfortable around you. You can now relax and bond with your furry friend after a long day at work.

3. Illness

Although a cat can sleep on your lap because it feels affection and trusts you, it can also be due to sickness. If the cat is laying on you and seems playful, this may be a sign of love.

But if it lays on you calmly with a sorrowful face, there’s something wrong with it.

The cat may be sick if it rests on your lap and shows other signs such as restlessness, change in appetite, lethargy, and chronic vomiting. These are all red flags that you need to see a veterinarian right away.

4. Emotional Distress

Just like humans, cats also have stress and anxiety. However, the stress in cats can worsen present physical conditions, such as sickness. Cats do not handle stress, fear, or anxiety very well.

If you realize a change in your cat’s behavior, it might be a sign that your cat is going through a rough time.

For instance, if the cat starts resting on your lap suddenly, feels depressed, avoids, or helps herself outside the litter box, this may be a sign that your cat is going through emotional distress.

This usually occurs when you introduce a new pet in the house, visit a veterinarian, change residence, change in routine, or a new family member. All of these things affect the cat, and it may feel vulnerable.

If this happens, you should help to comfort the cat and not chase it away. This may go on for some time, and the cat may develop a lasting bond with you because of the circumstance.

5. They Are Looking For Warmth And Comfort

When a cat suddenly lies on your lap, it may be feeling cold and looking for warmth. A cat’s natural body temperature is 102 degrees F, which is quite warmer than our body at 98.6 degrees F. Besides, cats have a lower sensitivity to heat than us.

This is because they sense pain from the heat that is greater than 126 degrees F, while we feel pain from the heat that is greater than 112 degrees F.

That’s why cats love warm areas in the house, and your warm natural body is an excellent source of warmth. If you’re a cat lover, then you understand why cats love to catch the first rays of sunlight in the morning.

Hence, if the sun sets and it has nowhere to get the heat, it may come to your lap for warmth and comfort. This is also the reason why cats love sleeping next to humans.

So, as the weather gets cold outside, your cat may start to lay on you suddenly so that it can feel warm and comfortable.

6. Marking Their Territory

If you have brought in a new kitten, your cat may start laying on you to mark its territory. This is normal for cats. The cat will urinate on you to deter other cats from coming close to you.

Additionally, this shows that the cat is stressed and anxious about the new member of the family.

Thus, you should not be surprised by your feline friend’s new behavior as it’s normal.

7. Looking For Security

Who doesn’t need security? Even cats do when they want to have peace or feel fearful and stressed. Therefore, your cat may suddenly lay on you because it wants a secure place, which is you.

What’s more, this also means that your furry friend trusts you, and they can sleep comfortably. Cuddle and pat her slowly until she falls asleep. After all, felines sleep at least 15 hours a day.


If your cat lies on you abruptly, you should not panic. However, you should pay close attention to why it’s happening.

The cat may be sick, wants to bond, looking for warmth & comfort, experiencing emotional distress, marking territory, showing affection, or looking for security. The earlier you find out the change in behavior, the better.

You can also talk to a veterinarian or an animal specialist if you’re not sure the reason for your cat’s change in behavior. All the best as you take good care of your furry friend!