Cat Scratched My Eye – What Should I Do?

Cats are lovely creatures that bring their owners joy and friendship.

Cats, unlike dogs, do not require much effort to pet.

This furry pet relieves the owner’s tension and has a relaxing impact.

However, they may be naughty and not always cheerful. For instance, cats’ claws can carry harmful bacteria that are harmful to people.

Cat Scratched My Eye – What Should I do?

Additionally, a cat might scratch you accidentally when you’re playing with it or if it becomes angry.

If your cat scratches your eye, you should take immediate action.

You can try a few at-home treatments depending on how severe the scratch is, or if it’s inflamed or bleeding, you should see a doctor.

Aside from cats, an eye scratch might be caused by work or sports.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the precautionary actions you should take if a cat scratches your eye.

These are the following:

See A Doctor

If your cat scratches you, the first thing you should do is visit a doctor.

However, if the doctor is too far away, you should clean it with saline or clean water, as indicated further below.

Seeing a doctor is important, especially if your scrape is painful, you are sensitive to light, or you have trouble seeing clearly.

The ophthalmologist will examine your eye and prescribe the right treatment.

The cornea is usually unaffected by most eye scratches, which heal in a few days.

However, if the scrape is severe, such as harming the eyeball or any tissue behind the lid, you will require immediate medical attention.

If the scrape is serious and the eye is not treated promptly, you may lose your vision.

In addition, failing to cure your eye on time may allow bacteria and fungi to infect you, resulting in blindness.

Most doctors will use ointment or antibiotic eye drops to treat your eye.

The doctor may also prescribe steroid eye drops to minimize inflammation and the likelihood of scarring.

Other doctors may advise you to use lubricating eye drops to relieve your discomfort.

Never use over-the-counter eye drops without a prescription from your doctor.

Rinse Your Eye Using Clean Water Or Saline Solution

This is the first preventive precaution you should take before visiting the doctor.

Dip your eyes in clean or saline water in a big basin.

The eyes should be open wide.

Saline water is essential for keeping germs and bacteria away.

Water also wipes away any debris or grit that may have remained in your eye.

Put On Sunglasses

If the scratch is serious and your eyes become light sensitive, you should wear sunglasses.

These will make you feel even more at ease and calm when seeing the doctor.


If you think you have something in your eyes, such as dirt or debris, you should blink.

Blinking will help remove debris or dirt from your eye and will make you feel more comfortable.

Pull Your Upper Eyelid Over Your Lower Eyelid

In addition to blinking, you should pull your upper eyelid across your lower eyelid to remove any particles in your eye.

This is because your lower eyelashes may wipe away any particle stuck behind your upper eyelid.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eye

The majority of eye scratches cause itching.

As a result, if your eye is itchy after being scratched by your cat, do not rub it.

This may worsen the condition.

Don’t Wear Contact Lenses

Avoid wearing contact lenses after scratching.

Whether you have eye issues or not, they will impede the healing process.

Avoid Touching Your Eye With Anything

Even if you think something is in the eye after a scratch from your cat, you shouldn’t touch it.

Touching your eye with your fingers, cotton swabs, or any other item may worsen the condition.

Avoid Utilizing Redness-relieving Eye Drops

One of the most common mistakes people make is applying redness-relieving eye drops to their eyes.

These drops might not even help and can be harmful. Always use the doctor-recommended eye drops.

What To Do If A Cat Scratched Your Eye And It’s Bleeding?

If a cat scratches your eye and it starts to bleed, do not touch it.

Instead, wash it with clean water and visit the doctor immediately.

You should also not cover it because this allows bacteria to attack.

Furthermore, you should avoid using over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or aspirin since they may worsen the bleeding.

When you visit the doctor, he or she will examine it and explain to you the cause of the bleeding.

In addition, the doctor will recommend the right medicine or treatment for your eye.

Surgery may be needed in some cases.

What To Do If A Cat Scratched Your Eye And It’s Swollen?

If your eye swells as a result of a scrape, you should see a doctor immediately.

Similarly to bleeding, you should rinse your eye with clean water to remove any bacteria or dirt.

The doctor should then examine you and make a treatment recommendation.

What Are The Signs Of A Scratched Eye?

Before going to the doctor, you should know whether or not a cat scratched your eye.

A few symptoms to monitor are recurring or growing discomfort, impaired vision, bleeding eyes, swollen eyes, increased sensitivity to light, and eye redness.

If you observe any of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately.


If your cat scratches you accidentally, while playing, or intentionally, you should take the necessary measures based on the severity of the injury.

If you have a swollen or bleeding eye, you should visit the doctor immediately.

You should also consult a doctor if you have blurred vision, are sensitive to light, have persistent redness, or are in severe discomfort.

However, before consulting the doctor, always cleanse your eye with clean or saline water.

Never rub your eyes or use OTC medications without first consulting a doctor.

Wish you well while you recover from the feline scratch on your eye.