My Cat Can’t Meow Just Squeaks – Why? [6 Top Reasons]

Cats, like humans, have distinct personalities.

Every cat is distinct from the others, and this is reflected in its behaviors and habits.

This is also expressed in their voices.

The difference in personalities of cats has reflected the difference between similar voices accordingly.

Cats, too, communicate and share information about their surroundings.

If you listen carefully, you will recognize a wide range of vocals.

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Despite the long list, a few specific vocals to mention are meows, hisses, purrs, and growls.

Some of these voices express anger, fear, or worry, while others express ease and contentment.

One of the concerns for people who have cats as pets is their inability to meow.

In such cases, cats frequently communicate with humans via squeaks.

Why Does A Cat Squeak Instead Of Meowing?

Because different sounds have different meanings, some cats are unable to meow.

These cats do nothing but squeak.

There could be several reasons for this, which you should pay attention to or ignore.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your cat is squeaking rather than meowing.

1. Disorder By Birth:

The primary source of sound is the vocal cords.

Damage to the vocal cords may be one cause of a cat’s inability to meow.

A cat’s vocal cord damage can be a birth defect. It is similar to some human birth defects such as blindness and deafness.

A check-up by a veterinary specialist can only confirm this birth defect.

It is true in some cases, but there are other reasons.

So, while this is a possibility, it is not the only reason for cats to squeak.

2. Improper Development:

Another cause of the vocal cords’ inability to produce sound is improper development.

When a kitten develops into an adult cat, she has several needs that must be met.

Proper nutrition and care for these kittens, as with any other living thing, is essential for their growth.

Allowing children to hold a kitten is a simple example of poor kitten care.

Children want to express their affection for kittens as soon as they are born.

They unknowingly squeeze and press the kitten’s neck tightly.

It can affect the growth of the vocal cords. All of this happens unintentionally and may impair a cat’s ability to meow.

3. Disease Or Infection:

An infection or disease of the vocal cords is another potential cause of cats squeaking instead of meowing.

A vocal cord infection makes it difficult for a cat to make any sound besides meowing.

Known diseases in cats include hyperthyroidism, UPI (Upper Respiratory Infection), laryngeal paralysis, and tumors or polyps.

All of these diseases can impair their ability to meow, growl, purr, or hiss significantly.

When cats are subjected to certain conditions, they may squeak. Other animal throat diseases can also cause squeaking rather than meowing.

4. Injury:

We’ve discussed diseases, infections, and birth defects as possible causes of cats squeaking.

Another possible cause of the cat’s inability to meow is an injury to any organ other than the vocal cords.

They may be unable to communicate in some severe cases.

Because cats are living beings, any serious injury can impair their ability to meow.

Whatever the reason for cats to squeak instead of meow, always consult your veterinary consultant. It will help you to better understand the issues.

5. Weakness Or Hunger:

The reason we are talking here may not be a serious one.

Sometimes, cats cannot meow or make any sound because they are hungry and too weak to tell you.

If you find a stray cat that is squeaking only can be tired and too weak.

She needs to eat something before she starts making other sounds.

Another reason the cats are unable to meow is dehydration.

my cat can't meow just squeaks – why

However, this reason may only apply to cats who are temporarily unable to meow.

It is preferable to spend time with cats if you hear them squeaking.

After you’ve fed the cat properly, keep an eye on it for a few hours. If they are still unable to produce any sound other than squeaks, consult your veterinary doctor.

6. Feral Cats:

Cats use the sound meow to communicate with humans and no one else.

Based on this, we can conclude that meowing is a learned behavior.

Only cats who live among humans can learn and produce this sound.

Feral cats squeak instead of meow because they have never learned to meow.

Don’t be concerned if you brought a new cat into your home and she is unable to meow.

That cat could be feral and unaware of the meow sound.


There are reasons for different cat sounds, as well as no sound but a squeak.

If you like cats, make sure you understand what these sounds mean.

You should be able to understand why they are unable to communicate with you.

Yes, a cat’s squeak can sometimes be an indication of an infection or illness.

However, it can also be a natural or a birth defect. You don’t have to be concerned all of the time.

All you need to do is consult your veterinarian to have your cat professionally treated.