Why Is My Cat Meowing At The Wall?

Is your cat fond of meowing at the wall?

Well, this happens in many households, and many cat owners don’t understand the reason for this.

Not only does it meow at the wall, but at times even in the corner or door.

Why Is My Cat Meowing At The Wall

Cats are naturally modified to be wild outdoors, and confining them indoors can affect them.

That’s why it is recommended to create a balance between the time they spend indoors and outdoors for them to use their hunting skills and instincts.

Reasons For Your Cat Meowing At The Wall

Your Cat Sensed Something

Cats have superior senses when compared to humans.

They can easily see, smell, and hear things we can’t or can’t notice.

It could even be something minor like a mouse or small spider on the wall, or a shadow or something in motion.

They tend to assume there is something they aren’t seeing but is there and might cause danger.

Also, there might be some mice in the walls. You cannot easily locate them, but your cat can.

Squirrels can also easily invade your house if they find a small opening.

Your cat will easily sense and meow at the wall as a sign of disapproval.

Presence Of Another Cat Or Pet

Your cat may also be meowing at a wall if it senses the scent of another cat or pet intruder.

This will make it meow non-stop till the time it will feel its territory is not being interfered with.

This may also happen outdoor when the cat senses there is another cat in the vicinity.

They may want to prove that this is their territory and keep meowing.

Neurological Problem

Meowing at the wall can also be a neurological problem.

They may be anxious or troubled with something that makes them meow at the wall so fiercely.

You will need to see a veterinarian that will provide the right solution for this.

Staring and meowing at the wall frequently may also be posed as a call for help by the cat.


Reflections on the wall can also cause the cat to meow at the wall; this is why you can also note your cat is staring at the ceiling at times with no apparent reason.

They also tend to chase a reflective light on the wall. Also, maybe in the morning, a ray of light tends to reflect there.

This makes the cat want to touch it and just jump to get it.

Missing to catch the reflective part can cause anxiety in the cat.

Cognitive Disorder

This mainly happens if the cat is a bit elderly.

Thus if you have something hanging on the wall, then maybe wind swings it, the cat may start meowing at it as a sign of its motion.

Cats sense so easily, and as they grow old and their vision starts getting worse.

Gives The Cat Comfort

If the cat has spatial blindness, staring at the wall may be comforting. If they sense something, they will be tempted to meow at the wall to make you alert.

This also helps the cat to get comfortable in whatever it is doing.

Mysterious Brains

Cats have mysterious brains, and that’s what makes them act the way they do.

It may be trying to figure out the movement it sees on the wall or the sound it hears.

They may also stay still if they sense danger and move when they feel they are safe.

This makes them meow at the wall to make you realize something is wrong. It may also be stalking at potential prey.

How To Stop Your Cat From Meowing At The Wall

Visit A Veterinary

Meowing at the wall is not bad, but to some extent, it can become a nuisance.

You might as well decide to see a veterinarian who will give you insights on the way forward.

It might be anxiety or stress that significantly affects the cat, and you need to ease that before it is too late.

You need to know the reason behind it and how to handle it.

Each cat’s case usually is different.

Help The Cat To Adjust

The cat may feel uneasy because of moving to a new house or environment.

This will make him/her start meowing at the corner or wall. You can help your cat to adjust by continuing with its routine.

Where you previously lived, there might not have been any mice or noises in the wall, but have on this one.

The movements in the background might be greatly affecting your cat.

Thus, try to help the cat to adjust in every way possible.

Assume The Cat

At first, the cat may meow at the wall because of an intruder or something.

However, if it persists too much, it might be a mode of playing.

Whenever it starts meowing, don’t give it attention, and it will realize that it is doing something bad.

This silent treatment will help the cat to stop being stubborn.

Just the way you are supposed to ensure a cat is comfortable at night to prevent it from meowing too much.

It also helps with the “wall meowing” habit.

Don’t Ignite The Behavior

Generally, as a pet owner, if our cats start to meow unexpectedly, we run to see what is up.

However, this might be a form of seeking your attention.

The minute it realizes that the trick works, it will keep on meowing for you to notice it.

Thus, ensure you don’t ignite the behavior and try to divert their attention.


You have to distinguish whether the cat is meowing at the wall because of danger or just to seek attention.

If you are sure there is something it is hearing or sensing inside the wall, go there and put your ear in the wall and try to listen.

The cat will feel appreciated for its work and may even withdraw back.

These cats’ behaviors are inborn, and we can’t fully control what they do and like.

We need to make them feel comfortable. With time the cat may slowly stop the habit.


It may seem abnormal for your cat to meow at the wall.

However, you have to understand that it natural, and they are trying to pass a message.

Also, you can try to keep your cat busy to ensure they don’t make their bad habits that may be a nuisance to you.

Also, keep in mind that meowing is also a self-relieving technique, and you shouldn’t also walk away when it meows wanting you to notice something yet you aren’t.