About Purrfect n’ Pawesome

About Me!


Hi! I’m Amanda and I’m the blogger behind Purrfect n’ Pawesome. I made this blog to help my fellow cat owners become the best “master” they can be.

I’m not saying I’m the purrfect owner, nor am I a veterinarian (I have a degree in IT), and I’m pretty sure there are other cat moms and (dads) out there that are better than me.

I’m only sharing things that clearly worked for me for the past 7 years of taking care of my furbabies.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a veterinarian – I’m a simple cat lover who picked up cat-care experience along the way. Any tip or advice on this blog is not substitute to a veterinarian’s advice or recommendation. Always consult your vet regarding pet matters.

How It Started

Back in 1999 when the internet was just a bunch of forums and weird websites, my aunt’s friend’s cousin (I’m serious), had a couple of kittens that need a new home. As someone who loves anything fluffy, I adopted Scruffy and Blanca and decided that I will be the best cat mom in the world. How hard can it be, right?

Yep – it was hard. Definitely hard.

I’m not sure what food to feed them (wet? dry?) and what kitty litter is the best for them. And there’s no such thing as “googling for answers” back then – we had to go to the library to or go to a vet to find answers.

Fast forward a few months leter and I’m the resident cat lady of our apartment complex – the old lady downstairs had a couple of obese cats that I helped lose some weight with proper diet and much needed exercise.

I helped the “bro” 3 doors over choose hypoallergenic food for their sensitive Siamese. I also assisted in feeding a co-worker’s wife who had kitten she had no idea how to feed.

I few more of these fortunate incidents and I realized I might have an inkling to taking care of cats! And so I started a cat-sitting business back in ’02 which only lasted for a year because…life happens.

I still want to continue doing this however, and fast forward to late 2017 and I thought I want to get this cat-thing started again. I have a little bit of blog-building skill and so I started Purrfect n’ Pawesome.

Thanks For Dropping By!

Thank you so much for dropping by my website and I hope you browse through some blog posts that might help you be a better cat owner!

This website is regularly updated so I hope you check back every now and then! In the meantime, I encourage you to leave feedback and suggestions. What cat-related topic do you want to cover?

As a fellow cat-lover, I sincerely appreciate your visit!

You fur-riend,