Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Feet?

Is your feline friend obsessed with your feet?

Most times, as pet owners, we may see our cats roaming around our feet, licking them, biting them, sniffing them, and staying closer to our feet.

The truth is that, although it may look absurd, feet’ obsession with cats is typical.

 However, if the cat starts doing it more, it can get you concerned. Well, there’s nothing to worry about.

Why is my cat obsessed with my feet

Feet obsession is a natural trait in most cats because cats attach to their favorite person’s feet, which is the most accessible body part to show love.

Also, you might have noticed cats sniffing people’s shoes before getting friendly to them.

The most common example is when you have guests over, and your kitten looks for their boots to sniff.

After proper sniffing, she decides to greet the guest and give them some love.

5 Reasons Why Cats Love Your Feet

1. To Potray  Love & Affection

By staying near your feet, cats use this action to potray their love and affection for you as the pet owner.

Feet obsession is a kind gesture to show that they love you.

Don’t forget that even though they look up to you for sustenance, your feline friend doesn’t get to see you around very often.

Therefore it’s easier for cats to show you their affection by laying near your feet as they are the most accessible part of your body.

Additionally, cats will lick you, bite you, and run around trying to trip you or roll over you as a sign of telling you that they love you.

Don’t like this behavior?

If you don’t like any of this behavior, all you need to do is to train your cat not to lay beside your feet.

Don’t give her any attention to this behavior; if you provide any positive emotion, your cat will know that you like it, and she will get encouraged.

Instead, select a word or sound you don’t usually use and show your cat that you don’t like the feet-licking behavior.

Many assume you are hurting your cat’s sentiments by being stern during training but don’t get tripped into laying back.

When you like something, you rectify it with love. Show your cat love too. However, striking a balance is always necessary.

2. It’s A hunting trait!

Have you ever woken up screaming in the middle of the night because your feline friend attacked your feet by scratching them in the sole?

Get used to it because this trait is expected in cats because it comes from an automatic feature of hunting and playing.

Since your feet keep moving now and then, your cat may perceive your feet to be a mouse or some other kind of prey, especially under the blanket.

If the cat attacks, don’t think she hates you; this is because she wants your attention and wants to play with you, or it’s the hunting trait in action.

3. To smell you

Did you know that cats find your scent relaxing, soothing, homely, and calming?

Also, cats have the most vital sense of smell among all pets.

That’s why your feet are the favorite part of your feline friend, as it smells the most of “you” through them.

Cats prefer your feet to be smellier, so they can have more of your sensation.

So, the next time your partner tells you to take care of your feet, tell them that you keep them stinky for your feline friend.

You may find your kitty sniffing and licking your feet all the time.

Even if you have recently washed them, your kitty may lick your feet in hopes of making them smell like her.

That’s why you often find your feline friend sleeping in the laundry baskets, kneading your favorite objects, and playing with your blankets.

Your cat identifies with your scent and ensures you are not a stranger.

4. To Taste You!

Do you ever find yourself blushing, thinking that your kitten is licking your feet to show affection?

Sometimes we think that our feline friends do all this just because they love us so much, and we love them too, right?

Sorry to break it to you; this is not the situation most of the time.

In reality, the kitty usually licks your feet to taste the salty sweat accumulated around your feet.

No, it doesn’t mean they are grooming or cleaning you. It just means that your sweat is salty, and your cat is curious to taste it.

If your feet are extra sweaty, you automatically become a delicious salty piece of meat to your kitty.

How to Stop Your Cat From licking your feet?

Did you know that most cats don’t like citrus, flowery, and tropical fragrances?

These scents can be your cue to protect your feet from unnecessary attention from your cat.

Lemons primarily work great for this situation.

Rub lemon juice on your hands and feet and see your cat maintaining a distance from you.

You can also use lavender body wash or any fruity scent to prevent your cat from licking your feet.

Although this may seem like a perfect solution for you, don’t forget that it’s not 100%; it never works all the time.

In some instances, cats are fans of strong scents, and these fragrances can invite them more often than you anticipated.

The cherry on the top can be you sweating on the citrus of lavender.

Always try and understand your cat and get to know the scent she doesn’t like.

 By Licking My Feet, Can My Cat Give Me Foot Infection?

The answer is yes and no!

If your cat is healthy and does not have any mouth infection, then your feet cannot be infected by cat licking.

However, if your cat is sick and has any type of mouth infection, it is possible for them to transfer the same infection to you, especially if you have an open wound like a cat scratch.

It is important always to ensure that your cat is healthy from all infections and if you notice a mouth infection, consult your vet immediately.

To avoid any infection transmission to your feet by cat licking, train your cat that you do not appreciate the feet licking behavior, and with time, they will adjust.



Even though it may seem annoying, your cat’s association with your feet is primarily positive.

Your feet can eventually be an access point or a salty and tasty treat for your feline friend.

So, developing a strategy to train your cat not to lick the feet is essential.

Training helps your cat to realize that you show pleasure and love in her gestures, except for licking your feet.

Regular training eventually makes your cat understand that you don’t like this unpleasant behavior, and it slowly learns to stop licking your feet.

However, if you don’t have any issues with your cat-feet attachment, enjoy your little monster licks!