Your Cat Wakes You Up To Be Petted? – Read This

Most cat owners would not miss a single opportunity to pet their cats.

They will vouch that petting their feline babies is the most rewarding experience of owning a cat.

It would be criminal not to show them affection when they purr or meow and hop onto your lap.

But what if your cat demands this love when you’re sound asleep in the middle of the night?

Cat wakes me up to be petted

Even the most affectionate owners would be slightly annoyed when their cat wakes them up to be petted.

But why do cats do that in the first place? Let’s find out!

Why Does My Cat Wake Me Up To Be Petted?

Cats Are Nocturnal

Unfortunately, cat biology works the exact opposite of humans.

We need a good night’s sleep, but cats are naturally most active in twilight.

The more independent breeds choose to wander out in the night.

However, indoor cats will turn to their only playmate – you.

If your cat demands attention in the daytime, it would need it at night too.

So, when it wakes you up at 4 in the morning, all it needs is some love.

Cats Are Light Sleepers

Cats require up to 16 hours of sleep.

You might find your fur baby fast asleep for the best part of the day, but their nocturnal design makes them light sleepers at night.

Even a glimmer of sunlight will stir it from slumber.

Also, being a predator, your cat is susceptible to sounds.

The chirping of birds or even the honking of a car will wake it right up.

Now that your cat is wide awake at the crack of dawn, naturally, it will wake you up too.

Cats Are Mini Predators

Your feline may look tiny and adorable, but it does have predatory instincts.

Cats are, in essence, miniature lions. Naturally, they would hunt like one too.

Cat’s eyes adapt quickly to the dark, giving them an advantage over their prey between dusk and dawn.

Therefore, they are wired to hunt at night.

Sadly, that means you might wake up to your cat bouncing up and down your bed.

Cats Get Bored Too

Among other things, cats and humans have one thing in common – we tend to get bored.

When all the activity of the day dies down and you head to bed, your kitty may start to feel lonely.

After all, it is their waking hours. It is when they need play and stimulation the most.

Not getting its fill by running around or toppling things over, your cat decides to wake you up to play.

Your Cat Knows You Will Respond To Its Wake-Up Calls

Cats are intelligent creatures. They are easy to train and pick up on patterns faster than you can imagine.

There may have been a couple of occasions when you woke up mid-sleep to cuddle your cat.

Maybe when it was a kitten or in its initial days with you.

Unfortunately, that has taught your cat that it is appropriate to wake you up to be petted.

Your Cat May Be Ill

Certain medical conditions may cause your cat to be restless at night.

Even a mild toothache or upset stomach could inhibit a good night’s sleep.

If it’s unusual for your cat to wake you up at odd hours to be petted, be wary of this behavior. It is especially true for older cats.

As your cat ages, it may develop diseases such as high blood pressure, arthritis, or hyperthyroidism, among others.

If this behavior change persists, visit the vet immediately.

After all, a healthy cat means both you and your feline creature can get a good night’s sleep.

Your Cat Just Loves To Be Petted

Cats may not always welcome humans in their personal space at all times.

But some cats love a good petting session when they want one.

You may find that your cat is most needy when it has just woken up.

As mentioned earlier, your feline friend may be stirred from sleep in the early hours.

Your cat wakes you up to be petted

And if it craves pets at that time, it means you’re about to lose your precious sleep.

On the upside, as soon as you begin to pet it, your cat might drift right off to sleep.

But unfortunately, it will leave you wide awake.

How To Stop My Cat From Waking Me Up To Be Petted?

If you want to alter your cat’s behavior, you will have to initiate some changes.

Start-up options are numerous.

Check out these suggestions to avoid your cat’s nighttime wake-up calls.

Use The Four-Step Cycle

Putting your cat back in its natural cycle works wonders for most cat owners.

Being a mini predator, your furry friend needs to hunt, feed and groom before falling asleep.

It means loads of playtime right before bed.

Following these guidelines will help you train your cat or kitten to not wake you up at night.

  1. Let it scavenge on its own. You can give your cat an engaging toy to re-create the experience of hunting prey in your home.
  2. After all that playtime, your cat is sure to be ravenous. Make sure your cat has a good meal.
  3. Brush, bathe, and clip your cat’s nails to show it how much you care. Or let it groom itself.
  4. After completing the above activities, your cat can take a nap. Create a quiet and calm atmosphere to induce sleep. You could pet or cuddle your cat to make sure it feels warm and safe.

Remember that your adult cat may take some time to re-adjust to this routine.

Keep Your Cat From Getting Up

You can install dark blinds in your room to prevent your cat from waking up.

Veterinarians suggest switching off your night light if your cat sleeps in the same room as you.

Even the slightest of light or commotion could disturb your cat’s snooze time.

Keep Something For Distraction

If your cat does wake up at night and has nothing to do, it will surely wake you up for attention.

You must engage it in something that will quench its thirst for activity.

The following options could be a solution for you.

Automated Feeder

Install an automated feeder in your room.

A midnight snack is sure to be more satisfying than waking you up.

For manual feeding, it’s important to use the proper food measurement.

You won’t have to worry about this if you use automatic feeders.

It is possible to program the measurement and frequency so that you do not have to interrupt whatever task you are working on to feed your animals at home.

Worrying about them will be one less thing to do if you have a to-do list that is long and will take up the majority of your day.

You don’t have to wake up early in the morning also just to feed them.

Stash Toys Around The House

Another way to keep your cat busy would be to leave toys around the house.

It works best if your cat needs more hunt time while you sleep.

Cat Puzzles

Cat puzzles would be a great way to keep them occupied for bored cats.

These will keep your fur baby entertained long enough for you to get a few extra hours of sleep.

Cats enjoy sticking their paws into small openings and pawing out hidden treasures.

The Digger Slow Feeder provides assistance to cats who inhale their food and subsequently vomit, halting the unfavorable behavior known as “scarf-and-barf.”

To keep cats occupied, five tubes come in a variety of sizes and depths.

It’s also more than a mealtime toy. To keep cats entertained, place a ball or toy in the tubes.


Cats are intelligent animals. They adapt to human routines very quickly.

However, if your cat misbehaves, it may be because it never got the training it needed.

Your cat waking you up at night may be a nuisance.

But with some patience and training, you can change this behavior.

I wish you and your cat a proper goodnight’s sleep!