Cats Sleeping In The Same Room As Baby – All You Need To Know

For as long as you and I can remember, dogs have been considered man’s best friend and companion.

However, with time, some people have also taken in cats as their best friends and adopted their benefits.

Some people keep more than one or two cats at home. Some even progress to the level of leaving wealth solely to their cats.

Cats sleeping in same room as baby All you need to know

All these happenings revel that cats are more than just fluffy pets found at home.

Cats are known to be of many benefits to their owners in different ways. These include;

  • Healthwise – having a cat makes its owners’ hearts healthier. When petting a cat, it creates a calming sensation, and it makes the stress levels lower.
  • Financially – cats are economical to keep and take care of compared to dogs or other larger pets.
  • Emotionally – cats give a sense of companionship to the owner. This is evident when the cat’s parent has recently lost a loved one.

Many expectant mothers and hopeful to-be parents are worried about their cat’s cohabitation with their new-borns.

This worry should not be ignored because cats are known to be extremely jealous. Especially if they feel their relationship with the owner is significantly threatened.

Being quite susceptible to change, cats might end up rejecting a child when she comes around.

In this article, we will discuss important questions most families and pet parents ask.

Is It Okay For Cats To Sleep In The Same Room As A Baby?

Scientists in the UK have proven that more women prefer sleeping with cats, as opposed to sleeping with their partners in the same room.

However, others will complain of “disturbances” while sleeping with a cat in the same room.

Would You As A Parent Allow Your Cat To Sleep In The Same Room As Your Baby?

Cats are quite unpredictable. They tend to scratch or become hostile within seconds if nervous. Allowing your cat around your baby, without supervision, can be dangerous as it is risky.

As much as the baby might sleep better with a cat around it, it might cause health and physical-related problems.

Below are a few challenges in allowing your cat to sleep in the same room as your baby.

1. Bites And Scratches

A cat will either scratch or bite your infant if she feels threatened or agitated at some point. These bites or scratches will, in turn, inflict deep wounds and a lot of bleeding on your child.

If it is a cat from outside, it is even more dangerous because they may transmit diseases to the child.

2. Risk Of Infection.

Most infections are transmitted through scratches, bites, or contact with the cat’s poop. Infections like scratch fever can cause the lymph glands to swell.

As you know, infants will touch everything and anything during their learning stages. In this process, they might end up touching the cat’s poop and touch their mouths, causing vomiting and diarrhea.

These symptoms are caused by parasites like the salmonella, giardia, campylobacter, and cryptosporidium.

3. Middle Of The Night Inconveniences.

Most of the time, cats will look for exits around the room to walk out of the house, especially in the middle of the night.

And if the cat was probably sleeping is in the same room as a baby, it will wake them up.

4. Breathing Complications.

Having a cat in the same room with your baby can cause breathing-related complications.

The cat might, at some point, lie on the baby’s face and affect its normal breathing. This, in turn, can cause suffocation.

5. Trigger Asthma And Allergies.

If your child is in the same room with a cat and is asthmatic or allergic to the cat, he/she will face serious health hazards. Especially during the nights when it is sleeping.

There are different myths about cats sleeping in the same room as children. Read below to understand.

Myths About Cats And Babies Sleeping In The Same Room

1. Sucking Air Out Of Lungs

This belief states that; cats, when near babies, will suck the air out of their lungs. It is a superstitious tale that convinces many of cats being evil and killing babies as they sleep.

2. Harming Babies During Sleep

Cats will suffocate infants, but not on purpose. As most cats are playful and comfort seekers, they might sit or lie on the baby’s face hence suffocating them.

3. Cats Are Not Good Sleeping Around Babies

When familiarized together, cats and babies will get along pretty well. This is because they both tend to be playful and adventurous.

However, at times, most cats will be jealous of babies. This typically happens when the owner excludes the cat.

4. Cats Heal Sick Children As They Sleep

Japanese have, for a long time, now believed that keeping a cat around will cure a sick baby. (This is just another myth).

  • Cats can make children very sick, especially if they are asthmatic or allergic.
  • Cats will infect children with diseases if not handled adequately, as explained above.

On A Positive Note, You Can Read How Cats Help Babies To Sleep.

Calming – Most babies like attention, even during sleep. It’s been proven that almost 90% of babies sleep better when they are being touched or lie close to something they can touch.

Cats are furry and soft. So, when lying/sleeping next to the baby, the baby is likely to sleep more peacefully.

Creates a bond – To avoid instances of bites and scratches, let a kitten sleep close or around the baby to develop a stronger relationship as it grows older.

Helps in faster and longer sleep – When sleeping close to a cat, the baby will feel its comfort and most likely sleep longer or faster.

Many moms will place their babies next to cats to make them sleep longer and faster.

How To Introduce Your Cat To Sleep With A Baby In The Same Room

For a cat to sleep with the baby on the same bed, it should be already comfortable around the baby when it is awake.

Below Are Steps That You Can Follow To Make Sure That Your Baby Sleeps Well With The Baby

Prepare the cat in advance. Before putting the cat to sleep in the baby’s room, you need to prepare in advance.

How Is This Done?

  • Change the schedules in advance for the cat to get used to.
  • Include the cat whenever you take the baby to sleep (including the cat makes it feel included).
  • Allow the cat to sit close to you and the baby to make it comfortable around the baby.
  • Let the baby and the cat play together. This increases the bonding between the two.

Allow the cat to familiarize with the room on its own. For the cat to sleep comfortably in the same room as the baby, it needs to be accustomed to the nursery.

Let the cat walk in and survey the room on its own to be comfortable.

Make sure the cat is used to the baby’s cry. A cat will be agitated with the baby’s cries if it is not used to it.

Taping the baby lightly and presenting it to the cat as it cries, is one solution.

Familiarize the cat with new smells and that of the baby. Cats are subtle to scents and sounds. Therefore, you need to introduce new scents to the cat in advance.

Making sure the cat is close by while changing the baby’s diapers is one way to familiarize the cat with new smells.

Also, wearing the baby’s powder or oil on your hand as you pet the cat, helps familiarize the cat with different smells. Using the baby’s blanket on the cat is another way of making it accustomed to different scents.

Allow the cat to choose its sleeping position.

During the first few days of sleeping together in the same room, allow the cat to choose its sleeping place. This allows it to be comfortable with the nursery.

Reward the cat for good behavior. For the cat to know if it’s doing the correct thing, you can use treats, rewards, and show acclaims towards it.

These six steps will make the cat follow your routine, and reduce instances of late-night inconveniences that might keep the baby awake.

Tips On Cats Sleeping In The Same Room As Baby.

  • It is essential to monitor both the cat and the baby as they sleep in the same room.
  • Cats should be kept clean at all times to avoid making the baby sick.
  • Doctors advise NOT TO put your cat in the same crib as your infant.
  • In order to avoid contact, it is advisable to use nets.
  • Let your cat and baby bond naturally.
  • Never exclude the cat.

With all this information in place, it is now a parent’s decision to allow or forbid a cat to sleep in the same room as the baby.

As a parent and cat owner, Will you allow your cat to sleep in the same room as your baby?