Why Does My Dog Hump and Bite Me – Reasons Explained

The question, “Why does my dog hump and bite me?” is a question that requires an answer.

It’s not only the dogs that hump and bite when it’s not part of their sexual activities.

Many animals hump and bite for other reasons that have nothing to do with plain mating and reproduction.

Even puppies, before they reach sexual maturity, start to manifest these behaviors.

Reasons why my Dog Humps and Bites Me

Why would a dog hump a person when there are other dogs around to hump?

A Dog Humps and Bites Because He’s Just Excited

Mounting or biting another dog, animal, or leg is typical canine behavior.

Your puppy may still be in its first year when it starts with this behavior.

And don’t just think it’s a male dog thing.

Female dogs hump and bite too.

Humping and biting are normal and natural activities for excited male and female dogs.

It’s even something that neutered and spayed dogs indulge in.

There are many reasons why dogs hump and bite.

One reason could be as innocent as just being excited about seeing you.

It can be annoying, but just like some dogs jump and bark in excitement, some hump and bite your hands or nip at your ankles.

They’re just expressing their joy without any aggression involved.

A Dog Humps and Bites Because He’s Seeking Attention

We’ve all sniggered or laughed out loud when we’ve seen a dog humping a person’s leg or another dog.

In some situations, it can be amusing, but it can be annoying and embarrassing in others.

We must ask, why does my dog hump and bite me and no one else?

Have you ever thought it could be just another stunt of your dog to get your attention?

Dogs are smart, and your dog might have clicked on that humping and nipping your hand gets a response.

Whether it’s a laugh, a smack, or a ‘hey, stop that’ from you, a response is better than no attention.

It’s why providing your pet with plenty of exercise and attention can help subdue this annoying habit.

Aside from not getting enough exercise, your dog might resort to humping and biting if it lacks mental stimulation.

You can give them chew toys to play with and keep them occupied while you’re away.

Letting your dog play outside your house might do the trick as well.

Perhaps, your dog is understimulated all day long that a change in environment engages it once more.

A Dog Humps and Bites Because it is a Learned and Instinctive Habit

Mounting, humping, jumping – call it what you like – and biting are activities your dog learns over time.

Many people think it is essentially a sexual thing, but it can be a habit formed even before a dog reaches sexual maturity.

This kind of mounting behavior has nothing to do with sexual activity but is a learned behavior.

Some people encourage humping in puppyhood, thinking it’s cute.

While it can be cute with puppies, it can be quite different with an adult dog.

You need to stop such behavior early before it gets out of hand.

A Dog Humps and Bites Because It’s Just a Dominant Thing

Nonsexual mounting and nipping of other dogs often starts in puppyhood and can be a dominant thing.

When puppies do it, it can be about play and social learning.

Dogs may hump, growl, and bite a person or another dog for different reasons.

It’s quite possible that the behavior hasn’t been discouraged as a puppy.

Dogs like this who have developed biting and mounting as a habit will also mount and bite objects.

Despite being related to dominance, this growling, biting, and mounting can also relieve stress.

Dogs can nip their pack members and hump to show they are pack leaders.

When they dish out a bite, growl, or hump to other dogs, it signifies a warning that they are the top dog.

A Dog Humps and Bites Because He’s Bored

Remember that it’s normal for a dog to hump and bite.

However, there are things that we can do to prevent it from becoming excessive.

A puppy may want to bite and hump you from sheer boredom.

So while this is normal behavior for a bored puppy, it’s something you want to discourage. 

How much exercise is your puppy getting during the day?

A young puppy will require more than just a walk when you get home from work. 

He will require other kinds of exercise and activities that keep his mind and body active.

A Dog Humps and Bites Because It’s Plain Sexual

Humping and biting is normal sexual behavior in a dog.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that it’s just intact dogs that want to engage in sexual behavior.

But all animals indulge in sexual behavior for enjoyment.

Even spayed and neutered dogs can become sexually aroused to a lesser extent.

Sexual behavior with dogs isn’t always an instinct toward survival.

Dogs also want sex just for pleasure.

Yes, humping and mating are instinctive with dogs.

But for many dogs, it becomes rewarding.

It brings them a pleasurable sensation that bears repeating.

The natural drive within a dog causes it to hump anything.

Because a dog’s instinct is to breed and produce offspring, it’s just doing what it is hardwired to do.

A Dog Humps and Bites Because He’s Unsocialized

Dogs will be dogs, and your sweet puppy will soon be an adult.

In fact, by the time your dog is six months of age, it can be an adult.

So if your puppy mounts you and gives your hand a nip, it may well be the hormonal urges he is feeling.

People with socialized puppies don’t see this biting and mounting as often as unsocialized puppies.

These untrained puppies tend to get over-excited during play, so they growl and bite constantly.

They often end up humping and biting other puppies as a result.

Socializing, spaying, and neutering can tame these habits and even eliminate them.

Why does my Dog Hump and Bite Me

A Dog Humps and Bites Out of Medical Reasons

Do you find your dog licking himself constantly or even showing other signs of anxiety or distress?

His licking, biting, and humping behavior could indicate anxiety or other medical issues.

You shouldn’t hesitate to make an appointment with your veterinarian.

But then again, you don’t want to be the one contributing to your dog’s medical issues.

Think about stressors that could be causing him to act like this.

Are you frustrating him by not providing enough fun, exercise, and other physical and mental activities?

It’s up to you to alleviate these kinds of stressors.

It could be that there is some medical problem causing his behavior.

One or two medical issues can cause a dog to behave abnormally.

A skin allergy or urinary tract infection can cause a dog to lick or chew the genital area.

You might never know, but biting, chewing, licking, and humping could bring some relief to a medical issue.


Dogs do mount, hump, and bite.

But why does my dog jump and bite me when other dogs don’t?

Nobody really has definite answers.

Dogs hump and bite in front of us without a care.

Humans may feel embarrassed, but not dogs.

You must know that your beloved four-legged friend is doing what dogs do.

He is displaying normal behavior.

If it does appear to be out of hand, there are plenty of books on the topic and just as many dog trainers and animal behaviorists.

Dog owners pay these dog experts to stop their dog’s humping and biting habits.

Research good, credible dog experts because your dog can do away with this habit.