Why Is My Dog Obsessed With My Hair?

Dogs display strange habits when they are around their human parents. Perhaps it is their unique way of communicating and expressing their affections.

Whatever the reason is for this behavior, you might have noticed that your puppy is extremely fond of pulling and playing around with your hair.

Some experts, however, have alluded this behavior to an expression of stress and anxiety.

That is hard to believe because you must have also noticed the joy that oozes out of your puppy as it pulls and plays with your hair.

The excited noises, the way they move about you playfully.

Why is My Dog Obsessed With My Hair

Another good theory I like to agree with is that your dog may just like and enjoy the soft silky texture of your hair beneath their paws and between their teeth.

I mean, who wouldn’t? When you tussle and massage through your hair, you find it completely therapeutic.

Your puppy, too, might be experiencing the same thrill and calmness that emanates from the mere feel of your hair.

As we know, well, if you like something and you go to it all the time, it grows into an obsession.

Nevertheless, whether it is their unique way of interacting with us or expressing their anxieties, this behavior is absolutely normal.

Not unless your puppy behaves strangely by pulling aggressively, uprooting, and eating your hair. That is where you will know that you have severe problems at hand.

What Makes My Dog Play With My Hair?

We have already mentioned that some factors cause your dog to play with your hair, both positive or negative. Here are some of the factors; –

Sense Of Belonging

When your dog develops a great affinity to your hair to the point of playing with it, it means they are comfortable around you.

It gives them a sense of belonging. It is rare for a dog to play with a stranger’s hair.

When it plays with its human parent’s hair, bonding takes place. It is as if it knows that it belongs to that person.

I mean, take an example of a baby playing with her mother’s hair.

Hair Texture

The silky texture of your hair is another contributing factor. Usually, dogs use both their mouths and paws to play with the hair, and it is definite that they enjoy the feeling of the texture.

Don’t be surprised if your dog tries to pull out your braids if they are used to your natural hair.

Attention Seeking

Sometimes, your dog can be screaming for attention by pulling your hair.

Perhaps it wants an afternoon play and intimate interaction with its owner, but you are too engrossed to second guess it.

Perhaps it wants you to do something for it, like scratching its fur; what does it do? It teases you by pulling your hair until you do what they want.

Game Of Tug Of War

Canines like playing and are fond of the tug-of-war game.

If they do not have a dog companion to play this game with, why not try the master by pulling the hair? They could also be seeing your long hair as a perfect tug-of-war toy.

If you are not careful with this, it could get aggressive, and you can end up losing a chunk of hair.

Nervous Habit

To go a bit to the negative side, your dog can be anxious or stressed about something.

According to experts, dogs tend to find solace in playing and pulling at your hair.

You will, however, notice if your dog is not its bubbly self by the way it toys around your hair.

Once you have ascertained that the behavior is triggered by anxiety or stress, it is always a good idea to make a call to your vet to help you get to the bottom of it.

To Lead You To Something

Dogs, like all other pets, have a special way of communicating with their human parents.

If your dog is trying to bring your attention to something they want you to see, the most feasible way they would do that is by pulling you by the hair.

Once they know that they have your full attention, they will lead the way.

As a parent, always learn your dog’s language so that you can understand them well when they try to communicate.

Being Aggressive

If your dog is upset with you for something you did or didn’t do, they are most likely to go for you aggressively.

You will probably feel their rage because they will not be gentle this time around.

They might extend your hair until you feel it, and they might not stop at all until you solve their issues.

It is no surprise at all that dogs act like us, and the only thing that limits them is the language barrier.

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How To Handle The Hair Pulling Behavior By Your Dog

To some, hair pulling by the dog is a worrisome behavior. It could be welcome attention from their canine friend.

Either way, it is up to you as the pack master to respond accordingly to the behavior.

Whether you are going to allow and encourage it or whether you will enroll your dog for some training to stop such attitude is entirely up to you.

There are some commonsense things. Nonetheless, you can do to divert the dog’s attention from your hair. You can either ignore him until he loses interest and stops, or you can command him to stop.

At the end of the day, a line must be drawn somewhere because no every day is Christmas.

Sometimes you could be too tired, and all you need is some peace. Your dog has to know when a no is a no.

If you indulge it all the time, your dog might be tempted to spread this behavior to strangers who are not okay with this.