Why Does My Dog Put His Paw On Me And Push?

Dogs can not communicate in the ways humans do so you may wonder why does your dog put his paw on you and push.

Still, they seek our constant attention.

Since they can not say, “I love you” or “Hey, I am feeling hungry,” they get our attention using the only way they know.

Why Does My Dog Put His Paw On Me and Push

The easiest way for dogs to communicate with us is poking and pawing.

So if you have been asking yourself, “Why does my dog put his paw on me and push?”, there are various reasons why dogs do that.

Reasons Why Your Dog Puts His Paw On You And Pushes

A dog can put his paw on you for various reasons.

When your dog puts his paw on you and pushes, the dog tries to communicate something to you.

The following are some of the common reasons why dogs like to put their paw on someone and push:

1. Seeking Your Attention

Dogs like their companionship with humans, and they also know the universal rule of poking someone to get their attention.

Many people wonder why dogs like to put their paws on someone and push.

This question is commonly asked by dog owners who are busy all day working and spend little time with their dogs.

Your dog can put his paw on you and push to say they feel neglected and want your attention.

If you had discouraged your dog from barking or doing other attention-seeking behavior, he might start to put his paw on you and push as a quiet and polite way of getting your attention.

2. Wants To Be Taken Outside

When dogs grow, they stop depending on people to take them outside for potty breaks.

They learn how to tell you when nature calls.

It is another reason your dog puts his paw on you and pushes.

In such cases, your dog may put his paw on you, pushing you with it and wagging his tail.

Your dog may even point towards the door with his head too.

It is your furry friend’s way of telling you that nature calls and they need to go.

3. Wants To Play

You may have noticed that your dog likes to put his paw on you and push when you are outdoor spending time together.

When your excited dog paws at you, especially when playfully talking with him, he tells you that he wants you to play with him.

Like humans, dogs also know that poking a friend entices them to play.

Your dog is hitting you with his paw so that you continue to play and engage with him further.

If you have been busy all day working and have not spent time with your dog, it may be a great time to take just a few minutes to burn that energy off.

4. Your Dog Is Feeling Hungry And Asking For Food

If you did not know before, dogs always have food in their minds.

Dogs can develop their internal clock about mealtime.

Hunger and asking for food are why a dog would put his paw on you and push.

Your dog could be pawing at you because it is when you usually feed him, or the dog thinks his mealtime has reached.

If your dog is pawing at a time you usually feed him, he may tell you that he is hungry and ask you for food or a treat.

You should not give in to your dog’s pawing and offer food outside his feeding time.

It will lead to a horrible begging habit since your dog thinks it can have food every time it puts its paw on you and push you.

It would be best to ignore pawing when you are eating something.

In addition, you shouldn’t allow your dog to determine when it should be fed.


Because if left to their own decisions, they may get too fat since you keep feeding them every time they put their paw on you and push.

In short, you need to set boundaries, so your dog will understand that you are the one calling the shots.

5. Your Dog Feels Anxious

Anxiety is another reason that can make a dog put his paw on you and push.

When dogs feel anxious or insecure, they turn to their human friend for comfort.

My Dog Puts His Paw On Me and Pushes

Pawing is also their way of saying they are going through mental discomfort.

It is usually accompanied by yawning and flat ears.

6. The Dog is in Pain

Your dog can paw at you and push because he is experiencing physical pain.

The only way for your dog to get your attention is to put his paw on you and push you.

Your dog does this because he hopes you will make the pain disappear.

Look for signs of physical pain when your dog paws at you and yawns.

If it continues, see a vet for a complete examination to identify any potential medical problem.

7. Your Dog Is Directing You

Maybe you have noticed that sometimes when you pet your furry friend, he paws at you and pushes.

Your dog puts his paw on you and pushes you to direct you to “the right spot.”

As long as your dog does not exhibit any aggression, the dog is just directing you.

Your dog can also put his paw on you and push your hand away because they want you to stop whatever you are doing because they are tired of it or don’t like it.

It could also mean that your dog requests more belly rubs if that’s what you’re doing while it puts its paw on you and pushes.

It’s even hilarious to see videos of dogs directing their owners to have more cuddle time just by reaching out to their owners using their paws.

It’s also important to pay attention to your dog’s body language to better understand him, even its subtle actions, which you might have missed.

Because your dog pawing at you and pushing could also mean that your dog wants you to pay attention to something it cares about, like what it feels like insecurity or fear.

8. The Dog Is Empathizing With You

Dogs are empathetic animals with an incredible amount of emotional intelligence.

They are also always in tune emotionally with their pet parents and family.

A dog can sense even a slight change in our attitudes and know something is wrong.

Sometimes, when a dog puts his paw and pushes you, it may not be to get something for themselves but to express sympathy towards you.

Your dog may decide to put his paw on you and push when you feel upset, stressed, or low spirits.

It is your dog’s way of letting you know that he is right there for you in your lowest moment.

9. Demonstrating Submission

A dog can put his paw on you and push you with it after doing something wrong.

It is usually a sign of submission and apologizing.

When your dog feels guilty for what they have done, they will demonstrate submissive behavior of hitting you with their paw and pushing you to get your attention and apologize.

10 Demonstrating Dominance Over You

Within a pack, a dog demonstrates dominance by being physically on top of another dog.

When your dog does this to you, it tells you that they think they are above you.

It is also possible that your dog puts his paw on you and pushes you with it to demonstrate dominance over you.

11. Expressing Love Towards You

We can all use some little love in our lives.

Your dog can paw at you to return the favor for the love you give him and to tell you that they love you too.

Pawing as a sign of love can be accompanied by head nudges, tongue licking, and snout pushes.

When you are playing or talking with your dog, and he puts his paw on you and pushes, it is his way of engaging with you.

Your dog may also hit you with his paw to show affection.

Dogs may also paw at you when they are sleeping as reassurance that you are close by.

Final Thought

Pawing is often nothing more than your dog expressing affection and bond with you since he can not talk.

You should pay attention to other forms of body language that accompany pawing to understand what your dog is trying to convey.

Provided that the pawing behavior does not progress to unacceptable behavior, you should be afraid to acknowledge this kind gesture from your furry friend.