My Dog Was Hit By A Car But Seems Fine

Have you ever had a dog hit by a car, but it seemed fine? It happens more often than you’d think.

Most people panic and don’t know what to do. You probably won’t know either.

My Dog Was Hit By a Car But Seems Fine – What Should I Do

In this situation, the best thing to do would be to learn what to do if your dog is hit by a car, but it seems fine. In this brief guide, we’ll share what you should do if your dog is hit by a car but seems fine.

What To Do If Your Dog Was Hit By A Car But Seems Fine?

Each year, several dogs are hit by cars or other vehicles. There could be two situations after an accident, the dog will have visible wounds, or he will seem OK apparently, but internal bleeding may occur.

Furthermore, he could be disoriented, frightened but not injured at all. Here is what you should do if your dog was hit by a car but seems fine.

Don’t Panic

First of all, don’t panic, take a deep breath, and remain calm. While it’s natural to be worried about your furry friend, it’s best not to allow yourself to become unhinged.

It is easier said than done. But as strange as it may sound, taking a moment to breathe can be extremely helpful.

Dogs are very intelligent; they look up at the faces of humans and try to get clues about the situation. If you panic, the dog will also panic.

It will just make your dog more scared and challenging to deal with. You should be glad that your dog is OK. A lot of dogs hit by cars don’t live through the experience.

24 Hours Observation

The next thing is to keep a close eye on your pet for the next 24 hours. Get your dog home and make sure he is comfortable and calm.

He’ll need quiet time and rest before you can begin to worry about taking him for further care.

If he doesn’t seem to be in pain, there’s no need to rush off to the vet. But we can’t tell anything from a distance like this.

The main thing is that your dog shouldn’t have any pain. If he does, you should get him to a vet without delay. But if he seems otherwise OK, you should keep an eye on him for a day or two.

The first 24 hours are very important. Your dog may seem fine, but internal bleeding may develop later that could be fatal if not identified and treated quickly.

There may also be soft tissue injuries (muscles, tendons, ligaments) that could develop into more serious problems later on if they aren’t dealt with now.

No Solid Food For 24 Hours

Don’t feed him anything solid for twenty-four hours or so; that will help prevent vomiting if he does have some internal damage (which isn’t likely but is possible).

If his appetite is normal, he isn’t vomiting or bleeding excessively or acting depressed, he can walk normally (with perhaps a slight limp), and everything seems normal after that observation period.

You know it’s safe not to worry about it anymore.

My Dog Was Hit By a Car But Seems Fine – Vet Check

Let Him Recuperate

Give your dog a day or two more to recuperate before taking it to the vet to be safe – many dogs have been known to heal themselves simply by resting.

If it doesn’t seem OK, don’t wait too long either: bring your dog to the vet immediately for a detailed checkup.

The most common signs of an internal injury following a car accident are lethargy, loss of appetite, and vomiting.

These symptoms can sometimes indicate something more serious than an injury from a car accident, so be sure to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible if you notice these symptoms in your pet.

Instant Examination

If your dog was hit by a car and seems fine, there are several things you should pay attention to. For identifying the signs of trauma, the following things should be instantly examined:

  • Fast heartbeat
  • Shallow breathing
  • Diarrhea or black stool
  • Black or pale gums
  • Coughing with or without blood
  • Glazed eyes
  • Lethargy
  • Scratch marks or bruises
  • Loss of consciousness or coma.

Symptoms Of Internal Bleeding And Trauma In Older Dogs:

If your pet was hit by a car or any moving vehicle, there is a good chance that the impact was severe enough to cause internal damage.

And while your dog might seem fine at first, there could be internal bleeding going on inside your dog’s body.

Internal bleeding can happen after trauma. If your dog is weak, has pale gums, and has trouble breathing, a distended abdomen or collapse may occur.

Less common symptoms include less or no eating and sometimes vomiting. If your dog has these symptoms, you must immediately take him to the vet.

It’s not easy to detect an internal injury at all, and you can not assess anything by just looking at a dog. Your regular primary healthcare vet can guide you better in such cases.

What About Surgery?

There are still chances of soft tissue damage if there are no apparent symptoms. Tissue injury is a painful thing to treat on a priority basis because it can lead to shock.

A simple fracture can be identified with leg swelling and letter-on severe pain.

Motor traffic accidents are the major reason for fractures. Simple fractures can be fixed with a cast, while Serious fractures need surgery.

A plate, a pin, or any external support device will work in intense conditions. Fractures could take a long time to recover.

If your dog was hit by a car but seems fine, do not take it home immediately. It’s necessary to take time to ensure that your dog is completely cured before you bring it back.

Otherwise, the injury could result in lost limbs.

Preventing Your Dog from Getting Hit Again

“Prevention is, always, better than cure” is a well-known quotation. You can save yourself from a more severe loss by taking the following preventive steps.

If you find your dog at home, ask him to sit down and step out of the house after checking the street. Regularly inspect your garden or outdoor fences.

Although repairing fences is a tiresome task, it will eventually save you from making a more severe loss. A secure fence will provide protection and safety for your dog and his running habits.

Furthermore, to prevent dogs from escaping and getting hit by cars, you can build a dog fence and teach your dog to obey you. A good fencing system is needed to keep them in and safe.

The Takeaway

If your dog was hit by a car but seemed fine, the best thing to do is observe him for a few hours.

If it seems OK, give it a day or two more to recuperate before taking it to the vet to be safe – many dogs have been known to heal themselves simply by resting.

If it doesn’t seem OK, don’t wait too long either: bring your dog to a professional vet immediately.