How To Get Rid Of Guinea Pig? – The Best Ways

Guinea pigs are the loveliest pets from the rodent family.

They are intelligent, easy to maintain, cute, and super fun to play.

And probably these were the reasons why you fell in love with one and brought him home.

But now, this is the time to get rid of him in the best way possible.

How to get rid of Guinea Pig

It can be challenging to separate a dear pet, but it can be inevitable in some situations.

So, here are some best ways you can use to get rid of a guinea pig.

You can make your decision while considering the priorities, ease, and well-being of your guinea pig.

How Can You Get Rid Of Guinea Pig? The Best Ways Of Getting Rid Of Guinea Pig

There can be a hundred reasons why you can no longer have guinea pigs with you. 

Certain factors such as housing should be considered to keep your small pet.

If they are raised together, guinea pigs can be kept in same-sex pairs; otherwise, adult guinea pigs should be housed separately.

Due to the guinea pigs’ rapid reproduction after just a few months of age, males and females shouldn’t be housed together unless the males are neutered or the females are spayed.

Small animals of various species shouldn’t be kept in the same enclosure.

Given that each has bacteria in their respiratory tracts that can make the other sick, rabbits and guinea pigs in particular should never be housed together.

Health condition is also a factor. You are maybe allergic or may not have the time or resources to take care of them.

And let us mention that it is very decent of you to look for the best ways of getting rid of your guinea pig.

The opposite and abominable situation would be to let it rot alone, without proper care and attention at your home!

So, what are some of the best ways of getting rid of guinea pigs?

Here we have brought together the best ways of getting rid of guinea pigs when you can no longer have them.

Besides, there are pros and cons to using each of these methods.

1. Use Social Media Platforms to Advertise

When getting rid of a guinea pig, the first thing that comes to mind is to use all social media contacts.

Ask them to put stories and help you find a family or someone who wants a guinea pig.

To attract serious buyers, make your guinea pig attractive. Complete all its vaccinations.

Get it checked by a vet and share the vet reports with them.

It is important to get rid of the guinea pig and look for a serious person who takes care of your guinea pig.

It is critical to ensure that the buyer is serious about this method.

For that, put a price on your guinea pig. Meet the buyer at least once, and don’t rely on some middleman to sell your guinea pig.

You can also visit his place to see if he has the circumstances and space for a guinea pig and its suitable lifestyle.


  • This method has great potential to find a serious buyer for the guinea pig.
  • It is somewhat effortless too. Just sit back and wait.


  • A little time taking process of getting rid of your guinea pig. Not very efficient.

2. Online Access Websites That Specialize In Finding Better Families For Pets

There are many websites and online platforms you can use to connect with potential buyers of your guinea pig.

Just put some photos of your guinea pig over there.

Give all the details of vaccination, age, diseases (if any), breed, where you got it, etc.

It is important to attract some serious and reliable buyers.

Also, put a reasonable price. You can no longer have your guinea pig for personal reasons, but the guinea pig is not unwanted!

Don’t give it away for free.


  • You can quickly get rid of your guinea pig
  • A reliable way of finding a serious buyer


How you can get rid of Guinea Pig

3. Take Your Guinea Pig To An Animal Shelter

You may see animal shelters around your town.

Since you are looking for the best methods of getting rid of a guinea pig, we suggest you research the animal shelter.

Make sure it is a ‘No-Kill’ Animal Shelter.

Let’s see what happens to your guinea pig once you surrender it to an animal shelter.

Animal shelters may be a ‘kill’ or a ‘no-kill’ one. Why would they kill an animal?

It’s not precisely the ‘killing’ of an animal. We call it euthanizing.

Animal shelters are dependent on donations and funds.

And hundreds of animals end up in an animal shelters.

Some are left by people, while others are street animals found roaming or injured.

When the lifestyle becomes rather painful for an animal due to lack of funds, it is put to a peaceful death.

In conclusion, you can go to an animal shelter but make sure your guinea pig will have a safe and happy life there.

To make that sure, see what conditions the other animals live there. And make sure it’s a ‘No-Kill’ one.


  • An efficient way of getting rid of a guinea pig when you can no longer have them
  • You need to visit the animal shelter, and you can instantly get rid of the guinea pig.


  • A guinea pig may end up euthanized
  • Living conditions may not be ideal for your guinea pig.

4. Surrender Your Guinea Pig To A Local Animal Rescue

You must have seen animal rescues in your neighborhood.

These animal rescues can be funded by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or monitored by the government.

You can hand your guinea pig over to them in emergency conditions when you can no longer have them till you find potential buyers.


  • Your guinea pig stays safe till you find a suitable family
  • Even animal rescue can help find a family too


  • Living conditions for pets over there may not be ideal.

5. Spread The Word through Relatives, Friends, Neighbors, And Veterinarian Clinics

There is nothing better than selling your guinea pig to a person or family you have known for years.

It could be a close friend, a relative, a neighbor, or a colleague.

You can also get updates about how your guinea pig is doing.

This way, you can get rid of the guinea pig when you can no longer have them for unavoidable reasons and get him an excellent life.

Another very reliable way could be through a veterinary clinic. People with pets go there.

And putting a poster in the clinic, if they allow, or asking the vet to find you a buyer can do great.

Make sure your pet is going to a good home by conducting some research when you are advertising it.

It might end up as snake food if you just give your guinea pig away to the first person to reply to your post.


  • Serious and reliable buyers
  • You can get an update whenever you want


  • The process may take some time


If you can no longer have them, get rid of your guinea pig in a way that benefits you both.

Above, we have discussed in detail the best ways of getting rid of guinea pigs if you can no longer have them.

In this decision, your reasons for getting rid of him should be there, but also include the animal’s well-being.

A serious, reliable buyer family is the best goodbye gift you can give to your guinea pig.

Though, in unavoidable situations, animal rescue and shelter homes can do the job too.

The point is that you make good use of time and research to find the best living environment for the little fellow!