Dog Smells Like Poop Even After Bath – 8 Reasons

All dog owners want their dogs to have a pleasant smell all the time. However, that’s not always the case.

Dogs can smell various things depending on what they roll in. However, poop is one of the most unpleasant smells they can produce.

Dog Smells Like Poop

Their hair follicles naturally produce light sweat, which produces a unique scent.

Your dog could leave his cage and only return a few minutes later with an odd odor.

As with any caring owner, you may wonder why your dog smells like poop.

Here are the reasons why dogs smell like poop even after a bath.

Why Does Your Dog Smell Like Poop And What You Can Do About It?

Even if you adore your dog dearly, it’s difficult to love a dog’s foul smell, especially if she likes to roll in dead animals’ remains or eat excrement.

A dog’s foul odor can be due to a variety of factors. Some are more serious than others.

Naturally, not all odors are as simple to manage or explain.

The smell of a dog, whether putrid or pungent, should be taken seriously because it could indicate a medical condition.

Indeed, it’s common for dogs to smell like poop.

The next time you smell your dog, don’t just wrinkle your nose.

If your dog suddenly develops an odor, check for these external causes first.

For better examination tips, read these reasons below to learn why your dog smells like poop.

1. A Skunk Sprayed Your Dog

Skunking is the first reason why dogs may smell like poop. Has it been sprayed or skunked?

You must remove the odor before your dog spreads it throughout your home.

Even if a skunk has not sprayed your dog, there are a few reasons why he may smell like one.

Dogs use their noses to explore their surroundings.

If a skunk passes through your neighborhood, your dog will detect its aroma.

A dog’s fur coat may create a deep relationship with a skunk’s aroma.

If a dog rolls about in the soil in a location where a skunk used to live, the particles of the skunk’s aroma will connect with the dog’s hair.

They also don’t have to roll about in the dirt.

The particles may adhere to their coat just by being in the vicinity of the fragrance.

Skunks are infamous for stinking up anything with their natural defenses in their vicinity.

Keep in mind that when skunk odor initially strikes the dog, it smells like burning rubber or scorching asphalt up close.

If your dog is light-colored, the sprayed area may have a yellow hue.

It is why animals that have been sprayed by a skunk smell significantly worse when they are wet.

2. An Anal Sacs’ Infection Makes Dogs Smell Like Poop

A dog’s back end might make him smell terrible at times!

Dogs with infected anal glands are relatively common.

That means that even if your pet doesn’t have anal gland problems now, they might have them tomorrow!

It’s a characteristic shared by all dogs.

It is the most common reason for the persistent odor that smells like poop.

Dogs with clogged anal glands have a distinct “fishy” stench.

They frequently move their bums on the ground and expel a brown fluid that smells to relieve itching.

In addition, when dogs are terrified, they express their anal sacs. It is quite normal if a little stinky.

The foul odor might accumulate on the surrounding hair if a dog is terrified or aroused.

The smell of poop may then spread to locations where your dog sleeps, making it irritating throughout the place.

You should take care of your dog’s anal glands.

While some dogs can discharge any build-up in their anal glands on their own, others need regular help.

To remove these glands, your vet might stimulate the anal sacs.

Request instruction from your veterinarian if you wish to learn how to stimulate the anal sacs independently.

Your veterinarian may recommend a higher fiber diet for your dog once the compacted material is removed to assist it in naturally expressing its anal sacs.

This way, your dog won’t have to smell like poop.

3. Your Dog Smells Like Poop Because Of His Wet Fur

The water causes odorous compounds to be released when your dog goes for a swim. Is this the case?

Then, your dog will still smell like poop even after a bath.

Your dog’s fur contains microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria.

There isn’t much odor as long as the fur is dry.

If you’re sure that your dog’s foul odor isn’t caused by something external, scrutinize him to see if there’s anything wrong with him that could be causing the odor.

4. Gases May Make Your Pet Smell Like Poop

Food particles essentially sit in the colon and ferment when the digestive system is attempting to process something that is difficult for it to do so.

Owners really want to get rid of the excessive, unpleasant gas that is caused by this.

Dogs’ diets are the primary factor in poor digestion, but other factors, including obesity, inactivity, and even some medical conditions, like parasites or intestinal diseases, can also contribute.

Gas (flatulence) may indicate indigestion, constipation, bloating, and other digestive issues.

Although some flatulence is natural, it may indicate a nutritional issue if it occurs often.

Increased flatulence might sometimes indicate a significant health issue.

We assist if a medical condition doesn’t cause your dog’s gas.

If you feed your dog a proper low-carbohydrate diet, it will make a difference.

Switching to a grain-free diet may help digestion by reducing gas and resulting in smaller, less intense feces.

Natural digestive aids such as ginger, yogurt, and edible peppermint oil can benefit dogs.

One may require a visit to the veterinarian if the condition continues.

5. Poor Breath Causes Dogs To Smell Like Poop

A variety of factors may contribute to bad dog breath.

The development of odor-producing bacteria in your dog’s mouth or intestines is often the cause.

In such a case, even a clean dog may smell like poop.

Keep an eye on your dog’s breath for any changes.

Sift through your dog’s mouth. Look for infection, injury, or bleeding symptoms.

Injuries often cause breathing problems. Antibiotics help treat infections.

The foul breath will go away after the infection has cleared up.

Check the dog’s teeth as well. Bad breath is a result of dental disorders.

Bad breath in your dog indicates that it needs better dental care or something wrong with its gastrointestinal system, liver, or kidneys.

It might be a consequence of plaque build-up or nutritional problems.

One may add Plaque-busting solutions to your dog’s food or water. It’s effective.

Bad breath in dogs may be caused by diabetes.

To rule it out, your veterinarian may do a blood test.

To be sure nothing major is wrong, see your veterinarian.

Unless your dog has just had fishy dog food, it should never smell fishy.

Why Does My Dog Smell Like Poop

6. The Dog May Have Skin Issues

Skin illnesses may cause a dog’s odor.

An unpleasant odor is generally the first indicator when a dog has a skin illness.

If the skin’s natural barriers are breached, any dog might get a skin illness that stinks.

Skinfold dermatitis, a smelly skin ailment, affects various dogs, including Pekingese, Pugs, and Bulldogs.

If you own one of the breeds indicated, you should keep a watch on your pet’s skin folds.

Clean your pet’s skin folds regularly to prevent illness and foul odor.

The dog’s wound will emit a poop-like smell if it has become infected.

Suppose the wound isn’t too bad. Clean and bandage it.

Leave it to your veterinarian if all else fails.

A veterinarian will often prescribe drugs to treat skin infections.

7. Infected Ear Canals Might Cause A Bad Smell

Is your dog’s odor coming from his ears? Suppose your dog’s ears smell like yeast.

In that case, it’s an indication that they have a yeast or bacterial infection, which is relatively common in dogs.

Look for any wounds on its outer ears. Infected wounds often cause ear odor.

You should usually clean dirty dog ears at the first hint of problems.

Begin by asking your veterinarian to demonstrate proper ear-cleaning techniques.

Ear cleaning is more important for certain breeds than it is for others.

You should clean your dog often if it swims a lot or has hairy ears. It is possible to avoid infections by keeping them clean.

If the smell continues, you should take your dog to the veterinarian.

8. The Dog Has A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Though the smell of a UTI differs from dog to dog, it’s usually a pungent stench distinct from their typical urine scent.

Some claim it smells musky, while others think it smells like dog poop.

Other symptoms include increased thirst and urination in the home, bloody or murky urine, crying during urination, and genital licking.

If you feel your dog has a UTI, you should visit your veterinarian immediately.

Your veterinarian can test your urine to see whether you have a UTI or not.

They’ll also give you antibiotics to help you get rid of the illness.

If left untreated, the infection might spread to your dog’s kidneys, causing failure.

Final Thoughts

Poor hygiene is the leading cause of why dogs smell like poop.

It leaves your home with a lingering dog odor.

With washing and grooming, one may maintain any natural scent to a minimum.

For other tips, start brushing and flossing his teeth as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Also, keep the skin folds and the ears clean and dry.

Check your dog’s ears regularly and make sure they are dry after swimming or bathing.

Additionally, feed your pet a nutritious diet and bathe him regularly.

These are simple remedies for dogs that smell like poop even after a bath.