Why Does My Male Dog Lick His Private Area So Much?

Licking of the private part is a prevalent dog behavior and most dog owners have experienced this at some point.

But why do they do it?

Male Dog Licks His Private Area So Much Reasons

Dogs lick their private parts for various reasons, so it’s crucial to discover why it’s happening to your dog.

This blog will look at why dogs lick their private areas and what you can do to remedy it.

Why Does My Male Dog Lick His Private Area So Much?

Dogs may lick their private area for many reasons. The reasons will be dependent on the dog and the situation.

One of the reasons a dog will lick his penis is to keep it clean and probably also because it feels good.

Even when neutered, some dogs will self-stimulate by licking or in other ways until they develop erections.

Unless you also notice issues with your dog’s penis or changes in his general health, it is best to ignore this behavior.

An infection, injury, or other conditions affecting your dog’s urinary or reproductive tract may be indicated by excessive licking, particularly when it’s accompanied by symptoms like increased drainage, pain, or lethargy.

Here are some causes of this:

Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are relatively common among dogs, and the symptoms include excessive licking of the private area.

Dogs will lick their private parts to try to treat this problem.

It is because it has a soothing effect on them, much like you see in human patients who have yeast infections.

You can tell if your dog has this problem by irritable behavior, redness, and rashes.

The dog will also appear to be uncomfortable when walking or sitting down.

The dog might also excessively lick his private part.

What Should You Do?

If your dog has a yeast infection, you must immediately get this checked with a vet.

If left unchecked, a yeast infection can become severe and harmful to your dog.

You should try out natural remedies that have been proven to work for this condition.

In addition to taking the proper medication from your vet, it’s crucial that you also take measures at home to prevent the reoccurrence of this problem. Here are some tips you should follow:

  • Prevent your dog from licking the affected area
  • Clean the affected area regularly
  • Use a powder on the affected area after it has been cleaned


Dogs will lick their private area excessively if they have some irritation or tenderness.

It is because it helps soothe the area somehow.

If your dog has this problem, you will see the signs of his behavior.

For example, due to discomfort, he might stop playing with other dogs and be unwilling to sit down for long periods.

He may even refuse walks altogether if there is a lot of pain.

Various reasons can irritate. It could be an infection or any other condition irritating the private area.

It could also be due to allergies or a bad diet, among other things.

What Should You Do?

Clean the affected part regularly with anti-fungal wipes and keep the hair around the area short to reduce the risk of infections.

If you suspect that your dog has an allergy, consult your vet to see if a change in diet is required.


Dogs will also lick their private area excessively if they feel discomfort from piles or constipation.

It would be due to the pressure causing them discomfort, and they would try to ease it by licking.

What Should You Do?

  • If your dog has constipation or piles, you should check with your vet for the best treatment. Some dogs are also lactose intolerant, so that might be why they are experiencing discomfort after consuming milk.
  • Ensure that your dog does not overeat this product to prevent constipation and other problems.

Excessive Buildup Of Hair Around The Private Area

Dogs will lick their private parts excessively if they have a lot of hair around the private area, causing them discomfort.

Why Does My Male Dog Lick His Private Area So Much

They will try to remove this hair with their tongues so that they don’t feel the uncomfortable pressure from the hair.

What Should You Do?

If you feel your dog is licking excessively, ask a groomer to cut the hair around his private part.

You can also trim it yourself with scissors, but make sure you are careful.

Only remove a little at a time until your dog gets used to it.

Which diseases could my dog have?

Sometimes dogs will lick their private area excessively because they have an infection or disease that requires treatment.

Some of these diseases are:

Urinary Tract Infections

In most cases, a dog licking his private area is due to a urinary tract infection.

A urinary tract infection in dogs causes them to lick their private parts more than usual.

This condition can be indicated by blood or pus when your dog does his business.

When a dog has a stone or crystal in their bladder, it may lick its penis or vulva for a long time after urinating or even in between eliminations.

Dogs might strain to urinate and urinate more frequently.

They frequently feel the need to urinate immediately but only pass very little urine.

The bacteria that cause bladder infections are relatively common, and they typically respond well to antibiotic treatment.

You should take your dog to the vet for an examination if you notice this.

Testicular Cancer

Another cause of this dog behavior is testicular cancer.

If your male dog has it, he might be licking his testicles to ease the pain caused by it.

One obvious sign of this condition includes one or both testicles becoming enlarged.

Dogs with testicular cancer may also be less active than usual.


Dogs that suffer from diabetes tend to lick their private parts more often.

As a result, they may develop skin infections and leathery-looking skin around this area.

Since the urine of diabetic dogs is high in sugar content, it may also cause a dog to lick himself more often as a way of cleaning up after doing his business.

Skin Allergies

Your dog may have skin allergies, causing him to lick his private area excessively.

It can be indicated by redness around the area in addition to hair loss.

Skin allergies are usually itchy, so your dog will try to ease the discomfort by licking himself.

You should see your vet for an examination if you suspect your dog has allergies.

Other Skin Conditions

If other skin conditions are affecting your dog, he might start licking his private parts more often.

It is usually the case when the area becomes itchy or swollen.

Some examples of this include hot spots on the skin and inflamed and itchy patches.

Dogs with this condition will lick their skin until they create a very open and painful sore.

How To Stop Dog Licking His Private Area?

If you’ve identified the reason for your dog licking his private parts, it should be easier to stop him from doing so.

If it is due to an allergy or skin condition, you should see your vet for the best treatment.

This way, you can help prevent him from licking his private area excessively to ease the discomfort.

Most dogs that lick their private parts excessively have a urinary tract infection or testicular cancer.

It would be best if you took your dog to a veterinarian for a check-up so they can examine him and provide the best treatment.

There are a lot of natural treatments to help stop dogs from licking their private parts too often.

You can try giving your dog pumpkin or sweet potato, which have cooling properties that can reduce inflammation in his skin.


There are many reasons why your male dog might be licking his private area too much.

The important thing is finding the underlying cause and treating it as soon as possible.

Your vet can help you with this, or you can try out natural remedies as a first step.