My Dog Keeps Drinking Water And Throwing Up – Help!

What could it mean when your dog keeps drinking water and throwing up?

When your dog suddenly drinks more water than usual, it could be a sign of illness.

My Dog Keeps Drinking Water And Throwing Up

As a responsible pet owner, you want to know the reasons behind this unusual behavior.

So, let’s discuss them now!

1. Health Issues

As your loyal dog ages, you will notice some behavioral changes.

His health deteriorates, and you may see him starting to drink more water.

Don’t rule out health issues in younger dogs, though.

Even young dogs can develop diabetes and kidney disease.

Responsible dog owners always put fresh water out for their pet daily without registering what he drinks.

You never find him at the water bowl whenever you check on him because he is always sniffing around, lying in the sun, or chewing on a stick.

However, lately, you can hear him lapping water almost continuously.

This increased water intake may be indicative of a health condition.

You can’t rely on your self-diagnosis, and you should get him to your local veterinarian as soon as possible.

2. Chronic Kidney Disease

Your vet may rule out diabetes but tell you your pet has chronic kidney disease.

The signs are subtle, and you may have missed them.

If the disease is managed, your four-legged friend can still live a few years.

He will need to be monitored with frequent trips to the vet.

Dogs with advanced kidney disease may require more frequent appointments.

The vet will also likely want to see a change in your dog’s diet.

A portion of special pet food may be recommended from their stocks in the veterinary clinic.

That food will be created especially for dogs with kidney disease.

It will be low in sodium, protein, and phosphorus and supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids.

You must be careful of a high salt diet as it can worsen kidney damage.

Diets designed for pets with kidney disease are always low in sodium.

Dogs with kidney disease can’t conserve water, and they pee more frequently and drink water more regularly.

3. Not Swallowing Properly

Dogs can also bring back liquid or food after not swallowing it properly.

Regurgitating water after drinking could mean a problem with the esophagus.

Vomiting water after drinking could indicate a problem with the stomach or the intestines.

If your dog keeps drinking and throwing up, it could be as simple as gulping their water down too quickly.

After vigorous exercise, he should calm down first before drinking water.

If your dog drinks lots of water after exercise, it can quickly fill its stomach.

If you are worried about your dog regularly galloping water down at an alarming rate, a solution can be to place a large stone in the middle of the water bowl.

It will force your dog to lap around it and take in small, slower amounts of water at a time.

Dog Keeps Drinking Water And Throwing Up Causes

4. Dehydration

Remember that dogs don’t sweat, except some sweat from their footpads and nose.

So dogs get rid of body heat by panting.

And by panting a lot, they lose water through evaporation.

However, dogs can replenish water by drinking.

Dehydration in mammals occurs when the body loses more fluid than it takes in.

Every mammal relies on this life-giving liquid to keep their bodies functioning as they should.

Dehydration in dogs also results in a loss of electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, and chloride.

It isn’t good as these minerals are needed to regulate nerve function, balance the body’s pH, and help with muscle function. In addition, dehydration is sometimes a symptom of a medical condition.

Watery vomit may well mean that your pet is thirsty and wants to drink.

The trouble is that he can’t hold down the water.

It puts him at risk for dehydration.

If your pet can’t keep his water down, he may need medical treatment to stop him from vomiting.

If he isn’t eating, is dull and lazy, and has abdominal pain, it can mean a more severe problem.

5. He Is Nauseous

Your dog may also drink water and throw up if he feels nauseous.

He instinctively does this to make himself throw up the same way they eat grass.

It is a way of getting rid of toxins and debris when they have eaten something causing a stomach upset.

If your canine friend is vomiting once too often, you must investigate more severe reasons.

These could be kidney failure, blockages, infections, and cancer.

If you own a big, deep-chested dog such as a Great Dane, your vet would also need to investigate this getting sick after drinking water as it could mean something as serious as a twisted stomach which is a medical emergency.

6. Digestive Issues

Certain dog breeds, such as the Pug and the Schnauzer, are more prone to digestive issues.

They have sensitive stomachs, and if they drink a lot of water, they tend to throw it up.

It is likely to have a yellow or green tinge.

The dog’s digestive tract isn’t working at its best, and he is nauseous and in pain.

However, if your dog isn’t a breed with a sensitive stomach, and the water they’re throwing up is clear, it could indicate kidney issues.

Immediate Help Available In Absence Of Vet

If you can’t get your pet to the veterinarian right away, there are some over-the-counter medications that vets even recommend.

One of these is Pepcid, an antacid that can settle your dog’s stomach to stop the vomiting.

7. Certain Medications Can Cause Vomiting

As a dog owner, you must be aware when your dog laps up his entire water bowl in one go.

Polydipsia, a term for drinking excessive water, can be caused by certain pet medications.

Is your dog perhaps taking new medications?

We all know that taking a new antibiotic can give you some nasty side effects, so it is with a dog.

A dry mouth and thirst can be some of the side effects.

There are many causes of polydipsia in dogs, and several medications can cause excessive thirst and electrolyte deficiencies.

Can I Stop My Dog From Throwing Up After Drinking Water?

Absolutely yes! Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it.

So if you notice that your dog keeps drinking water and throwing up, you can help your dog drink water slower than it does when you put some ice cubes in your dog’s water bowl with a little water.

As your dog attempts to drink from it, it will be forced to wait. And why would your dog wait? Because now, it doesn’t have much water to drink anymore.

And if it wants more, it would either lick the ice, eat it, or wait for it to melt.

If you also notice that your dog is drinking more water than usual and ends up vomiting, you can control the amount of water you give your dog.

By only giving it a small amount of water at a time, you prevent your dog from drinking way too much than it needs.

Dog Keeps Drinking Water And Throwing Up – Conclusion

Most times, increased water drinking with your dog is not a reason to worry.

However, if you notice the increased water drinking getting out of hand, it may correlate to something more sinister.

Some dogs might drink more because they are bored. On the other hand, some dog breeds love water.

They will sometimes put their entire face in the bowl and drink excessive water for no apparent reason.

If your dog keeps drinking water and throwing up, get him to the vet, who can examine him and put your mind at ease.