Duck Mouth Open – Top Reasons Explained

Duck Mouth Open – Why And How to Address it

People love domesticating ducks either as pets or farm animals for commercial poultry purposes. Almost all the present domestic ducks are crossbred and have either of these two common ancestors: Mallard and Muscovy. Many love raising these calm, adorable, and intelligent creatures in their backyard and farms. Though ducks rarely get sick, sometimes you might … Read more Duck Mouth Open – Top Reasons Explained

Duck Leg Problems – Full Guide

Duck Leg Problems–Full Guide

Domesticating ducks such as Muscovy duck, Runner duck, and Mallard duck in the backyard has always been enjoyable and rewarding. Ducks have amazingly sturdy bodies but weak, small feet. Most duck breeds are introverts and very good at hiding their most illnesses and injuries from their guardians. Leg and foot problems are typical happenings in … Read more Duck Leg Problems – Full Guide