How Do Cows Sleep? – Cows’ Sleep Patterns Explained

How do Cows Sleep

The sleeping behavior of cows changes according to the situation they are in. They’re social animals, but because they are also prey animals, they are fearful and forever vigilant. Similar to large mammals, they doze off on their feet (or hooves). In fact, by nature, cows nap more often than taking a long sleep. But … Read more How Do Cows Sleep? – Cows’ Sleep Patterns Explained

Why Do Goats Headbutt? – All Reasons

Reasons Why Goats Headbutt

Headbutting among goats is a strange habit that concerns a lot of owners. There are popular myths that social and psychological factors cause these behaviors. However, these claims are not entirely true. There have been some studies to find out the exact reasons behind headbutting. Researchers have analyzed that goat’s headbutt for several reasons in … Read more Why Do Goats Headbutt? – All Reasons

Why Do Horses Crib?

Reasons Why Horses Crib

Cribbing among horses is known for centuries, but it is still a mysterious phenomenon. During cribbing, a horse bites solid objects with the help of its incisor teeth. When their urge comes, they’ll bite anything, including trees, fences, and even their keepers. This habit involves the arching of its neck and contracting of the lower … Read more Why Do Horses Crib?