I Love My Cat So Much It Hurts – Why?

If you have a cat, you may find yourself loving them too much that it hurts to imagine life without them.

Many people feel this way when they have a pet or even just an animal friend.

I love my cat so much it hurts

We all know how unique our pets can be.

When we get attached to something as extraordinary as a cat, we tend to become so obsessive.

Why Do You Love Your Cat So Much?

Cats Are Brilliant Animals Who Understand Human Emotions Better Than Most Other Species

If you suffer from loneliness, you might find yourself loving yours so much that it hurts to stay without them.

Cats are great companions for those who suffer from loneliness.

Many lonely individuals find comfort in having a feline companion by their side.

Cats Are Known To Be Highly Loyal Creatures

They always stick close to their owners and never stray far away.

Even though they live independently, they still prefer spending time together rather than apart.

This attachment makes you love cats so much that it hurts to imagine life without them.

Cats Are Social Beings Which Means They Enjoy Interacting With Others

As such, they make excellent family members since they provide warmth and security.

You might say that they bring joy to your life, thus unconditional love for them.

They Are Also Good Listeners

You love your cat so much that it hurts when you miss them because cats communicate through body language.

They pick up on everything around them. Therefore, they can tell whether you are angry, upset, or stressed and nuzzle you up.

It makes you love them so much and afraid of losing them.

They Are Also Sensitive

Just like dogs, cats sense danger before any person notices it.

For example, they can detect changes in temperature and humidity levels.

These things happen subconsciously without us knowing anything about it.

You Love Your Cat So Much Because She Cuddles You All Night And Constantly Follows You Around

Their absence creates a gap in your heart that no one can fill.

Your Cat Brightens Your Day And Makes You Happy

This way, you will love your cat so much, and you even cry when you miss them.

The emotion of finding something cute like her is a form of anger and frustration.

You will wonder what you did to deserve them that much.

Your Playmate

You love him so much that it hurts your heart when you miss them because it gives you company when bored.

Cats are playful, and it’s fun playing with them.

He’s Your Best Friend

When you are around, he sleeps next to you. The love and affection you get from your kitty make you love them and it hurts when they are out of your sight.

She’s Snuggly And Affectionate And Puts Their Trust In You

When you are relaxing, she walks onto your lap and purrs away.

That feeling is the most fantastic thing that it hurts when you miss them.

This makes you love your kitty so much that it hurts to see them sick or in pain.

Your Cat Had Been Neglected Before

If you adopt a kitty that was neglected before, that thing will never fade out of your mind.

You will find yourself loving them too much that it hurts to imagine them going through the same again.

Is it normal to love my cat too much?

The truth is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having such feelings toward your feline friend.

However, you need to understand that sometimes, those emotions can turn into something unhealthy.

What Should I Do?

According to research, cat people are more nervous and moody than the pro-canine crowd.

Additionally, pet owners who exhibit more neurotic characteristics are more likely to worry about how their animals may feel toward them.

However, many cat fans contend that their relationship with their cats is stronger than that of dog owners.

If you feel guilty about loving your cat too much that it hurts, then here are ways to deal with it.

1. Talk To Your Vet

They will advise you on how best to manage your relationship with your cat.

There will probably suggest some tips on keeping your bond strong while ensuring that this doesn’t get out of control.

2. Permit Yourself To Miss Them

Sometimes, we start missing our loved ones after a long period of separation. That is okay.

Allowing ourselves to grieve over losing our furry friends helps us heal emotionally.

You may visit some cat cafes to make up for missing your cat, depending on the reasons why you are apart.

3. Keep An Eye On Your Pet

Make sure that you check on your cat regularly.

A scheduled playtime will also help you bond better especially when you’re caught up with work.

Please don’t leave him alone for more than 2 hours at a stretch. Also, don’t forget to feed them properly.

4. Understand That Loving Your Cat Too Much Could Lead To Depression Or Anxiety

If you constantly worry about whether your cat would survive without you, then the chances are high that you suffer from clinical levels of depression.

You must seek professional help immediately before things spiral out of control.

5. Know That Excessive Attachment Leads To Obsessive-compulsive Disorder

Cats are very independent creatures. Therefore, they tend to avoid getting attached to humans.

But, if you keep trying to love them so much and force them to bond with you, they will eventually develop OCD.

6. Learn To Accept That Some Relationships Cannot Be Fixed

Cats are incredibly loyal animals. As long as they like someone, they will stick around no matter what.

And since most felines prefer solitude over the human company, they usually end up staying away from anyone who tries to change their minds.

7. Be Patient

Just because you love your cat doesn’t mean that you can treat them however you please.

If you try to make changes to your cat’s life, you’ll probably run into problems sooner rather than later.

Cats aren’t meant to live under stressful conditions.

8. Accept That Your Cat Isn’t Going Anywhere

Sometimes you love them too much that it hurts to imagine losing them.

You ought to be positive in life; your cat is here to stay.

There is no point worrying about losing them. Instead, focus on enjoying every moment together.

9. Don’t Let Your Cats’ Behavior Affect Your Mood

When you’re feeling down, please don’t take it out on your kitty.

Your pet needs positive attention more than anything else in this situation.

So, instead of punishing them, give them lots of affection.

10. Remember That Your Cat Loves You Back

Even though your cat won’t admit it, they still appreciate all the care you’ve shown throughout the years.

They know that you have been taking good care of them for a reason.

Why I love my cat so much it hurts

11. Try To See Both Sides

It’s easy to get caught up in our emotional attachments to cats.

We often forget that we also share similar bonds with our family members.

Don’t let the love of your feline friend let you neglect your family.

12. Try To Keep Yourself Busy

Loving your cat too much makes them monopolize your attention.

Third, talk to your vet about getting professional advice.

Final Thought

Loving your cat too much, such as it pains to imagine life without them, is okay because she deserves nothing less.

She has given you many years of companionship and loyalty.

Now, show her just how much you appreciate her by treating her well.

But if it becomes like an obsession, then you need to seek professional help.