Should I Quarantine My Dog With Worms?

Should I quarantine my dog with worms?

When you think of worms, there is a lot of negativity attached to the word.

Dog worms are a common infection that can occur in dogs.

Depending on the type of parasite, they can be transmitted to other pets if proper hygiene isn’t practiced.

Should I Quarantine My Dog With Worms

We all want our dogs and puppies to be healthy and free from parasites.

That thought alone has led many of us to look into what we can do to help prevent worm infections and what we can do if something goes wrong.

In this article, I’ll explore whether we should quarantine our dogs with worms or shouldn’t.

Do You Need To Quarantine Your Dog With Worms?

Worms of various types attack the dog, some of which are harmless and you can treat your affected pet with minimal effort.

For example, intestinal worms. The dog suffering from such worms can go under medication or precautions.

In short, there is no need to quarantine your dog if it has intestinal worms inside it (but medicine is still required).

On the other hand, if your dog has dangerous worms like heartworms or other worms related to those, immediate medical attention is needed.

Quarantining your dog with worms is always good for the health of other pets.

These worms may infect other animals through worm-contaminated soil or even through their feces.

Will Quarantine Help The Dog Get Rid Of Worms?

Getting rid of worms in your dog is sometimes a hard nut to crack.

Only quarantining your dog with worms isn’t enough to treat it.

The treatment depends on your dog’s health, how strong its immune system is, and which type of worm has attacked it.

Because the same treatment is not effective in preventing all kinds of worms.

Typically, the worms that attack domestic dogs are heartworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms.

Your pet can contract roundworms, hookworms, or tapeworms by consuming the larvae found in the feces of rodents, other dogs, or an infected flea.

Hookworms penetrate your pet’s skin and lay their eggs.

If you notice any symptoms that any of the above worms has attacked your pet, you should immediately consult a registered and well-experienced vet.

Some treatments that can help get rid of worms from your pet while he is in quarantine are given below.


Carry out the deworming procedure as soon as possible along with deworming medicines (you can find deworming medication in the form of solid, liquid, or even in paste form).

Deworming procedures free your animal from worms. Deworming at regular gaps helps reduce the worms, and within a short period, your dog will be free from worms.

In case of a roundworm attack, deworming medicines like piperazine, pyrantel, Fenbendazole, etc., are effective.

According to expert vets, introducing two to three doses of the above medicines helps kill adult worms in dogs (only if recommended by a doctor).

To allow the worms present at the time of drenching to leave the gut, it is important to keep the animals in quarantine for at least three days following deworming.

The effectiveness of the treatment can be determined by performing a fecal egg count 10 to 14 days after quarantine drenching.

Preventive Medicines

If your dog is suffering from worms like hookworms, you can give your dog some preventive medicines like Trifexis and Capstar, which are readily available at any medical store near you.

However, if your dog has heartworms, do not induce the above medicine; instead, try to give him a drug known as Melarsomine and immediately head to your vet.

Other Medicines

If your dog has intestinal worms (roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms), you can give the following medicines for early and quick recovery.

  • The medicines which contain the Pyrantel Pamoate help in fighting rounds and hookworms.
  • Likewise, Praziquantel is beneficial in treating dogs having tapeworms in them.
  • Treatment for whipworms involves administering the drug fenbendazole. All the above medicines are readily available at a pharmacy.

Natural Remedy To Fight Against Worms In Dogs

While your dog with worms is in quarantine, this natural remedy can improve his health conditions.

For making this natural remedy, you need a few ingredients like wormwood (from artemisia shrub), black walnut, and some cloves from the clove tree.


Just make a solution of all the above ingredients and put two to three drops in the mouth of the infected dog after every two weeks.

This treatment helps kill adult worms, larvae worms, and eggs, breaking the worm life cycle.

This treatment is also helpful if your dog is suffering from a urinary tract infection or something related to that.

Be aware of not giving this treatment to your pregnant or lactating dogs.

NOTE: The inducing dosage of medicine in your pet should be according to its per body weight.

Until When My Dog With Worms Has To Stay In Quarantine

The answer mainly depends on the treatment you are giving them and how many worms have attacked the dog. Also, the worms are adults or what.

Your dog will be healthy after receiving the natural treatment described above in three to four weeks.

Worms particularly intestinal ones die in 2 to 6 hours after being exposed to the dewormer medications.

Additionally, you can get rid of worms by administering medications to your dog at the appropriate times and maintaining proper sanitation; this will most likely take six months.

Inducing the medicines will kill the larvae and the eggs, and the adult worm will die within a few weeks.

Once your dog is all healthy, you don’t have to keep it in quarantine.

How Long Can Dog Worms Live Outside The Body?

The worms are resistant to variations in humidity and temperature. It means they can live outside of a host.

According to research, the worms can live outside the host for around four weeks.

Adult larvae can live in grass, dust, carpets, soil, etc.

In short, they can live and lay eggs almost everywhere where the temperature is suitable for them to survive.

Should You Be Worried About Getting Worms From Your Dog In Quarantine?

Getting any worms in you from your dog is not a good thing. It can make you feel bad.

Different types of worms affect humans in different ways.

Some can cause severe infections and can affect your organ system badly.

For example, if you become infected with heartworm, your lung system will suffer greatly.

You can suffer from headaches, eyesight problems, meningitis, and seizure after getting tapeworm in you.

Tapeworms could affect the whole nervous system.

So it’s better to play with your dog when it is free from any worms and diseases and is fully healthy.

My Dog Has Worms Should I Quarantine

Should I Quarantine My Dog With Worms? – The Takeaway

Worms can be a problem for dogs of all ages, even if they aren’t a particularly pressing issue.

They might seem harmless, but you can’t afford to underestimate them.

Depending on the type of parasite, they transmit to other pets, such as cats, if there is no proper hygiene.

Therefore, we do advise you to quarantine your dog with worms – to be a little extra sure that other pets stay safe.

It means you have to make some changes not only to your household routine but pay extra attention to your little furry friend.

However, if the worm infection is minor, you don’t really need to go through the hassle.