Why Is My Dog Obsessed With Zippers?

We have all encountered cases where our dogs are obsessed with zippers.

Apart from that, they also lick our cushion zips, watches, drawer handles, jackets, necklace chains, safety pins, dog tags, jeans, and all kinds of metals.

Most dogs are that way and just have a craving to chew on metal.

Why is my dog obsessed with zippers

Different dog breeds have obsessive behavior, and it is hard to control them unless working measures are used.

The metals they chew may be unhealthy for them and pose a threat. 

This can be when they get stuck in their throats and choke them.

Some metals may also be rusty, which is not suitable for dogs or any pet.

Reasons For Dog’s Obsession With Zippers

Mineral Deficiency

There are a couple of reasons why a dog may occasionally keep on eating or licking metals.

A mineral deficiency may cause your dog to lick zippers and other metals on occasion.

However, it should not be such a cause for alarm unless it is too much and significantly affects the dog.

Your dog may have been licking the metal because it was trying to get the nutrients it was missing.

For starters, a dog may be having a problem with the diet or mineral deficiency like iron.

Your dog may suffer from a nutritional deficiency if it does not get enough minerals.

In addition to other underlying issues, this could lead to more serious issues like anemia.

A poor diet can contribute to mineral deficiencies, among other things.

However, before making any conclusion, it is essential to consult the veterinary.

Take your dog to the veterinarian for a proper diagnosis if you are concerned that your dog has an obsession with metals.

The vet can decide to do a blood test and figure out the problem.

Most dogs don’t swallow the metals; they see the fun in licking and have the assumption that it is alive and have to conquer it.


Also, some dogs end up licking because of boredom and want to be shown attention.

Whenever you touch such zippers, metals, or tags, you will leave your smell.

This will prompt the dog to behave that way because of a lack of attention.

Thus, as a dog owner, you still need to show attention even with your busy schedule.

This will help to ensure such habits don’t weigh the dog down.

At times, dogs may get addicted to zippers because they love the texture.

Hence this will make them continue chewing for a long time if you don’t intervene.

Instinct And Stress

Instinct and stress are other factors that can lead to the dog licking the metals. Dogs are like humans and have feelings.

Stress may be a motivating factor for them to lick metals.

Whenever they feel neglected, this easily prompts them to lick on anything that gives them satisfaction.

Also, metals tend to be cool on the dog’s tongue, and this triggers them to want to enjoy the feeling while still enjoying the taste.

It may be a coping mechanism for some dogs to relieve anxiety or frustration.

Additionally, chewing is something that dogs enjoy.

Puppies use chewing as a form of early exploration.

When the teeth come in, they might keep chewing in order to numb the pain.

Chewing is often instinctive in older dogs in order to keep their jaws strong and their teeth clean.

Regular chewers’ dogs frequently go after zippers.

Be aware, though, that if left alone for a while, they may become addicted to this, making it difficult to intervene.

It can also be termed as a psychological, obsessive/compulsive habit in which they become easily addicted and make it hard to stop.

How Can I Control My Dog’s Obsession With Zippers?

Provide A Chew Toy

It is hazardous to allow your dog or puppy to continue licking zippers, metals, or anything that is unhealthy.

However, when that happens, you can try to give an alternative chewing toy when the dog tries to chew.

When you do that, you need to praise him or her for chewing on the right one.

The praise helps the dog to realize that they are doing a bad thing and instead try to chew on the toy provided.

There are many chew toys in the market, but you need one that is especially suitable for your puppy or dog.

Why do we love this solution?

In as much as chewing toys help prevent destruction, they also help to keep the dog busy.

Chewing toys need to be introduced to the dog while young and are replaced occasionally for maximum benefit.

Apply Chilli Sauce Or Vinegar

If the dog keeps going back to the metal items, you can also apply chili sauce or vinegar on the surface, which helps. 

Although not harmful, chili sauce will irritate his eyes, nose, and throat.

Vinegar has a strong odor that dogs dislike.

Why do we love this solution?

Chilli/hot sauce or vinegar is not harmful to a dog; rather, the sour taste will cause the dog to lose interest in zippers or metals.

Keep The Clothes With Zippers Away.

You can control this by keeping all zippers out of reach.

Make sure to keep zippers hidden in plain sight.

Though it seems straightforward, it took some careful planning to tuck each zipper away exactly.

Each zipper is strategically placed out of sight and covered with a canvas flap, making it nearly impossible for your dog to access.

Whenever he/she gets to it, make him/her realize that it is bad.

Then give the dog a chew toy or bone.

Why do we love this solution?

It is secure and manageable. You just need to ensure the dog doesn’t get hold of the material.

However, each time they do, give an alternative like a bone or chew toy.


A dog’s obsession with a zipper or metal is not a disease.

This should not result in scolding or any other disapproving punishment. However, treat your dog with at most care.

Make him/her realize that chewing on the zippers is unhealthy and can alternatively chew on a chew toy.

Also, give attention to your dog to ensure they don’t feel neglected or alone.

This will help prevent them from resorting to destruction.