I Want To Get Rid Of My Cat But I Feel Bad – Guide

Cats are lovely, cute, charming, and curious creatures that people fall in love with. But sometimes, things get tricky, and you’re left with no choice but to let your feline friend go.

For instance, the cat may be aggressive, the cost of maintenance may be high, or you may no longer have time to look after it. If one of these happens, then you may be forced to give up your cat.

I want to Get Rid of My Cat But I feel bad

With the love and bond created over the years, letting go of your cat is never easy. So, what are the reasons people let go of their cats? Is it okay? And how should they handle it? Continue reading to find out.

Why Do I Feel Bad To Get Rid Of My Cat?


You may be feeling bad about getting rid of your feline friend because you love them. Even though things are tough and you have no choice but to give them up, the love you have for your cat may make you feel bad.

Emotional Attachment

Besides love, you may be emotionally attached to your cat that you don’t want to let them go. Maybe you have raised the cat since it was a kitten and it’s now all grown up.

This is a difficult thing to do for any person. If you decide to let your cat go, it will take time before you get over it.


Cats are cute creatures that we adore. Cat lovers understand how cats bring joy, warmth, and laughter in their lives.

Hence, if you imagine that your furry friend will no longer be there to keep you company when you’re stressed, it may make you feel sad to let them leave.

Feeling Of Loneliness

Another reason may be loneliness. If the cat has been your family member for many years, letting go is very painful and will bring sorrow to the entire family.

But if the situation is out of hand and you’ve no choice but to let them go, you will have to. However, you will feel bad as it’s not easy losing a family member, even if it’s just a cat.

Is It Okay To Give Away My Cat?

Bad Cat Behavior

It’s not easy to give away a cat, but some scenarios force you to. For instance, if your cat has certain frustrating behaviors, it’s better if you give away the cat. Such behaviors include scratching furniture, urinating outside the litter box, or even hurting people.

If you cannot tolerate such behaviors, it’s better to give away the cat even if you’re attached to it.

New Kitten

If your cat cannot live harmoniously with a new kitten or other pets, then it’s time to move it. Some cats are just stubborn and want their space.

You may try everything to make it live harmoniously with a newly acquired kitten or your dog, but it won’t. In such a case, you may have to give away the cat, instead of all the other pets.

Cat Is Too Aggressive

One of the main things that despise cat owners is overly aggressive cats. Some cats are super aggressive, forcing the owners to give them away.

However, it’s good to find out why the cat is super aggressive before giving it away. It may be due to sickness or just its behavior.

Suffer From Cat Allergies

Some cat owners have no option but to give away their furry friends. If you suffer from a mild cat allergy, you can cope with a cat in the house. This can be done by taking allergy pills and vacuuming the room.

Should I feel bad if I want to get rid of my cat?

Also, you may have to wash up more often and reduce dander. But for people with a severe allergy, this may be life-threatening, and the only option is to give up the cat.


It may be beyond your control in some cases, and you will have to give up your pet friend. For instance, not all apartments are pet-friendly.

Therefore, if you’re moving into an apartment that’s not pet-friendly but doesn’t have any other option, then you may have to give up your cat.

Cost Of Upkeep

According to the American Pet Products Association, most cats are cheap to acquire. This is because many people get cats from friends and family for a small fee or free. However, the cost of maintaining a cat is relatively high.

On top of that, feline health is quite expensive, especially if your cat suffers from a severe disease. In such a scenario, you don’t have any option but to give up the cat.

Baby On The Way

Even though cats are adorable creatures, having a human from your flesh and blood is more fulfilling. So, when it comes to choosing between our feline friend and baby, you don’t have any option but to let the cat go.

What To Do If You Feel Bad Giving Away Your Cat?

Find A Foster Home For Her

If you can no longer provide for or take care of your cat, there are many options out there. First, you can give up your cat to a foster home. Here, someone can adopt the cat and take good care of it.

Find A Person To Host It For A Short Period

If you’re not ready to give away your cat to a foster home and think that they will suffer, you can try finding it a better home. This can be for a shorter period if you’re traveling or long-term if you’re giving it away for good.

But at least, you can ensure that it gets a good, if not better, home.

Talk To Your Veterinarian

If your furry friend has behaviors that don’t please you, talk to a veterinarian or a certified applied animal behaviorist to help.

Some behaviors can be corrected or your cat may be having an illness that you don’t know about. If it’s an illness, your cat may be healed and be the feline friend you have always dreamed of.

Bottom Line

Giving up a cat is not an easy thing for cat owners. This is because there is love, emotional attachment, and it’s part of the family.

However, when things get tough, and there are no other options, giving up the cat is more sensible.

The best you can do is to ensure the cat is in the right hands instead of giving it to an animal shelter. All the best, as you make the right decision for you and your cat!