I Want To Get Rid Of My Cat But I Feel Bad – Guide

Cats are lovely, cute, charming, and inquisitive creatures that people adore.

But sometimes things get complicated, and you have no choice but to let your feline friend go.

For example, the cat may be aggressive, the cost of maintenance may be extremely expensive, or you may no longer have the time to care for it.

If any of these things occur, you may be forced to give up your cat.

I want to Get Rid of My Cat But I feel bad

With the love and bond formed over the years, letting go of your cat is never easy.

So, what are the reasons why people let go of their cats?

Is it all right? How should they respond to it, then?

Continue reading to learn more.

Why Do I Feel Bad To Get Rid Of My Cat?


You may be feeling guilty about getting rid of your feline companion because you genuinely love them.

Even if things are difficult and you have no choice but to let them go, your love for your cat may make you feel bad.

Emotional Attachment

Along with love, you might have an emotional attachment to your cat that makes it difficult for you to let them go.

Perhaps you have raised the cat since it was a kitten and it is now an adult.

This is a hard process for anyone to undergo. If you decide to let go of your cat, it will take some time for you to recover.


We adore cats because they are such cute creatures. Cat lovers understand how cats bring joy, warmth, and laughter into their lives.

As a result, imagining that your furry companion will no longer be there to keep you company when you’re stressed may make you sad.

Feeling Of Loneliness

Another reason could be loneliness.

If the cat has been a member of your family for a long time, saying goodbye will be very tough and sadden the entire family.

But if the situation has gotten out of hand and you have no choice but to let them go, you will have to.

You will nevertheless feel bad because losing a family member, even if it’s just a cat, is never easy.

Is It Okay To Give Away My Cat?

Bad Cat Behavior

It’s not easy to give away a cat, but certain circumstances necessarily imply it.

For example, if your cat exhibits certain frustrating behaviors, it’s best if you give the cat away.

Scratching furniture, urinating outside the litter box, or even hurting people are examples of such behaviors.

If you are unable to tolerate such behaviors, it is best to give the cat away, even if you are attached to it.

New Kitten

If your cat cannot coexist peacefully with a new kitten or other pets, it is time to relocate.

Some cats are simply stubborn and demand their own space.

You can try everything to get it to get along with your new kitten or dog, but it won’t.

In such a case, you may be forced to give away the cat instead of all of your other pets.

Cat Is Too Aggressive

Overly aggressive cats are one of the main reasons why cat owners dislike them.

Some cats are so violent that their owners are forced to give them away.

However, before giving the cat away, find out the reasons why it is so aggressive.

It could be caused by a condition or just bad behavior.

Suffer From Cat Allergies

Some cat owners are left with no choice but to give their furry friends away. Even if you have a mild cat allergy, you can live with a cat in your home.

This can be accomplished by taking allergy medication and vacuuming the room.

Should I feel bad if I want to get rid of my cat?

You might need to reduce dander and wash your dishes more frequently as well.

However, for people who have a severe allergy, this could be fatal, and the only option is to give up the cat.


In some circumstances, it might be out of your control, and you’ll have to part with your furry friend.

For example, not every apartment is pet-friendly.

So, if you’re moving into an apartment that doesn’t allow pets but you have no other options, you might have to give up your cat.

Cost Of Upkeep

According to the American Pet Products Association, most cats are inexpensive to purchase.

This is so because a lot of people receive cats for little to no cost or for free from friends and family.

However, the cost of keeping a cat is relatively high.

Furthermore, feline health care is quite costly, especially if your cat has a severe disease.

In such a case, you have no choice but to give up the cat.

Baby On The Way

Although cats are adorable, having a human of your own flesh and blood is more fulfilling.

So, when it comes to choosing between our feline friend and the baby, you have no option but to let the cat go.

What To Do If You Feel Bad Giving Away Your Cat?

Find A Foster Home For Her

There are many options available if you are unable to provide for or care for your cat.

First, you can place your cat in a foster home.

The cat can be adopted from this location and given loving care.

Find A Person To Host It For A Short Period

If you are unable to give your cat to a foster home because you believe it will suffer, you can try to find it a better home.

This can be for a short time if you’re traveling, or it can be for a long time if you’re giving it away permanently.

But at the very least, you can ensure that it finds a suitable, if not ideal, home.

Talk To Your Veterinarian

Consult a veterinarian or a trained applied animal behaviorist for assistance if your furry friend is acting in a way that bothers you.

Some behaviors are correctable, and your cat may be suffering from an illness that you are unaware of.

If it is an illness, your cat may recover and become the feline companion you have always desired.

Bottom Line

Cat owners find it hard to give their cats up.

This is because there is love and emotional attachment, and it is a part of the family.

Giving up the cat is more sensible, though, when times are tough and there are no other options.

The best thing you can do is make sure the cat is in good hands rather than donating it to an animal shelter.

Best wishes as you choose the best course of action for you and your cat!