I Want To Get Rid Of My Dog But I Feel Bad

I want to get rid of my dog but I feel bad

Dogs are said to be the most loyal animals a human can have.

They not only become your best friend but also dedicate their whole life to loving you unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

Having to give up on such a companion is nothing short of a tragedy and leaves you gutted and heartbroken. The guilt stays with you for the rest of your life.

Not a day goes by where you don’t reminisce about the heartwarming times you have had with your furry buddy.

Why Would You Want To Get Rid Of Your Dog?

There could be various reasons as to why one would want to rehome their dogs. Some of them could be:

Your Dog Is Unruly And Disobedient

A misbehaving dog is one of the most common reasons behind people rehoming them. Their disruptive shenanigans and unnecessary aggression may sometimes be harmful to you or the people around you.

These behaviors can be managed with the help of an expert or a vet, but it is reasonably understandable to want to rehome your dog when it is out of your control.

You Don’t Have Space

It is hard to raise and house a dog in limited spaces with no lawns or backyards. Downsizing on both your living space and budget can be challenging.

If you are moving and don’t have the liberty to choose dog-friendly housing, it might be prudent to find a new home for your dog as well.

Your Dog Is Immunocompromised

Sometimes a chronic sickness may take over your beloved companion, leaving it severely immunocompromised and in need of 24/7 healthcare and attention.

Not everyone can look after such a dog at home. In such a case, you may have to let go of your baby.

That is ok as long as you make sure that your dog receives the best healthcare at the best facility. Also, you can only put it down when all the other options have been tried.

You Are Immunocompromised

If, by any unfortunate chance, you are suffering from an allergy or a disease, which makes it difficult for you to have a dog around. In that case, it is okay to consider rehoming.

However, for people who can’t fathom the idea of their best friend leaving and need them for emotional support, there are a few measures.

You can adopt these measures to co-exist with your pet without feeling worn out. Take it up with both your doctor and your dog’s vet.

Am I A Bad Person For Rehoming My Dog?

It is totally fine to want to get rid of your dog when they are disruptively problematic or wanting to rehome them for a genuine, legit reason.

What is not fine is leaving them to their own devices and not putting in genuine effort in finding them a new, deserving home.

Here are a few Dos and Don’ts’s for when you decide to rehome your dog so that you don’t feel too bad about giving it up:


  • Start by asking around if anybody is interested in adopting your pet. The best deal is to find a loving family who has prior experience with dogs. Make sure that the new family will take care of your dog like their own kin. If you happen to be friends or related to them, it is even better. You must seek out someone who will do their best in raising the dog. They should cater to all their needs like you did and won’t abandon it for the minor inconvenience.
  • Reach out to renowned rescuers or rescue teams in your locality that provide the ‘fostering’ service until a good, worthy home is found for your pet. You could also drop them at an animal shelter. It is your responsibility to ensure that the facility is legit and strictly against killing or putting down.
  • Start by posting on your social media or specific pet groups on Facebook. You would be surprised to find many people striving for change and helping people relocate their pets to safe and sound facilities.


  • Do NOT leave your dog at a dog pound no matter what they advertise. These facilities are no adequate, and your dog deserves more than being left in a cage to rot.
  • Do NOT leave them in the wild or somewhere far from your area to fend for themselves. Dogs mostly find a way back or end up dead, and if you truly love your dog, you would not want any of that.
  • Do not leave it at someone’s place without verifying and checking out their premises. It is your utmost responsibility to see through the whole process and make sure that wherever your dog is headed, it will be well taken care of.
  • This is a decision to be taken rationally and after thorough discussion and research. Do not take it lightly or listen to other people. Getting judged for it is hurtful, but you have got to do what is best for your family and your dog.

Should I Feel Bad?

It is fairly understandable that the idea of giving up your dog sends a shiver down your spine and fills you up with guilt you can’t let go of. First of all, remember that dogs are a highly accommodating species. If given the right amount of love and attention, they will adjust to any place.

Keep in touch with whoever you give your dog to and request them to send you regular updates and pictures.

The only way you can heal is when you know that your dog is happy and well-settled. Take pride in the fact that you enabled a family to experience the sheer joy and contentment you felt while raising this baby.

The grief will eventually start to fade, and you will have nothing but good memories to look back on.