Should I Leave My Dog In The Bathroom While At Work? [Pros & Cons]

Is leaving our dog in the bathroom okay when we are at work?

As pet owners, we must take proper care of our pets to ensure they remain safe and don’t become destructive around the house.

Yes, having a dog is an added responsibility. You need to treat it like a child and ensure you help the dog on each step of its life.

So if you want to get a dog, you need to have a plan and set your mind on your new added responsibility.

First, however, you still need to do your day-to-day activities.


leaving dog in bathroom while at work is It a good idea?



If you don’t have a dog sitter, look for ways to ensure your dog remains intact, either when going to work or working from home.

You must train your dog to give you time to perform other tasks instead of your dog disturbing you.


Is It Okay To Leave Your Dog Alone?

Dogs can quickly become anxious when left alone.

However, according to this original research, separation anxiety in dogs is a symptom of something else the dog is going through.

So if possible, don’t stay away for too long when you’ve decided to leave your lovely pet at home alone.

But what should you do when you go to work and have no one to leave your dog to?

Confining them in one area allows you to control their whereabouts for the day.

While some may consider leaving their dogs in their kitchen, basement, and backyard, others do consider leaving their dogs in the bathroom.

Below, we have analyzed the pros and cons of leaving your dog in the bathroom when you go to work.


Pros Of Leaving Your Dog In The Bathroom While At Work


1. Leaving Your Dog In The Bathroom Prevents Any Destruction in the House

The dog is a living being, which means it has to eat, excrete, and perform other functions.

Imagine the damage your dog causes when you leave your dog in the sitting room alone! So, a bathroom is practical as it confines your dog in a room, restricting movements or destruction.

However, you must provide all your dog’s necessities to ensure it doesn’t get boring.

This includes food, toys, and a dog bed. Also, you must have them toilet-trained and teach them how to use the loo.



This will help reduce instances of your dog messing up in different places in the house.


2. Leaving Your Dog In The Bathroom As An Alternative To The Absence of a Dog Sitter Or Caregiver

If you don’t have a dog sitter, you may opt to leave your dog in the bathroom.

However, leaving a dog unattended in the house is not a good idea.

It can quickly become destructive when a dog notices that you don’t offer attention or meet its immediate needs.

Thus, having your dog in the bathroom isn’t a bad idea.

However, a dog can stay still for a while but needs to stretch and play around.


3. Leaving Your Dog In The Bathroom Prevents the Dog From Running Away

Let’s say you leave your dog outside in the compound. Any intimidation or distraction can lead your dog to run away or go after the distraction.

Thus, leaving your dog in the bathroom will help prevent your dog from running away.

Doing so will also help keep them safe from any harm.

If you plan to leave your dog in the bathroom, provide enough toys or puzzle balls to give your dog some distractions.



4. Leaving Your Dog In The Bathroom Is Okay Only When It Has Proper Ventilation 

Leaving your dog might be suitable if you have windows and enough bathroom ventilation.

Also, ensure you provide all the needed toys and food.

However, you must give your dog as much attention as possible when you return home.

This will help the dog not to feel neglected or stressed.


Cons Of Leaving Your Dog In The Bathroom While At Work


1. Your Bathroom Has A Small Space

How would you feel when confined in a small room?

You will feel comfortable at first but get bored after a while. That is the same case for a dog.

Yes, your dog will initially feel comfortable but will eventually get bored after a while.

Even if leaving your dog in the bathroom is not a bad idea, you need to be conscious of the size of your bathroom.

If the bathroom is large, the dog can have enough space to stretch and try to play around and be busy.

However, if it is a small and cramped space, it won’t be ideal for your dog.

Apart from the bathroom, you can confine your dog to another room with a better space.

The room should also have a few distractions to prevent the dog from messing up.

With this option, also ensure you have already toilet-trained your dog.

Also, remember that dogs suffer from anxiety, so ensure the dog is familiar with the room you are leaving him in, or he may start being destructive.


2. It is Unsafe For Dogs To Eat In The Bathroom

Your dog needs to have a good feeding routine.

That’s why it can be risky for the dog if you have any chemicals, oils, or other tools in the bathroom.

The dog may finish eating its food, start chewing other stuff in the bathroom or even drink harmful substances.

Even if leaving your dog in the bathroom helps with potty training, we don’t recommend letting your dog eat while in the bathroom.

If you have a good income, you can opt to get a dog sitter. This will ensure your dog is safe while at home and also gets the recommended attention.

Even if the payment rates may be a bit high, having a dog sitter ensures that your dog gets fed at the right time, can play around, and stretch enough.

If that is not an option, ensure you confine the dog to a suitable room, so they don’t mess up in the area. 

The caregiver should play and exercise with the dog. Moreover, it would help to be careful about how trustworthy the person is before letting them into your house.

You can also opt to have a dog walker who will occasionally come to check on your dog and take it out for thirty minutes.

This will ensure your dog remains intact.

In addition, this is way cheaper than taking your dog to dog care.


3. Leaving Your Dog In The Bathroom May Be Unethical

When you leave a dog in the bathroom, it may become too stuffy for the dog.

It is also unethical to leave your dog in the bathroom because that is where you go to dispose of bodily waste.

A bathroom may seem like a good option, but you must consider that your dog is a living being.

Imagine if the dog poops in the bathtub that you use to bathe every single day.

That is disgusting and unethical. So instead, you can leave your dog in its kennel outside or inside a crate if it is still young.

This option is also viable because your house will remain intact.

You can also imagine the stress you are putting your dog into each day of the week when you are not there with it.

However, kennelling helps protect your dog in every way, and it will feel safe in its space.

So, if you leave your dog in a kennel, ensure your dog doesn’t get bored.


4. Your Dog May Chew On Any of the Equipment And Eat The Supplies In Your Bathroom

There are instances when your dog can feel bored and chew stuff in your bathroom, including your toilet’s water supply.

If they do, your house may end up flooded, especially when no one else is there. It would be a great disaster.

The dog can also drink any substances in your bathroom, which may adversely affect your dog’s health.

We recommend that you find another room that doesn’t have too many distractions your dog can chew on.

Also, be careful about leaving your dog in the bathroom because of all the chemicals, oils, pipes, and other distractions there.

Instead, you can confine the dog in another suitable room with fewer distractions, kennel the dog, or have a dog caregiver.



Let your dog tag with you if you need to go elsewhere outside work.

When you have the chance to take care of the dog, it is essential to give your dog enough attention to ensure it doesn’t start needing attention when you are not around.

Also, the ideal room to choose to leave your dog in is vital. You may consider a bathroom because it will be there when the dog feels like using the toilet.

Imagine returning home to a dog who messed up on your bed or the carpet.

You will become so mad!

Thus, with the proper precautions, leaving your dog in the bathroom for a while is not that bad.

However, this doesn’t apply to every dog owner.

You can either opt to kennel your dog, leave it in the bathroom, leave it in another suitable room, or hire a dog sitter/walker.