My Hamster Is Making A Clicking Noise – Why?

We all love cute animals. There are several animals which are popular pet to humans.

We regularly see animal videos uploaded by people playing, caressing their pet dogs and cats. But there is a rodent animal which is very popular among masses, a hamster.

Hamsters are easily one of the most popular pets in the world. However, petting a hamster can be a difficult task due to the clicking noises they make.

Why is your hamster making clicking noise

Why Do They Make Such Clicking Noise?

There are multiple reasons behind your hamster making clicking noises. Below we discuss the most common of them.

Scared/Happy Emotion

When hamsters get scared by anything around them, they start making clicking noises.

On the other hand, they may be doing these to express happiness and excitement. Perhaps something you may have done or something he has eaten has made them very happy. To express these feelings, they make a clicking noise.

But an important question is how do you know whether your pet is happy or scared? The main thing to do is to study their body language. If they are cornered in their cage and keeps on hiding, then they are frightened.

Alternatively, if your hamster is out of his home and running all over the house, that usually means he is happy.


It is a behavior when a hamster keeps rubbing their teeth against each other. They sharpen their front teeth to help them break hard food.

Also, some studies have revealed that hamsters do this to express their satisfaction.

Wearing Out Their Teeth

When your hamster gets new teeth, they start rubbing them in playful nature, causing the clicking noise. An interesting fact is that a hamster’s teeth keep on growing. So, to wear them down, they are constantly rubbing them.

Also, it may occur because your pet hamster is carrying hard food in its cheeks and trying hard to chew it. In doing so, teeth are getting rubbed against each other creating clicking noise.

Leave Me Alone!

There is no doubt that hamsters are one of the cutest pets. You will always want to grab and caress them. But you have to understand that they need their own space as well. If you handle them for a long time, they tend to get irritated.

They will make the clicking noise to tell you that they have had enough. So, leaving them alone is the right thing to do.

Respiratory Clicks

A hamster may make clicking noises in every breath can be due to a respiratory illness. Although, it may or may not occur every breath and are usually not rapid. In the case of respiratory clicks, there is a delay in between them.

Need For Attention

It is a crucial reason for hamsters making such noise. Although your hamster spends most of the daytime sleeping, they need your love and care.

Why are hamsters making clicking noise

If you see your hamster biting his cage bars and making noises along with it, it is time to give them some love. It is common among animals to make different sounds in seek of our attention.

Waking Up Too Early

Just like a human being, a hamster needs rest. While we stay awake, they sleep. So, if you want to adore them, you either have to stay awake till midnight or wake them up prematurely.

Hamsters don’t like this and might start making a clicking noise to express it.

Should You Get Concerned About Your Hamster Making Clicking Noise?

No, clicking noise is very common in hamsters. There are many natural triggers of that behavior. They may get scared when they find themselves among us.

Additionally, whenever you bring home a new pet, it is natural that they feel uncomfortable and do this noise. Give them some time to adjust to the surroundings, get used to your touch and care, and everything will be all right.

There are many reasons why your hamster is making such noise as you have seen above. Just take the help of our guide and try figuring out what is bothering your hamster. Feed them well, take care of them, give them the love they demand, and you will have a quiet and happy hamster.


A hamster is one of the most lovable pet animals available. Taking care of their health and well-being is a very delicate thing to do. So, those occasional clicking noises may sound alarming to you, but now you know the exact reasons behind it.

There is a saying, “A quiet and calm hamster is a happy one”. Therefore, if he is making a noise, you need to examine the cause and take proper care of your hamster!