Dog Acts Like Something Is Stuck In Its Mouth – Causes

Occasionally dogs bend over and use their paws in a way that looks like something is stuck in their mouth.

Sometimes dogs make choking sounds that indicate that something is stuck in the throat or mouth.

Dog acts like something stuck in mouth

Regardless choking sounds and the excessive use of paws on the mouth can be alarming and life-threatening. It can also cause further damage to the mouth if left untreated.

Reasons Why Dogs Act Like Something Is Stuck In The Mouth

1. Something Is Stuck Beneath/In Between The Teeth

Dogs can be reckless and incautious every now and then. Even the best-behaved dogs like the beagle can express a level of excitement from time to time.

It can be during the period when the dog is eating, grinding on a bone, or stuffing its mouth on any other object.

It leaves the dogs’ mouths vulnerable to getting splinters, small pieces of bone, or even strands of grass stuck in between the teeth.

A common sign that something is stuck in a dogs’ mouth is the consistent use of paws to remove that foreign substance.

Occasionally the use of the paws can successfully remove the substance stuck in the dogs’ mouth.

However, if the dog consistently uses the paws on its mouth, it could cause further damage to the dogs’ mouth. It could leave the dogs’ gums, tongues, or lips bleeding.

2. Something Is Stuck At The Roof Of The Mouth

The above reason is related to this; the difference between the two is the location of the stuck object. It could be safe to assume there is something stuck in the dogs’ teeth because of their behavioral signs.

However, without prejudice, one might not recognize the object is stuck to the roof of the dogs’ mouth instead.

Notwithstanding, the kind of object, in this case, is related to objects that easily gum to the roof of the dogs’ mouth.

It includes strands of hair, grass, or it could be an insect stuck to the roof of the dogs’ mouth. A clue that indicates the location of the stuck object is the direction in which the dog is pawing the mouth.

3. Dental Cavity

Another reason dogs keep acting like something is stuck in its mouth is that they have cavities. One of the ways they could get dental cavities is through the food they eat.

Foods high in sugar, fermentable carbohydrates, or acidic content can easily make a dog susceptible to dental cavities.

The central reason behind dental cavities is the bacteria present in these foods. If the bacteria stays took long on the dogs’ teeth, the bacteria could slowly erode the tooth’s enamel.

The intense discomfort caused by the cavities can make a dog use its paws to relieve the pain. It might seem like there is something stuck in the dogs’ mouth.

Dental cavities can also develop from the low part of the teeth and straight into the gums. It can be caused by poor dental hygiene or poor diet.

4. Wound

It is no secret that dogs love to chew on objects they find interest in. These objects maybe a piece of twig or a sharp piece of bone.

The sharp pieces can get into the gum or any soft tissues in the mouth and cause soreness in the dogs’ mouth.

However, accidents while chewing on sharp objects is not the only way dogs can get mouth injuries. Mouth injuries can also happen when a dog accidentally falls on the mouth.

They can accidentally get injured during play fights with other animals or themselves (yes, they do that sometimes).

Who do dogs act like something stuck in mouth

5. Broken Tooth

Just like the previously stated reason, accidents can also get the dogs’ teeth broken. Unlike wounds, broken teeth are more severe.

Wounds create sores on the soft tissues in the mouth like the tongue, or gum and they can be healed easily. However, broken teeth can create intense discomfort, especially when eating.

The broken tooth can as well get stuck in the dogs’ mouth. If left untreated, the dog could sustain severe nerve damage, and it can easily introduce infections to the dogs’ mouth.

If the dog shows signs of pain or discomfort when eating, it is likely the dog has sustained an injury. It could either be sore in the soft tissues or a broken tooth.

6. Infection

A dogs’ mouth can get infected as a result of an allergic reaction or the aftermath of an injury.

Regardless, an infection could cause extreme discomfort to the dog’s mouth. It could look like the dog has something is stuck in the mouth, whereas it could be an infection.

Several infections can appear in a dog’s mouth. However, here are some common infections that are found in dogs:

7. Canine Stomatitis

Canine stomatitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the canines’ oral cavity. One of the signs includes inflamed sores on the gums, roof surface of the mouth, and the surface where the lips and the teeth meet.

Canine Stomatitis occurs when the immune system weakens, and it can be extremely painful for dogs if not taken care of.

8. Kennel Cough

Occasionally when dogs act like there is something stuck in their mouth, they tend to cough out. The coughing is done in an effort to try to remove the substance stuck in the dogs’ mouth.

Although something might not be stuck in the dogs’ mouth, in some cases, it can be symptoms of bronchitis. Infectious bronchitis in dogs is also known as kennel cough.

9. Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a health condition that has to do with the inflammation of the gums in a canine. The difference between Canine Stomatitis and Gingivitis is that Gingivitis deals with the inflammation of just the gums.

Gingivitis is caused by bacterial infection, and the disease in its early form can be easily reversed.

What To Do?

If there are substances or objects found in a dogs’ mouth, gently use a hand or tweezers to remove the stuck object.

If there are no objects found between the teeth, check the roof and floor of the dogs’ mouth. The gums and the roof of the mouth should be checked for stuck objects and inflammation in the dog’s mouth.

The dog’s teeth should be brushed at least three times a week. This proves beneficial to the dogs’ dental health because food debris will be cleared, and future damage will be avoided.

There are kinds of toothpaste and toothbrushes for dogs, human toothpaste should not be used for dogs. This is because human toothpaste contains xylitol which can prove lethal to a dogs’ health.

If there are signs of inflammation or sores in the dogs’ mouth, veterinarian assistance would be required.

Additional information and treatment procedures will be provided once the vet has performed a diagnosis.


The reason why dogs act like something is stuck in their mouth does vary. It could either be a sign of infection, dental cavities, or something stuck in the dogs’ mouth.

Occasionally, the dog can stop acting like something is stuck in the mouth, and the dog can look completely fine. It might not seem to be the case every time.

It is advisable to check the dogs’ mouth for inflammation of soft tissues and foreign objects stuck in the mouth. If left untreated, it can be a risk to the dogs’ dental health.

Book an appointment with a veterinarian to check for anything that can put the dogs’ dental health at risk.