How To Make A Cat Sneeze – Full Guide

If you’re searching for ways on how to make a cat sneeze, then you are in the right place.

According to Statista, 95.6 million cats were living in the United States in 2017. Your cat could be one of them!

How to Make A Cat Sneeze Full Guide

Your cat may be suffering from sinus infections, or you may want to clear its nose. You are tired of the runny nose, watery eyes, and irritated mood of your precious pet. You finally want to help your cat sneeze.

A vet can guide you best on cat sneezing.

When your pet’s behavior is unusual, it’s time to talk to your vet, especially when you’re unsure what’s going on.

Meanwhile, just read on to see what’s possible.

Step-by-step Instructions To Help Your Cat Sneeze

The following methods can help your cat sneeze. You can discuss the ways with your vet as you intend to clean your cat’s nose.

The Steam Method

You can use the steam method to help your cat as follows:

  • In a pan, heat some water. Make sure you get the steam as it’s the main requirement here. You have to place this pan in a safe spot. You can put it on the table!
  • Now hold your cat gently. Your cat must cooperate. Otherwise, it can be hard for you.
  • Next, grab an oversized towel that is suitable for yourself and your cat. You can place this towel upon you and your furry friend. The goal here is to take some steam. Steam helps to sneeze out the mucus in your cat’s nose. Because of the steam, you can expect the mucus to loosen.

When trying this or any other method, make sure you consult with your vet first!

Non-Medicated Nasal Spray

If your cat is okay with the nasal spray that’s non-medicated and available over the counter, try that! Using this product is to help your cat with sneezing so that bacteria and mucus can flush out.

  • You have to use it as per the need! For example, if your cat’s infection is active or you see the nasal discharge, you can use the nasal spray one to two times a day.
  • Just one to two drops for each nostril will be enough. Doing so can help the cat sneeze. See if this method works for you. Also, consult your vet before trying anything new for your cat’s health.

Make Your Cat Excited Or Allow Sudden Movement

Just like you, the cat in your house gives a physical response when excited. You may find tons of videos online when cats are surprised by looking at something exciting or when something suddenly moves.

For example, if a mouse or a mouse-like toy passes nearby, they may sneeze.

  • Try finding a toy from the market that’s mouse-like.
  • Use pet-friendly toys for your furry friend.
  • You can start using the toy to note the behavior of your cat.
  • The cat may sneeze!

These methods provide no sure guarantee, but you can always try and see what works best for your precious furry friend.

Use A Scented Perfume

If you know that a particular scented perfume makes it sneeze every time, you may want to try using it.

  • Your cat mustn’t have a severe allergy to the perfume. Remember, you are trying to make the cat feel better and not worse.
  • Use the scented perfume in small amounts on your clothes when the cat is near. See if it helps! If the cat sneezes, it can be easy for you to clean up the mucus.

Never try to upset your pet or affect it negatively in any way! Your intention counts, so don’t try to make your cat sneeze until you need it in the first place.

Go Near The Pollen Grains

If your cat sneezes every time you pass by pollen grains, maybe try doing that when you want your cat to sneeze.

  • Hold your cat gently and visit a place where you can see pollen grains!
  • Your cat mustn’t have any severe allergies for the pollen season.
  • Probably, your cat can sneeze when you pass by the pollen grains.

Although the environmental factors can make a cat sneeze, these may not be ideal if the cat goes through some severe infection.

You have to find the root cause of the problem to know how to take the best care of your pet’s health.

Clean Your Room

It may sound bizarre, but cleaning your room means you are getting rid of dirt and dust.

  • Start cleaning up the room when your cat is playing nearby.
  • Your cat can probably sneeze as soon as you start cleaning.

Dust allergies can make anyone sneeze! So be careful.

Benign Irritants

Some mild irritants may also make a cat sneeze. For example:

  • Let’s say you are cooking delicious food and using pepper and cinnamon.
  • Your pet may get irritated with these ingredients and may sneeze.

You need to remember that if the cat sneezes on its own, it’s okay. Otherwise, you need not force the pet to sneeze.

How to Make A Cat Sneeze

Consult Your Vet

Although you may intentionally try to make your cat sneeze, you must follow the safety precautions. Your cat is innocent, and if you don’t know what you are doing, it’s best not to try anything.

Instead, consult your vet in the first palace. Your vet has the best source of information. Your vet knows what’s best for your precious pet.

Discuss the entire situation with your vet. Also, take your cat for regular checkups and get the essential shots for your pet’s health and well-being.

When To Help Your Cat Sneeze?

Although you may prefer a sneezing cat at the moment, it’s also possible that your cat keeps on sneezing, and you’re not sure why.

According to Fetch by WebMD, one of the leading causes of sneezing can be an infection. Your vet can assess your pet’s health so that you will know what’s going on and how to take the best care of your cat.

For example, there could be a recent nasal vaccine, respiratory infection, dental disease, or other issues that may cause sneezing in the cats.

When your cat needs sneezing, then it’s a different story. You can try the methods mentioned above.

Your cat may show the following signs and symptoms:

  • Your cat has noisy breathing!
  • You can see nasal discharge.
  • Another sign is that your cat has teary eyes.
  • Your pet doesn’t seem interested in food.
  • You can spot a low-energy pattern.

Keep an eye on these symptoms and try to help your cat sneeze! As a cat parent, it’s hard to see your cat suffer.

Final Words

Different ways can help in cat sneezing. However, you have to remember to discuss what’s best for your cat’s health with your vet.

You can try using a nasal spray as it would be a suitable method to clear the nasal passage.

Pollen in the air can make your cat sneeze. A particular perfume may make your cat sneeze. There could be dust at your house, causing the cat to sneeze.

A cat may sneeze because of the cleaning products at your home. And a lot more!