Why Does My Cat Lick Me In The Morning? – Causes Explained

Cats are one of the most preferred choices as a pet in the world, and if you have a cat, you might have started your day wondering why your cat licks you in the morning.

Cats are adorable, and they are easier to care for than dogs.

But cats are also highly dependent on their pet parents, and every cat has its unique needs as a pet.

why does my cat lick me in the morning

They can also be very selective in temperament.

Still, they are ideal pets, especially for people living in flats and congested areas.

They make little noise and can adjust to small spaces.

Almost all cats have some distinct characteristics.

They are all different in some way or another, and one of these characteristics is licking their humans early in the morning.

Reasons Why Your Cat Licks You In The Morning

Your Cat Licks You In The Morning To Wake You Up

Most cats wake up early in the morning due to their predatory nature passed on from their ancestors.

They may also have developed a habit of sleeping and waking up early.

And they may have developed the habit of waking you up early by licking you as they consider their pet parents part of their pack.

They should be hungry by the time you wake up.

Make sure to keep some treats in their bowls for them at night.

They can eat these when they woke up early, so they won’t be hungry in the early morning hours.

Your Cat Licks You In The Morning Because They Depend On You

Some cats develop the habit of over-dependence on their pet parents and must be assured all day.

They won’t leave you alone for a minute, as they get stressed if they are alone.

In essence, they become what we call ‘spoiled brats.’

It generally happens if you have a young kitten, but older cats can also develop a habit of over-dependence.

So you need to train them to be alone sometimes.

Engage them with other cats, and make them self-confident.

Fill their room with activity toys, or bring another kitten to divert her attention.

Your Cat Licks You In The Morning Because You Trained Them

It could also be that you have developed this habit in them unintentionally.

You may have rewarded them when your cat licks you early in the morning.

For example, you may make happy faces or reward them with treats by petting them.

Cats learn very fast, and within no time, they may have developed this routine, which you reinforced.

To discourage this behavior, start ignoring your cat when it licks you.

It might not be easy at first, but you will surely get benefits in a few days.

They will eventually stop doing it.

Reward them if you find them not licking you early in the morning.

They Have Little To Zero Activity During The Day

Sometimes cats do not get enough exercise during the day, aggravating your problem.

Your cat should have used most of its energy by the end of the day.

Otherwise, it can lead to other health problems like obesity and hypertension in your cat.

It will also become lazy.

You can use various training toys to exhaust them, like building engaging activities with your pet, using a clicker, and employing treats to train them.

Engage them with other cats and develop a healthy daily routine with them.

Your Cat Licks You In The Morning Because They Are Lonely

Another reason is that people usually exclude cats from their bedrooms, especially at night.

It further raises their hyper levels, and they try to please you so that they can be with you in your bedroom at night.

You can add a cat bed to your room.

If it is impossible, you can make the room in which your cat sleeps engaging by adding various activity toys.

Place their bed near windows and keep some small plants in their room which they can climb.

This will keep them worry-free while you sleep in your room.

Your Cat Licks You In The Morning Because They Are Grooming Lovers

They might also be trying to groom you.

Cats love to remain clean and groom themselves, and they also love to bathe and always look neat.

You will not find a single out-of-place strand of hair on them.

Cleaning is one of their preferred activities.

When they are in a pack of animals, they groom each other by licking one another to build trust in the pack.

Since you are part of their pack, they will also keep you well-groomed, especially your hair.

Cats love to groom their family, and it is their age-old habit.

It also means that you smell stinky to them and should take a bath.

Cats Want To Taste Everything

Cats also lick your face because they like the taste of it.

Cats love their food, and when you do not share human food with them, they get a taste of that food by licking you.

They would also lick your clothes if you dropped some food on them.

If you sweat at night, your cat licks you because they like the salty taste of your sweat.

But you do not need to be tense about it as it is not a harmful thing.

They Lick You In The Morning For Survival

Cats also have a survival instinct to clean all the leftover food or its smell to stay away from predators.

They might be licking you to remove the scent of food and keep the predator away.

Your Cat Licks You In The Morning Out Of Anxiety And Stress

If your cat has anxiety problems, it also leads to licking excessively, either itself or you.

Anxiety can come from many reasons, like changes in food ingredients.

If you have recently moved to a new place, adopted another pet, or have environmental changes, try to find out the cause of the issue and act accordingly.


Although cat licking you in the morning may be cute and affectionate, it can become annoying and excessive.

When it becomes a problem, a simple solution is diverting your cat’s attention and affection from you to something else.

It can be another kitten playmate or some engaging activity by bringing another kitten.

Your cat will feel responsible for a new family member and divert her attention towards the other cat.