Can I Pierce My Dog’s Ears? – Factors To Consider

In the twinkling of an eye, your dog becomes your family member, and you start to care a lot about their health and development and how they look.

And the way you adorn your dog shows how you relate with them.

Can I pierce my dog’s ear?

So, if you love to experiment a lot, you would have most likely thought of piercing your dog’s ears too.

In all likelihood, people may advise you to go ahead.

But you, as a responsible pet owner, need to know everything before going further.

So let us see if it is safe to pierce your dog’s ears!

Is It Fine To Pierce My Dog’s Ears?

Most certainly, piercing your dog’s ears is not a safe idea.

There are lots of reasons associated with this.

First, there are chances of nerve damage around the pierced area, resulting in hearing issues in your dog’s ears.

Also, owing to its cruel act, a ban has been put on it by some states.

Moreover, you may land in trouble if someone files a complaint against you to the higher authority.

Why Is There A Risk Of Nerve Damage When I Pierce My Dog’s Ears?

The reason is simple.

Anatomically, there is a complex network of nerves around your dog’s ears.

And the area around your dog’s ears is considered extremely sensitive.

Often, this area is handled with care as it is usually thin and sensitive to touch.

And there are crucial functions associated with this area, like sensory reception, direction, hearing, and pain.

Of course, no one would like to put their beloved pet in danger and pain.

Do All States Ban Owners From Piercing Their Dog’s Ears?

Not all states ban dog ear piercing, but this movement is gaining traction.

Animal advocates are fighting hard to stop the practice of piercing and tattooing your dog.

For example, New York lawmakers passed a law against it in 2014.

Daphna Nachminovitch, Senior Vice President of Cruelty Investigations for PETA, stated, “Under no circumstance should an animal be pierced.”

Where Is It Illegal?

How can you determine whether it is banned in your state?

It may be possible that you reside in a state where piercing your dog’s ears is not illegal.

But still, as a human being, you can imagine the whole piercing process, which might incur pain and suffering for your dog.

And you may not want to stand among those who are looked down upon by animal rights advocates, especially with the law passed in 2014, which Linda Rosenthal lobbied.

After the news that gothic kittens have been pierced all along their spine, this decision to ban animal piercing was brought forth.

Following the ban in New York, New Jersey comes next.

If I Pierce My Dog’s Ears, Will It Go Deaf?

The chances are not high, but some cases have been reported.

Due to faulty procedures, there are chances of infections, resulting in nerve damage and deafness.

Wouldn’t it be harsh to put your dog at such risk?

Can Your Dog Take Its Piercing Off?

There are chances that your dog would feel uncomfortable and get them removed while scratching.

Yes, you can guard your dog but for how long?

Eventually, your dog will succeed in taking its piercing off.

While doing this, your dog may harm you, reacting to pain.

Or else your dog might scratch itself into bleeding.

And we know that you will not like it to happen.

Did You Ask For Consent?

When you are in love with your dog, you do every possible act to express your love.

And because you love your dog, you may want your pet to be the most attractive and beloved one.

It is perfectly alright to beautify your dog every day, but choosing to pierce your dog is not a humane idea.

Think about it.

Have you taken the consent of your dog?

You can care about a living being but cannot own them all the way.

Your dog cannot speak for itself, but you can feel them.

What Do People Think About It?

Perhaps, you will take your dog for a walk or a gathering.

And you would like to know how people react to your dog getting pierced.

According to a poll conducted by, out of 800 respondents, 96% did not approve of this idea. 

Is There Any Alternative To Piercing?

There can be several ways through which your dog can look cool.

So why choose the painful method?

You can go for earrings glued to your dog’s ear, which do not require piercing.

These earrings are reusable and come in different colors.

Alternatively, you may opt for magnetic earrings as well.

What Are Other Ideas To Make My Dog Cute?

Get your dog some cutest dog costumes.

Feed them well by including vitamins and supplements in their meals.

You also need to remember that the quality of their food matters.

Bath them at least once a week.

Trim and brush their fur more often to keep it clean and shiny.

Train them well so they behave gently.

Did you know that behavior plays a significant part in your dog’s appearance?

To make dogs cuter, you can buy personalized accessories, like a dog bandana, a dog bow tie, and dog shoes.

What If I Still Want To Continue Piercing My Dog’s Ears?

Well, in that case, make sure you first know the local laws in your state, whether it is illegal or not.

Do not decide to pierce your dog’s ears, too, without your vet’s advice.

Also, look for an expert to conduct the whole procedure.

Post-piercing, you need to keep the area clean to avoid ear infections.

Keep the studs or earrings simple.

Too elaborate and heavy jewelry may irritate your dog.

And always keep in contact with your vet and consult him as and when required.


Loving and caring for your pet should not be confined to giving food and shelter.

You also need to understand dogs deep down in your heart.

Some argue that even parents get their babies pierced without their consent.

But there is not enough veterinary science to prove that it is 100% safe to pierce your dog’s ear.

Also, a grown-up child has a choice to wear earrings.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with animals.

Humans are not the only ones to claim rights; animals, too, own rights.

In the same way, the greatness and moral progress of any nation is determined by the way its animals are treated.

So, it is your moral and ethical duty to treat them well.