Best 5 Dog Electric Toothbrushes – Our Top Picks For Healthy Teeth

Dogs are lovely creatures that provide loyal company to their owners and family. They don’t do this because they are obligated, but because of the genuine love and affection they have for their owners.

Most dog owners would do almost anything to ensure their pet stays healthy every day. The dental health of your dog is an integral part of the physical health of pets.

Sometimes, it is overlooked by owners because of how insignificant they think it may be. Veterinarians say this can have severe consequences on your dog’s health, leading to oral or dental diseases that may affect their lifespan.

This guide features excellent electric toothbrushes your four-legged friend would love. All you have to do select the one that meets your needs.

Best Overall

Simfine Pet Electric Toothbrush KitSimfine Pet Electronic Toothbrush Dog Tartar Cleaner Electric

When searching for the perfect electric toothbrush for pets, durability and quality are two attributes that should be the foundation for any product.

The quality of your pet’s toothbrush determines how well they remove tar and leftover food that gets stuck in their teeth.

Simfine Pet electric toothbrush is a quality toothbrush that makes the task of bruising your pet’s teeth less daunting.

It is easy to use and operate with three bristles sizes for any situation. Its materials are durable, which significantly reduces the possibility of pets breaking them.

It uses AA batteries that provide enough power for its rotating head, efficiently cleaning the pet’s teeth.

It rotates without making much noise, a feature that is excellent for dogs that get scared of strange sounds.

This electric toothbrush kit comes with a finger brush for manual use. All items in the package are made from safe materials that get the job done conveniently. When not in use, batteries can be removed and stored to prolong their life.

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What We Like About This Product

This electric dog brush is easy to use, which is vital when dealing with restless dogs that always want to move; it lets owners get in there and get the job done on time.

It has a long neck, so pet owners can use it to cover the whole teeth and hard-to-reach places, which would not be possible using short toothbrushes. The brush uses regular AA batteries that can be found in most stores.


  • It is light and easy to use
  • Has a long neck which allows owners to clean all areas
  • It works will little noise emitted


  • It uses a battery which needs to be changed regularly

Review Of Product

This toothbrush is a great product all pet owners would love; it is functional, and we found it easy to use. It may take some time before our pet gets used to it, but once they do, brushing their teeth is stress-free.

Its low noise function is an exceptional feature that all electric toothbrushes should have. The neck makes it perfect for cleaning between pets’ teeth and gums.

It has a simplistic overall design and allows secure gripping for restless pets that don’t like to be brushed.

The major drawback of using this brush is the rate at which the battery runs out when left in the toothbrush for extended periods without use.

Mira-pet Ultrasound Toothbrush Kit

Mira Pet Ultrasound Toothbrush for Dogs (Starter Kit)

When speaking about a dental kit that comes with its recommended toothpaste, the Mira-Pet ultrasound toothbrush comes out on top.

Mira-Pet toothbrush gives the teeth their natural shine. It eliminates bad breath and increases blood flow to the gums.

It is a cost-effective option and provides comprehensive dental care at minimal cost to owners.

Mira-Pet aims to eliminate periodontitis – a severe gum infection that can affect all dogs if proper hygiene is not practiced.

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What We Like About This Product

This product is unique because it eliminates the need to look for the perfect toothpaste to match the quality brush, all you need to do is get the kit, and you’re all set.

Years of research were put into the production of this toothbrush. This makes it a must-have for all dog owners.


  • It comes with a recommended toothpaste
  • Removes plaque and harmful organisms
  • It cleans teeth quick


  • Its powerful motor makes sounds that may scare pets

Review Of Product

This electric toothbrush kit has a nice design and comes with toothpaste. It cleans pets’ teeth quickly and easily. It comes in a beautiful package making it suitable as a gift for friends and family members who own dogs.

However, pets may take some time before getting used to the brush.

Anyer Tap Electric Toothbrush

Anyer Tap Pet Toothbrush Dog Electric Tartar Cleaner

The Anyer Tap Electric Toothbrush is a unique addition to our list. Unlike other toothbrushes, it comes with a 360° brush head.

This unique property increases the efficiency and range of the toothbrush.

The brush’s neck is made from safe materials that are flexible enough to allow excellent reach without breaking.

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What We Like About This Product

This product was made for dogs with stained teeth. Its 360° head ensures it reaches areas not covered by regular-shaped toothbrushes. It cleans all sides of your pet’s teeth without expending too much energy. The brush can reach between the teeth to clean tar and remove plaque in the process.

It is made from silicone that is free from toxic materials. All of this comes in a beautiful case.


  • It is flexible and can reach all places that need cleaning
  • 360° head that cleans all side of the teeth
  • Excellent for colored teeth


  • It makes a loud spinning sound that might scare dogs

Product Reviews

The Anyer Tap Electric Toothbrush is easy to hold and use. You can spot the effort that went into producing this toothbrush. We especially liked the 360° head design.

This unique feature makes it easier to brush between teeth and get to spots that regular toothbrushes could not. It is powered by standard AAA batteries.

Caige Pet Electric ToothbrushPet Electric Toothbrush,for Tooth Cleaning and Care

This toothbrush is suited to those who want different types of heads to clean thoroughly.

It has smooth bristles that prevent gum bruising during use and clear plaque and tar to avoid dental infections.

It is made from premium materials that are pet-friendly and durable. This toothbrush relies on two power supply modes; it can be charged via USB, or two AA batteries can power it.

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What We Like About This Product

It is safe for pets and easy to use and clean, which is essential for any good toothbrush. Its ability to switch between power sources means you can decide the power source right for you.

Unlike regular electric toothbrushes that give you only one power source option.

This product is made from safe plastic and silicone that is chip-resistant, meaning pets won’t chip and ingest pieces that may harm it.


  • It gives pet owners the option to choose the power source
  • It removes plaques and tar perfectly


  • Less powerful vibration

Product Review

This electric toothbrush from Caige has a simple design at first glance, and it makes use of organosilicon materials that rotate at high speeds.

It has different types of heads that clean tough stains easily. They are also durable, and you don’t have to worry about them falling off.

It wasn’t shipped with batteries, but it can be powered using a USB cord for those who decide not to use batteries. One problem with this brush is how long one has to use it to clean their pet’s teeth properly.

They don’t vibrate as fast as regular electric toothbrushes, which means we had to brush pets’ teeth for long periods at a time.

The best method of storing this toothbrush is to keep it in the toothbrush case it comes in; this keeps it clean and extends battery life.

H&1 Electric Pet Toothbrush Kit

H&1 Electric Pet Toothbrush, Pet Dental Care Kit

The H&1 Electric Pet Toothbrush Kit might be the last dental care kit to feature on this buying guide, but it ranks among the best toothbrushes when it comes to pet dental health.

It is one of the few pet brushes with a 360° head and a powerful motor. It effectively removes plaque, calculus, and challenging stains.

This toothbrush was made to be easily operated using minimal effort coupled with its 360° degree spin that reaches between the teeth and hard-to-reach spots.

This kit comes in a special packaging that can be used to store the toothbrush when not in use.

It is easy to clean and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about water when your dog becomes restless or soaked in water.

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What We Like About This Product

It’s 360° spin technology allows it to reach places where conventional toothbrushes won’t. It offers low noise brushing with a powerful motor that cleans tough stains easily.

This kit comes with special toothpaste and a finger brush if you want to try manual brushing. It is made from quality materials that can be cleaned easily. We also liked how easy it was to use the manual finger brush.

It is big enough to fit fingers, and it also has the same bristle texture as the electric toothbrush.


  • A power motor for fast spins and better brushing
  • The kit comes with a silicone finger brush and toothpaste
  • It is a cheaper alternative to other expensive dental health kits
  • It uses regular AA batteries


  • Its rotation speed can’t be adjusted

Product Reviews

This electric toothbrush kit is made from premium materials that make it a must-have for all dog owners. It came with its dedicated toothpaste while being significantly less expensive compared to other electric toothbrush kits.

It may be less expensive, but it gets the job done every time. A silicone finger brush is included for people who want to test out brushing manually.

One issue we want to mention about this electric toothbrush is that its brushing speed can’t be adjusted. Its preset brushing speed makes it hard for pet owners to use it conveniently.

Dog Electric Toothbrushes – FAQ

We often have questions about a product before purchase and use, which is why this section is essential.

It is solely for alleviating any concerns pet owners may have about the products on this guide or dog electric toothbrushes in general.

Are The Battery Removable, Or Does It Come With A Charger?

That depends on the type of electric brush you select.

Some have specific external batteries that need to be changed regularly, while some come with a charging port or a plug that you can connect via a USB cord.

It should be indicated on the product page, but just in case you can ask the supplier for accurate details.

Are Dog Electric Toothbrushes As Quiet As Regular Toothbrushes?

Some are made to be exceptionally quiet, but this also depends on the brand.

Several types are as smooth as regular toothbrushes, but these types are low-powered and require more time to get the job done.

High-powered toothbrushes are generally not as quiet, but they are best suited for cleaning stained teeth and removing plaque in record time.

Are Dog Electric Toothbrushes Waterproof?

Electronic toothbrushes are always waterproof and are safe to be used in bathrooms.

If it is damaged or there are any noticeable cracks on the toothbrush, it should be left for repairs or replaced entirely.

Are The Bristles Soft, And What Type Of Bristle Is Best For My Dog?

Most brands have soft or medium bristles, and they are indicated at the pack of the toothbrush or on the product page online. They are both suitable for dogs, but if you need specific information for your dog.

A trip to the veterinarian should answer all questions on brush texture you may have.


Getting the perfect electric toothbrush for your dog should not be a stressful endeavor. You should be looking out for toothbrushes that get the job done. The right electric toothbrush would remove plaque, tar, and calculus easily from their teeth without harming or scaring them.

Pet owners need to avoid selecting items made from materials that may harm their dog. Also, brushing should not take up all of your time, and it can also be fun.

Moreover, selecting toothbrushes that get the job done efficiently without harming your pet is very important. It ensures your pet never gets oral and dental problems, which saves money that would be used for other essential expenses.

When shopping, there are some tips that every pet owner should know, which would help them choose the best electric toothbrush for their pet.

These tips have been tested and are sure to help pet owners select the best things online and in stores:

  • Is it made for materials that are safe for my pet?
  • Does it make sounds that scare dogs?
  • Is it durable enough to withstand bites from my pet?
  • Does it have safety features that protect my pet from harm?

It is important to note that brushing regularly with good toothbrushes is vital in the fight against periodontitis. This disease can cause severe problems for dogs if not spotted early and treated accordingly.

If pet owners notice any strange signs from their dog, they should contact their veterinarian immediately.