I Love My Dog So Much It Hurts – Why?

Have you ever looked at your dog one day and told yourself, “I love my dog so much it hurts?”

We often hear about how a dog is man’s best friend.

Unlike cats, dogs bond with their owners within a short period.

And since dogs are very loyal and provide unconditional love, it’s easy for a person to connect with their dogs quickly.

Why I Love My Dog So Much it Hurts

However, some people are so attached to their dogs that they feel inseparable.

If you become so close to your dog that you feel it’s more important than other people, something might be off with you.

However, fret not!

The good news is that you can still detach yourself from your dog and reduce the excess love you feel.

Continue reading to find out how.

Why Do You Love Your Dog So Much?

You Love Your Dog So Much Because Of Their Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is the act of loving someone fully and beyond any limitations.

And giving you unconditional love is what dogs do if you provide for them and spend more time with them.

Because of their unwavering love, some people may get overly attached to their dogs.

Others may feel that their dog is more important than people, especially those who are not there for them when they need company.

A dog will cheer you up when you’re bored and lonely, creating a lasting bond between you.

You Love Your Dog So Much Because Of Their Loyalty

Another great attribute that makes people get attached so closely to their dogs is loyalty.

Unlike humans who might desert you in times of sorrow or downfall, your dog will always be there for you.

It’s believed that there is a scientific basis for the dog’s loyalty.

Since domesticated dogs descended from wolves, they always maintain their loyalty, thinking you’re their family.

Also, they reciprocate the relationship as a sign of thanking you for taking good care of them.

You Love Your Dog So Much Because They Elicit Primal Emotions

If dogs could talk, life could be easier for both of you.

Unfortunately, they don’t speak as we do, so we’ll never know precisely when our dogs are in pain, danger, or stress.

As a result, dogs elicit primal emotions from you as their owner.

Did you know that the human brain, hormones, and behavior are created to respond to young, helpless mammals?

And dogs are no different.

That’s why pet owners will never put up their dog for adoption just because it poops in the wrong place.

You Love Your Dog So Much Because Of Your Loneliness

Loneliness results from being abandoned or left alone.

And having no person to share your joy and sorrows with is one of the worst feelings a person can experience.

But having a dog at home can keep you company and remove boredom in the house.

However, it can be dangerous to become highly attached to your dog.

This attachment may hurt you in the long run as you may not want to miss your dog a single bit.

As much as you want to consider your dog above a human being, it cannot replace a human relationship as there are many things it cannot offer.

You Love Your Dog So Much Because You Feel More Secure

One of the things that a dog provides and a cat cannot is security.

Pet owners feel more secure when with dogs than with cats.

Since dogs originated from wolf packs, they tend to protect their owners with everything they have, even with their life.

I Love My Dog So Much it Hurts

So, if you don’t have any companion at home but just your dog, you may feel a strong connection with them.

On top of that, you may feel more secure knowing that your dog will keep watch over you.

Feeling this security with your dog alone may increase your love for your canine friend, which may become unhealthy for you.

You Love Your Dog So Much Because It’s A Trend

Some people acquire or love dogs because other people are doing so.

According to Market Research Firm data, the young canine population doubled that of babies in the USA in 2013.

This trend is worrying as more people prefer to get dogs instead of having babies.

Many fur parents have set aside budgets for their dogs, including clothes, health, and food.

The growing focus on dogs instead of having babies indicates that more people are getting attached to dogs and treating them like family.

That’s why it gets hard for some people to detach themselves from their dogs.

What Happens When you Get Too Attached To Your Dog?

  • You might feel an extreme need to be physically close to your dog, especially when you are stressed or lonely.
  • When your dog is taken away from you for different reasons, you might feel separation anxiety.
  • You get over-involved with all your dog’s whereabouts.
  • You might experience intense grief when your dog dies.
  • You may no longer be able to tell the difference between yourself and your pet.
  • You might get overly defensive and always point fingers that it’s the other dog’s fault and never your dog’s.

What Should I Do To Stop Loving My Dog So Much?

Reduce Engagement Time

To detach yourself from your dog only for a little bit, start by reducing the time you engage with your dog.

If you’ve spent more than half a day with your dog, reduce it to 3 or fewer hours.


Because the more time you spend together, the more you bond and get closer.

Dogs are pack animals, meaning they live for you.

So, if you distance yourself from them for several hours, this may help reduce the bond that you two share.

Punish Bad Behavior

Some people tend to love their dogs too much that they cannot punish them.

It would help if you never tolerate destructive behaviors.

If you punish your dog when it does something terrible, it will get a little bit fearful of you, putting some distance between you.

However, don’t punish it often, as it may distance itself from you for good.

Avoid Eye Contact

Several studies explain why dogs give humans a warm welcome and a good vibe.

The studies discovered that oxytocin levels (the feel-good chemical) and bonding exponentially rise when you look into your furry friend’s eyes.

As a result, you should avoid eye contact with your dog to prevent your oxytocin levels from rising.

Besides, you can give your dog a no-nonsense look, which they understand, making them not hang around you for long.

Get Married And Have Kids

The easiest way to reduce your love for your dog is by getting married and having kids.

But, as stated earlier, the rate at which people adopt dogs instead of making babies is worrying.

If you have a baby, you will give them all the love in this world as it will be your flesh and blood.

A dog can never replace your offspring; therefore, it will always come third after your spouse and kids.


You can still salvage yourself even if you feel too attached to your dog that it hurts you a lot.

Dogs are lovely and loyal creatures that we are blessed to have.

However, when we become so attached to them, the relationship may no longer be healthy.

That’s why you must create limits between yourself and your furry friend.

We hope this post will help you become less attached to your dog yet maintain a good relationship with man’s best friend!