Is Your Cat Constantly Meowing And Rubbing Against Everything?

my cat keeps meowing and rubbing against everything

Cats are charming pets to live with. It is usual for them to meow and rubs themselves against everything.

However, this behavior can be puzzling to many owners.

It is critical to understand the behavior of cats, especially when these behaviors get persistent.

Why Do Cats Meow And Rub Against Their Owners?

Sign Of Love

Cats love meowing and rubbing against their owners.

The rubbing may involve their entire body, though, at times, the cat may rub just their cheeks and foreheads.

Most cat owners may welcome this behavior because they consider it a sign of love.


Cats can also meow and rub against you to communicate that they need something.

Meowing and rubbing against humans is the most common form of communication between cats and humans.

Cats always do this with their trusted humans.

They may feel hungry when you see them rub their bodies on cabinets that contain treats.

You should be mindful to observe if the rubbing is excessive or not as it may indicate that something is not right.

Attention Seeking

Cats will meow and rub against their owners when they are seeking attention.

When there are people around, a cat may want you to play with it.

You can always ignore your cat when it begins to meow.

However, it is difficult to ignore a cat that keeps meowing and rubbing against you simultaneously.

They’re Just Playful

Your cat needs time with you. Cats will need quality time for chatting, playing, and grooming.

Ensure you don’t ignore them. Schedule time with your cat even if it is not meowing and rubbing against you.

It is important that as pet owners, you should play with them from time to time.

Form Of Greeting

Cats meowing and rubbing against you is also a form of greeting.

Your cat may simply be saying that it missed you.

Cats may meow and rub against their owners in the morning to greet them.

This behavior is expected in the morning after getting up or in the evening when the owner gets back home.

Also, you will notice this behavior in cats when you’re away for a very long time, they greet you back home by rubbing their bodies against your legs.

When they act that way, they are so happy to see you back.

They’re Hungry

Your cat will also meow and rub against you when it is hungry. It is just hungry and begging for food.

However, it might not be its usual feeding time. Some cats may become very stubborn when hungry.

It would be best to train your cat not to meow a lot when hungry.

To do this, don’t feed the cat when it meows. Instead, please wait until it is quiet, then feed it.

The cat will learn that being peaceful means feeding time.


Cats are not the most social animals. However, they enjoy company once in a while.

Cats will often meow and rub against their owners when they get lonely.

Your cat may constantly meow and rub against you, seeking petting time.

You should always leave a few toys for your cat to play with when you leave it alone.

Get interactive toys for your cat. Alternatively, place a bird feeder outside the cat’s favorite window.

The birds will provide an hour of entertainment, and your cat won’t be lonely.

Scent Transfer

Cats may also rub against other objects to transfer their scent.

It is as if they are claiming ownership and marking their possessions with their scent, including their owner.

Your cat may nuzzle or head-butt your face to deposit its scent from glands around its cheek area.

The cat will also weave through your legs to transfer scent from its body to you.

Why Do Cats Meow And Rub Against Each Other?

Kittens meowing and rubbing against their mothers is a sign of affection.

The kitten will rub its body against its mother and meow as a means of showing its love.

Kittens will also meow and rub against their mothers to stimulate milk production.

Mostly, this is in the form of a massage or kneading.

Kittens will primarily portray this behavior when they are nursing.

Kittens always get to this behavior when they are hungry.

They will constantly meow and rub against their mothers, seeking to feed.

Cat keeps meowing and rubbing against everything

When kittens meow and rub against their mothers during feeding time, they make the mother feel calm.

This behavior brings back happy moments of warmth, love, and nourishment.

Similarly, kittens will meow and rub against their mothers for attention.

They may be seeking playtime with their mothers.

The most common form of communication for kittens is through rubbing and meowing.

However, this form of communication changes to communication are growling, yowling, and hissing when the kitten matures.

Cats may also meow and rub against each other to say hello.

When friendly cats meet, they meow and rub against each other.

They rub the sides of their bodies and faces.

Cats will mark everything they consider their territory, including other cats with their scents.

Why Do Cats Meow And Rub Against Other Items?

A cat may rub against a wall or furniture and meow.

Sometimes, it may keep meowing as it rolls on its back and rubs against the floor.

Rolling over and meowing typically shows that the cat feels safe.

It is also common for cats to rub against stuff as they meow.

This behavior is a form of cats marking their territory.

Cats can be territorial and will mark the areas and items they consider theirs with their scents.

The scent is not recognizable by humans but will communicate a lot with other cats.

Frequent Meowing And Rubbing In Female Cats

Female cats meow and rub against furniture, walls, and their owners when they want to breed.

When in heat, a female cat is fertile and eager to mate. During this time, she is more affectionate.

A cat on heat will constantly meow and rub her hindquarters against everything.

She will rub against her favorite people, walls, and furniture.

She will also use her hindquarters to display a mating position and raise her tail.

Female cats are in heat for about a week every month.

Male cats will meow when they smell a female cat in heat.

During this period, cats become very annoying to live with.

If the cat is not able to mate, she will be frustrating to the owner.

She will constantly demand attention. However, if she finds a mate, be ready for kittens once a year.

Cats have their first heat at approximately six months of age.

However, some female cats can have their heat at four months old.

The heat lasts for a few days to a week.

Cats in heat will be more vocal than they usually are. They will howl a lot.

A female cat in heat will constantly howl loudly to attract a male cat.

They will also indicate their availability by spraying walls and furniture with urine.

The cat will desperately try to go outside to the extent of attacking doors and windows.

During this reproductive stage, vets may reduce the symptoms by prescribing medication.

However, getting your cat sprayed is the best way of preventing a cat from being in heat.

Getting your cat sterilized will make her less likely to attack and less territorial.

Why Is It Important To Understand Why Your Cat Is Constantly Meowing And Rubbing Against Everything?

Learning the behavior of your cat is very important. A cat’s constant meowing and rubbing can be irritating.

However, your cat is trying to communicate something.

It could be as simple as your cat being hungry, needing attention, or having some playtime.

It could also be that your female cat is in heat.

If your cat is meowing and rubbing a lot, it is good to check on it to understand why.

Once you know the reason, stopping your cat from constantly meowing and rubbing becomes easy.

This guide will help you know your cat better.