Can Cats Eat Parsley? Everything You Need To Know!

As you see your cat nibble through the parsley section of your garden, you turn to yourself and ask – “has my cat turned vegetarian?”

It is true that at some point in a cat’s life, they munch on some plants for added fiber in their system.

Sometimes it’s just to add texture in their mouth while others just want to spend time tumbling around some greeneries.

can cats eat parsley

Most often than not, munching on greens helps your feline friend with digestion but may also cause stomach discomfort.

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You would remember one or two people say that if cats eat some grass or plants, they probably had something that upsets their stomach.

Eating greens is one of their ways to treat themselves “naturally”.

You should be relieved at this point because cats eating plants is embedded in their nature. In other words, it’s not weird at all, and you have nothing to worry about.

Cats usually nibble on plants to induce vomiting – to throw fur balls out of their system.

They also use grass or other plants as a natural floss.

However, overeating them is alarming, and not all plants are safe for your kitties.

It is best to get a list of plants that are safe for your cats. If you are already growing one, get to know which ones are good and keep the plants away, which can have harmful effects for your cats.

We can start by asking – “can cats eat parsley?”

Hang tight for some basic knowledge on how parsley can affect your cat’s health.

Parsley For Cats

Parsley is one of the herbs widely consumed by humans. It is commonly added in dishes to bring balance to a savory flavor.

Parsley is also used as a medicinal plant due to its hefty content of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in antioxidants, and it helps the body eliminate toxins.

Parsley also acts as a diuretic – meaning it helps the body eliminate excess water along with other free radicals.

Together with other medicinal herbs, parsley also helps in digestion, treats kidney ailments, and anemia.

Humans have undoubtedly many usages for parsley, but can cats have the same benefits?

While it is true that parsley is highly beneficial for humans, it has little to no use for cats.

The only benefit the cat can get from parsley is its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal effects. It can prevent your cat from a trip to the vet due to urinary tract infection or other related issues.

Keep in mind that cats are meat-loving animals. Being a vegetarian is out of their bucket-list.

Not only may it cause protein-deficiency to your cats, feeding them with too much greenery and less meat will be a concern for you as well.

I am almost certain you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your cat’s health.

In the case of the parsley situation, a nibble or two wouldn’t be a problem, but just like other things, “too much of anything brings more bad than good”.

Always consult your vet if you wish to learn more.


It can get confusing sometimes when you see a cat supplement with parsley in it.

Some resources may indicate that parsley is damaging for cats, and others may focus on its beneficial aspects.

Looking at it in totality, giving parsley to your furry babies is not a good idea at all.

If your cat happens to enjoy parsley, then maybe it wouldn’t hurt your little green farm to stop growing them.

You can also opt to stock up with dried parsley to season your dishes. Otherwise, just keep the fresh parsley away from your cat’s reach.

To be on a safer side, you might as well want to include other plants in your garden like catnip, spider plant, or a cat grass (usually available in pet stores).

It is known in the cat community that felines are more attracted to these types of greens.

When other options are present, your cats may eventually forget about parsley, or if not, it’s inevitable that there will be a decline in the cat-parsley situation.

Cats and parsley are not the best of the love team. The bad outweighs the good, so it is better to keep them parsley away from your furry babies.

Going back to the question, can cats eat parsley – the answer is simple; yes, cats can eat parsley, but it is advisable NOT to pair the two.