Can Cats Eat Cake? – Everything You Need To Know!

can cats eat cake

It’s a very festive day, and everyone is excited about the main attraction of the event – the cake. Whether it be a birthday, a wedding, or a small celebration, a cake has to be there somewhere on the menu.

And because we love our pets so much, we want them to experience the joy a cake brings to the table.

However, the question arises – can cats eat cake? Is it safe to share a piece of that heavenly slice to your little fur baby?

Although this can be a little heart-breaking, our cats CANNOT eat “human” cakes for a set of specific reasons.

Read on for things you should know about why our cats cannot enjoy cakes the way we do.

Health Reasons and Risks

In the most basic sense, cats belong to the feline family, meaning they are naturally carnivorous. In other words, they are inherently meat-loving creatures.

Cats cannot taste sweets simply because they are not meant to be munching on sugar.

“But hey, isn’t my cat a domesticated one? For sure, my fur baby has already adjusted and can eat cake.”

In a way, yes.

You might also see some cats eat a diet similar to humans. However, eating cake, which is very high in sugar content, does not provide the necessary nutrition for cats.

It will only cause obesity (and other sugar-related health problems) if not adequately monitored.

Additionally, the main ingredients of a cake, such as milk, vanilla, and even chocolate, are very harmful to them.

Cats grow to be lactose intolerant adults, so giving them milk will upset their digestion and may sometimes lead to death.

If your cat ingested these ingredients, contact your vet immediately!


There are still ways for your cat to enjoy cakes and other sumptuous treats.

Surprisingly, some bakeshops offer cat/dog- friendly cakes!

How is that possible? Eliminate the ingredients that are harmful to the animals and replace them with a tasty nutritional option!

Instead of sugar icing, the cakes are decorated with colorful mashed potatoes. The bread may sometimes be meatloaf or whatnot.

The important thing is, this kind of cake is a treat for your precious fur baby without risking their health.

Sometimes, cat lovers just ought to buy premium cans of meat or cat foods. After all, it’s the cat’s happiness we are concerned about and not of our own.

For sure, not one cat out there will say no to a can of goodness.

Appropriate Treats

Now, there is still a lot of food to choose from, aside from cake. Take into consideration things such as ingredients and the calorie count of the item.

While your diet is essential for you, so is the diet of your fur babies.

Give the same importance to what your cats eat as to your daily calorie intake. In this way, both you and your cat will have a happy, long, and healthy life.

Hence, to answer the question “can cats eat cake?” – no, cats cannot eat cake.