Can Cats Eat Cake? – Everything You Need To Know!

can cats eat cake

It’s that day! You want to celebrate your cat’s birthday with a big delicious cake.

After all, who can replace the warmth, love, bond, and friendship shared with these adorable kitties?

Because we love our pets so much, we want them to experience the joy a cake brings to the table.

However, the question arises – can cats eat cake? Is it safe to share a piece of that heavenly slice with your little fur baby?

Although this can be a little heartbreaking, our cats CAN NOT eat “human” cakes for specific reasons.

Read on to discover why our cats cannot enjoy cakes as we do.

5 Reasons Why Cats Can Not Eat Cakes.

Food Poisoning

Cats are naturally carnivorous and very allergic to chocolate cakes.

That means that no matter how much you love your cat, you cannot feed it chocolate cake because it causes toxic shock in a cat’s body.

“But hey, isn’t my cat a domesticated one? For sure, my fur baby has already adjusted and can eat cake.”

 Yes! Your cat may be domesticated, but they are not human like you.

The toxic shock caused by eating chocolate cake in cats could lead to:

Bladder Disorders

The proteins taken by cats help significantly stabilize a cat’s urinary tract system.

However, when kitties overeat sugar, especially sugary cakes, the bladder becomes alkaline, leading to cysts, UTIs, and bladder stones.

If, on the other hand, you would like to configure your cat’s diet to yours, check out this post cats eat a diet similar to humans. 


Feeding cats with cakes leads to not only obesity but also other sugar-related health problems like diabetes and pancreatitis.

Additionally, the main ingredients of a cake, such as milk, vanilla, and even cake preservatives, are very harmful to all felines.

Older Cats with low immunity are more susceptible to diabetes and acute pancreatitis since it is hard to flush out excess sugar in their bodies.

In case you notice signs of diabetes in your cat, contact your vet immediately!

Dental Issues

When it comes to dental issues, Cats, just like human beings, are affected by too much sugar intake, which leads to tooth decay.

Cakes contain a lot of sugar for cats to process in their little bodies.

Cakes that are eaten in excess cause cats to lose their teeth and develop gum diseases that are incurable in most cases.

Stomach Upsets

Since they are predatory, cats are gluten intolerant.

A cat’s body cannot process the gluten found in cakes, leading to severe stomach upsets. 

Symptoms of a stomach upset in cats include;

Can Kittens Eat Cake?

No! Just like adult cats, kittens cannot eat cake.

Although you might find your kitten trying to munch on a piece of cake, it is essential to control the cake-eating behavior before your beloved kitten gets severely sick.

Are There Cat Cakes?

Yes! There are still ways for your cat to enjoy cakes and other sumptuous treats.

Surprisingly, some bakeshops like Pampered Paw Gifts offer cat/dog-friendly cakes!

How is that possible? These special cat cakes eliminate the ingredients that are harmful to the animals and replace them with tasty nutritional options!

Instead of sugar icing, cat cakes come with layers of colorful mashed potatoes. The bread used to make the cake may sometimes be meatloaf or some of the delicious pet snacks.

The important thing is that these cakes are the best treats for all precious fur babies without risking their health. These cakes contain the necessary treats a cat needs: proteins and fats.

Sometimes, cat lovers should buy premium cans of meat or cat food. After all, it’s the cat’s happiness we are concerned about and not our own.

Indeed, not one cat out there will say no to a can of goodness.

Alternative Cat Treats

There is still a lot of food to choose from, aside from cake.

While diet is essential for you, so is the diet of your fur babies important. Consider ingredients and the calorie count of the treats your cat enjoys daily.

Give the same importance to what your cats eat as to your daily calorie intake. This way, you and your cat will have a happy, long, and healthy life.

Hence, to answer the question “can cats eat cake?” – no, cats cannot eat cake.