Best 5 Cat Trees For Large Cats (Review) + Buyer’s Guide

In 1968, Frank Crow invented the cat tree – a four-tiered structure with “a clawing surface of maximum appeal to a cat” that also serves as a cat’s place for sleeping, feeding, playing, and climbing indoors.

Since then, his invention has been simplified into various versions of a cat box and stand to accommodate a small cat or upgraded impressively into some of the best cat trees for large cats.

As you can imagine, different variations of the little cat tree now exist, from the most extravagant-looking towers to the simplest igloo-inspired cubbyholes.

If you’re trying to shop around for that perfect kittie tower ideal for a large-sized feline, this guide can make your decision a whole lot easier.

5 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

It can be overwhelming to dig through the hundreds of cat trees available in the market. To help you begin your search, here are 5 of the best cat trees for large cats:

Overall Best Cat Tree For Large Cats & Best For Multiple Cats: Aeromark International Armarkat

Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo, Height 70 Inch to 75 Inch

Armarkat is hands-down, the best cat tree for large felines. Well, at least for cats weighing up to 60 pounds.

It’s great for households with multiple cats because it is:

  • Available in 6 sizes – Although this particular model is only 34 inches, you can mix and match it with other cat trees and arrange them on your patio or living room as if they’re just one tower.
  • It is made of durable materials – Pressed wood covered in ultra-soft faux fleece that would feel like heaven for your cats.
  • Designed with Nail-protecting Scratching posts – The design calls for natural scratching areas, which prevent nails from damaging and trimming accidentally.


  • The tan-colored set easily blends with a living room’s motif.
  • Bonus points for Armarkat’s six-month warranty
  • Lower-priced repair fees should you need spare parts after the warranty period.
  • Good, sturdy build


  • You’ll have to assemble these medium-sized, two-tiered trees with a hammock all by yourself. Of course, if you love DIY projects, this is a win-win.

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Runner Up for Best Cat Tree: The Furhaven Cat Tower Playground

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree | Tiger Tough Cat Tree House Condo Perch Entertainment Playground Furniture for Cats

There’s a lot to like about Furhaven’s Tower Playground.

There are several variations, but my pick is available in silver-gray and cream colors/

Notable features of this six-level playground include:

  • Ideal for cuddle-loving cats – This tower was designed with two designated spots for resting and lounging. Except for the scratching post, all areas are covered with comfy, faux fur that’s gentle to your cat’s paws.
  • Play all day – There are multiple tiers to climb, slide and roll down, as well as ladders, dangling rope, faux mouse, and puffball toys. You’ll keep your cat engaged with Furhaven’s trademark cat IQ busy box.
  • Eco-friendly scratching post material – This cat tower uses sisal fiber, an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and durable fiber that works in relieving your cat’s scratching instincts.
  • Space-saver – At first look, this may look bulky, but it’s not. It’s very tall with small-sized surfaces, which means you can stack it in one corner without much fuss.


  • Your cats will get addicted to the tower’s built-in toys.
  • Space-saving design for small homes
  • Scratching post safe for cat paws


  • Furhaven explicitly states how easy it is to clean the tower, but in reality, it isn’t as easy as they advertised.

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Best Budget Pick: AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat “Condo”

AmazonBasics Multi Level Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

If you’re on a budget but still want your large cat to be comfy in his/her own space, the AmazonBasics multi-level “Condo” version is more than enough for a single cat.

But solo pets and their cat owners would go gaga for this because:

  • Multi-platforms for climbing – Your cat can lounge, play or sleep at the multiple open and closed areas
  • Blend with your living room decor – Available in neutral color tones, which makes camouflaging the tower super-easy.
  • Encourages healthy nails – Cats instinctively scratch their nails everywhere, but with designation scratching posts infused with organic jute fiber, their nails are left healthier than ever


  • The play area is well thought of. They look simple, but there’s enough to keep a soloist cat busy for hours.
  • Neutral colors allow it to blend with your furniture.


  • This product will be cramped if you have two or more cats or a chubbier-than-normal cat.

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Best Cat Tree For Large Cats In Small Apartments: PetPals Paper Rope Bowl-Shaped with Perch

PetPals Hand Made Paper Rope Natural Bowl Shaped with Perch Cat Tree

If you have a small apartment and are looking for a space your large-sized cat could call home, this cute little bowl-shaped perch will surely do the trick.

This product comes from PetPals Group, a respectable name in the industry for producing one of the best pet products for over 20 years.

This fashion-forward tower is made from recyclable paper rope. The organic color and its dainty two-level design can become a centerpiece in anyone’s living room.

There are only two spots your cat will relax, but these bowl-shaped rest areas look super inviting. I bet once your cat feels the comfy fleece pillow, it would be hard for him/her to leave. Unlike cat towers that look dangerously flimsy, the base is impressively made.

The base doesn’t wobble one bit.PetPals released four other similarly-designed cat trees that are just as classy, so if you’re looking for space-saving cat furniture, this one is for you.


  • Super classy design
  • Two bowl lounges
  • Solid construction
  • Subtle scratching post
  • Four other designs


  • There are no built-in toys or any room for climbing.

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Best Cat Condo For Large Felines: FEANDREA for Large Cats

FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats, 2 Cozy Plush Condos and Sisal Posts

Large cats prefer to stay near the ground, so there’s no need to buy cat towers and skyscrapers for them. Instead, a good-sized cat tower with ample room and an enclosed area is enough.

FEANDREA for Large Cats is an excellent example of what you’d need. The design of FEANDREA is simple, with two square arched rooms and a widened top perch, so two cats can share and check out the view.

There are two scratching posts – one attached to the sturdy base and the other connecting to the “roof.”

These posts are wrapped with sisal rope that prevents declawing while your cats scratch their nails to their hearts’ content.

The plush fabric is thick and extraordinarily comfortable. You can see how laidback your furry babies will be once they try it out.


  • User-friendly security add-on. You attach a nylon band to the wall so it won’t wobble or tip over.
  • Comfy lounging areas.
  • Fits 2 or more cats.


  • Only 3 spaces available for your cats (none encourage playing and climbing).

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What is a Cat Tree?

Traditionally, cat trees are anything that provides your cat with his/her area. The definition is vague, which means even just a regular box that gives a cat some excluded escape can be considered.

Cat trees can be low or high in height.

It can look like a simple tower with a pair of wooden shelves or a massive playground-like maze with numerous viewing areas, enclosed areas, step ladders, tunnels, and even cool elements like a hammock, ropes, and hidey-hole.

Of course, your cat’s personality will make or break a cat tree:

  • Some cats use their trees exclusively for climbing;
  • some pass by these structures when they’re in the mood for scratching; others just love to perch and take in all the views from a certain height;
  • and some cats would stay on their trees for most of the day.

As such, having a cat tree doesn’t guarantee that your furry friend will begin scratching on it immediately.

Some would take time to adjust, while others would still prefer scratching your furniture they have gotten used to.

Materials used for these have also changed through time. What used to be just tubing, wood, and carpet are now replaced by a mix of cardboards, fleece, fur, jute fiber, woven paper, and wood, among others.

Generally, we consider cat trees as any structure that gives your cat a sense of security, a place to call his/her own, regardless of height, materials, or design complexity.

Types of Cat Trees

Wonder why there are several names used to refer to “cat trees” in stores? From cat condos to cat posts, cat towers to cat trees. Is there even a difference?

The terms are mostly used interchangeably, but they have slight differences.

Cat Condo

Named after condominiums, these cat trees are designed for multiple cats to roam around several “rooms,” levels, and play areas with built-in toys and scratching posts.

Cat Tower or Cat Stand

This type is often tall but with more straightforward features. It is designed with a strong base and a perch up top for your cat to have a clear survey of his/her territory. It can come with or without a scratching post.

simple cat tower

Cat Post

Cat trees sometimes take more inspiration to scratch posts than pet playgrounds.

If this is the case, the product will feature a wooden post covered in a scratch-resilient material as a pleasant spot to scratch their claws into.

Thematic Cat Trees

Themed cat trees are the most extravagant of all. They are structures designed with built-in tunnels, rooms, platforms, toys, food bowls, and other fun features.

It’s possible to discover other names for this cat furniture, such as “kitty condo” or “cat house,” but they’ll likely fall under these four categories.

Why Should You Get a Cat Tree

Cat trees can be the best investment you could give your little furball. Here are several reasons why:

Exercise Indoors

Let’s face it. If you have indoor cats, they’re most likely lazy and sleepy all the time.

Cats can quickly adjust to home life, and since they’re easily potty-trained indoors, there is no need to “walk” them out to do their business like dogs.

With a cat tree, your cats’ curiosity will inevitably lead them to explore the new tower and inadvertently move their bums. They won’t have to be tagged lazy cats anymore.

Explore and hunt

The best cat tree lets your pet fulfill their instinctual needs to explore and hunt.

While there isn’t a live rat or bugs to hunt, the toys built into these cat trees were designed to challenge your cat, both physically and mentally.

Establish territory

Cats are territorial by nature, but indoor pets rarely show this behavior. Giving your vertical cat territory allows shy or antisocial cats to have their area.

Scratching post, instead of the sofa

If your cat has been using your sofa or other furniture as her scratching post, this product will solve your problem.

Prevent boredom

prevent boredom

For cat owners with only one furry friend at home, getting her a cat tower will keep her from getting bored or sad whenever you have to go to work or school.

The toys and mazes on cat trees encourage mental and physical stimulation. When they’re challenged and mentally stimulated, cats are happier as well.

Designated sleeping quarters

Indoor cats that have been sleeping with you on the bed, on your bookshelf, inside closets, and other areas will finally have a “room” to call their own.

Keep peace between multiple cats

Cat trees can be massive, with multiple cubes to sleep in and plenty of space to explore. Those with numerous cats can still give all of them their much-needed room by merely installing a bigger tree.

Give cats a sense of security and personal space

Bringing shy cats, newborn kittens, and newly adopted felines into your household is terrifying for them.

This change could be scary for your existing cats, too. It’s the same threatened feeling they’ll have when you bring home a new baby, dog, and other pets.

Having the best cat tree ready for your pets to escape to is a healthy way of bringing back their confidence and reminding them of the sense of security you’ve always given them.

Relieve stress

Cats get stressed too. A cat tower serves as your cat’s home, playground, sleeping quarters, and safe space, which is super-important in getting back solace and managing stress.

yawning kitty

Prevent obesity and promote overall wellness

Your cat’s overall wellness will increase, and the likelihood of obesity decreases due to being able to play, climb, exercise, sleep better, and hide on it if they’re not feeling well.

How To Choose The Best Cat Tree

Not all cat trees are made equally. But if you select one with your kitties in mind and these several considerations noted, you might find the one that’s a perfect fit for your loving feline.

Cat age or size

Elderly cats with mobility issues, arthritis, declawed nails, and other aging-related problems may not work well with tall and challenging cat trees.

Considering the size of your cat against the cat tree is essential, too, since hidey-hole and cubes may not accommodate your chubby cat.

Find one with enough room for your cat to stretch, jump around, and chill whenever he/she wants to.

Cat behavior

Your cat’s behavior will determine if a particular cat tree is ideal or not.

For instance, tree-dwellers require many shelves and levels so they could climb up without bumping into another cat. Meanwhile, bush dwellers prefer more hideouts, so cat trees with cubes, tunnels, and covered beds are ideal.

Take a look at how this Maine Coon reacts to a new cat tree:

Dimensions and Number of Levels

Get the measurements of the cat tree you’re planning to buy. Make sure the structure fits your vacant space, especially if you’re eyeing a spot indoors.

The height and number of levels are often overlooked, but make sure the highest point isn’t too high up the ceiling.


It doesn’t matter what age your cat is. Select one with built-in toys and a semi-playground to keep him/her active, happy, and mentally stimulated.


Cat trees are made using different materials, depending on brand and design. It is highly likely that your cat would use the tree daily, so it’s best to double-check if the materials used are stable, sturdy, and high quality.


If your cat is on the heavy side, you’d want him/her to be safe at all times. A sturdy base will support whatever feature is included at the top of the tree, so it better to hold everything in place. Check for features like anti-toppling grips and full bottoms.


You can buy cat trees for as long as $50 and up to $750. Shop around for a structure that ticks off all the features you’re looking for, but is still around your budget.

What’s the Best Large Cat Tree?

Unfortunately, I can’t say. Your one-of-a-kind cat deserves a cat tower explicitly chosen for her.

Your cats are wired differently than your neighbor’s cat. A cat’s attitudes, preferences with food, toys, or even favorite playmates will vary from one cat to the next.

There’s no easy way to learn about your cat than to hang out with him/her. Understand her needs, learn her weaknesses, and find out which product matches her requirements.

Hopefully, this buying guide has armed you with all the information you need to choose the purrfect one.