How Hard Is It To Raise A Puppy? All You Need To Know!

how hard is it to raise a puppy all you need to know

Energetic and loving puppies can be great companions, but you may face many difficulties and challenges when raising them.

Still, if you educate yourself on how to do it properly, it will become a fun experience.

The Challenges You May Face When Raising A Puppy

Let’s have a look at the particular challenges you will face when raising a puppy.


The essential part of raising a puppy is its training.

It will be quite troublesome in the first place because your puppy is just not going to respond as you expect. Therefore, it’s always best to start the training early.

Over time, the training becomes fun and allows you to cooperate with your puppy in various manners.


Puppies can gain weight quickly, and this is not great for their health and well-being. When it comes to exercise, the most energetic puppies can also create problems. You have to get your puppy used to walking each day.

When you are giving your puppy exercise, it will take a lot of time and dedication. Therefore, you have to sacrifice many of your daily tasks for your puppy.


Making a healthy diet plan for your puppy is very important. One of the challenges is to come with a suitable diet plan for your puppy and prepare proper portions every day.

You have to figure out which food is suitable for your puppy and which is not. In this case, you may also want to consult with a veterinary doctor.


While raising a puppy, socialization is another challenge you will face. When you get a newborn puppy, it will be pretty difficult for it to interact with other dogs.

Antisocial puppies are quite common, so if you want to make sure your puppy socializes, you have to invest your time and money in this process.

Also, you should not force your puppy for socialization, as it may cause anxiety. In general, you cannot force your puppy for things that it does not want to do.


When you are going to raise a puppy, you have to be prepared for different expenses. The most significant one will be on its health. You should look after your puppy and take it to the vet for regular checkups. Your dog should also get a seasonal vaccination.

House Barking

One of the challenges new puppy owners come across is house barking. Many people do not want a puppy that makes a noise in the house. In this case, you have to give training to the puppy at an early stage so that it can learn not to bark in the house.

This might be difficult while raising a puppy because many puppies would not be able to follow your instructions as barking is in their nature.

You should have patience and allow your puppy to learn slowly.


The process of teething is always a difficult time for your puppy.

For example, getting teeth may cause your puppy some frustrating ache, and you will need to invest a lot of energy into making this time easier for it.

Separation Anxiety

You will need to manage your puppy experiencing separation restlessness, and moaning each time you leave home.

We all have to go out. After some time, your puppy will become used to the fact that you have to leave for a couple of hours.

Patience And Staying Firm

As a puppy owner, it is really challenging to remain calm all the time. There may be times when you want to punish your pet when it does something really bad.

This is, however, the worst thing you can do as your young puppy does not yet know what is right and what is not.

You have to be patient and stay firm. Ensure you set some boundaries when your puppy accomplishes something it shouldn’t.

Tips While Raising A Puppy

Baby Proof Your House

Dogs are like children, so if you plan to keep your puppy inside the house, you must baby-proof your home. You need to ensure that your puppy doesn’t go to a place where it can get harmed or cause any damage.

Puppies can cause a great deal of obliteration if they are left unrestrained, so it is significant for you to give your house some protection. Make sure that your puppy understands the limitations.

Give Your Puppy Space

If you want your puppy to acknowledge where it may and may not go, giving it its room is always a good move. It would be great if you gave your puppy a place where it can do anything it desires.

Put a little bed for your puppy there with some toys that your pup can play with.

Be Careful What You Encourage

There are sure things you may cherish your dog to do.

But regardless of how charming your little dog is, certain behavior is just off-base and should not be tolerated.

If you give your pup training that would permit it to realize what it can’t do, you will have a well-behaved puppy and a great buddy.

Use Carrots While Teething

If you need to facilitate your pup’s distress while it is getting teeth, toddler carrots are an excellent choice.

They permit your little dog to bite on them and dispose of the annoying plaque.

How Hard Is It To Raise A Puppy? – Conclusion

It is not easy to raise a puppy – you will face different challenges and difficulties during this process. These challenges include training, socialization, or health care.

Before you get a puppy, make sure that you are prepared to make the sacrifice and provide a proper environment for your new housemate.