Why Do Puppies Sleep So Much? – Explained

Sleep is essential for the growth and development of puppies. Puppies have a maximum nap phase ranging from 18-20 hours a day.

They devote more time sleeping than being wakeful for the whole day. The pups always nurture and develop themselves at an immeasurably quick speed.

Why do puppies sleep so much

The puppies require sleep to ensure growth physically and mentally. The sleep schedule may vary from one breed to another.

It is highly beneficial for the puppies to sleep so much. Sleeping generates positive outcomes for the puppies in all facets. The puppies sleeping more than common is an alarming insignia.

Reason For Puppies Sleeping So Much

Activity Calendar Of Puppies

When pups are awake, they play a lot. The drive of puppies is massive to a great extent. After playing all over the place at home, the pups get tired tremendously.

They sleep so much after a day full of fun and enjoyment. To ensure that puppies remain active, provide proper sleep after a full day of activity and a jubilant daytime.

Régime And Well-being Of Puppies

The most important part for a puppy is its diet and well-being. Puppies with a disturbing diet can experience severe health difficulties.

An inadequate diet can influence the well-being of puppies badly. The puppies sleep so much in such a scenario. It is significant to be watchful of the eating routine of puppies.

Size Of The Puppies

Younger or toddler pups generally sleep more than older dogs. The pups are more into the games on a daily basis. The continuous exertion among puppies leads to laziness and lethargy.

The puppies sleep so much to feel energetic and recover the power. It is essential to observe the puppies at all stages of progression.

Health Problems In Puppies

Anemia In Puppies

Health is an essential phenomenon for pups. Pups at growing ages are more likely to develop health issues. There is a chance that the puppies sleep so much because of anemia or other problems.

The puppies may suffer reduced blood flow due to a pest attack. Tiny creatures such as roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms can be the reason behind the sleeping hours. It is significant to be alert.

Contagious Infection In Puppies

Pups are more suspected of developing infections. The puppies come in contact with matters that can cause great issues when it comes to health.

Due to toxicities, the pups might suffer lethargy. It can lead to the puppies who sleep so much. Bacterial infections can be in any form.

Keeping the puppies safe from such harmful infections is necessary to avoid complexities.

Disease-causing Infection In Puppies

Puppies are weak at the initial phase of development. The pups can get viral infections immediately. The severity can vary among the puppies.

The weak and sore body requires rest and relaxation. The puppies may sleep so much to get rid of the body pain.

Viral infections need an accurate check-up when it comes to puppies. The duration of sickness among pups may vary depending upon the circumstance.

There is a need for proper medication for puppies’ viral infections.

Reasons puppies sleep so much

Tension And Boredom Among Puppies

Pups can suffer psychological adversities. Due to stress and boredom, puppies sleep so much. The constant anxiety can lead to lethargy among the puppies.

There is always a need for a schedule for the pups to manage stress and enjoy a comfortable sleep. It requires essential care because it greatly impacts the growth of the pups.

Importance Of Sleep For Pups

Sleep is vital for pups. It is a source to provide a soothing atmosphere to the puppies. It is an essential component for a healthy pup.

Sleep inhibits the puppies from getting sick. Lack of sleep can result in severe problems. There is a possibility of complications for the puppies in both the long and short term.

It is also the cause that puppies sleep so much to relax their mind.

Benefits Of Sleeping So Much For Puppies

There is a wide range of benefits of sleep for puppies. Sleep is the definitive source of vigor for puppies. It provides energy to the puppy’s brain and body.

The puppies who sleep so much add to a healthy immune system. Sleep is a perfect indicator of a balanced appetite for puppies’ healthy living standards.

Pups And Sleeping Arrangement

It is important to figure out the sleeping timetable of the pups at the early stages of their lifespan.

There is a continuous variation in the sleeping schedule of the puppies at all segments of growth and development.

Each juncture has its requirements for puppies who sleep so much. There is a continuous change in the sleeping hours of the pups with the growing age.

Newborn Puppies Snooze Interval

Newborn puppies want more sleep than others for a healthy and robust life. Sleep aids the newborn puppies’ nervous system to develop proficiently.

It is the cause that the puppies sleep so much at this stage.

The newborn puppies’ are expected to have nap time up to a range of just about 22 hours. The starting weeks of a newborn pup are exceedingly central.

Sleep is the chief element for newborn puppies. Sleep is the most crucial arrangement that helps to re-generate power among puppies.

Puppies From One To Three Months And Snooze Interval

Puppies become more enthusiastic after snoozing than ordinary dogs from one to three months. Such pups walk, bark, run and play after this zone of their lifespan.

It shows sleep is such an essential miracle for pups.

The puppies sleep so much at this stage, approximately 20 hours of nap time. Sleep is the best booster for pups at this stage of life.

It works to recharge the energy needed to enjoy the world of joy and happiness.

Puppies From Three Years To One-year-old Pup And Snooze Interval

From three months to one-year-old pups sleep for about a maximum time of 15 hours a day. Sleep routine becomes standard with the growing age of puppies.

The puppies sleep so much at all stages to compensate for the whole day’s exhaustion. It is a key element for puppies to stay on the go all day round.

Essentials To Know

Sleep is a source of energy for puppies. Puppies who sleep so much require a suitable diary. It is necessary to ensure certain aspects for puppies in such a scenario.

Sleep aids in the development of the puppies exceptionally. It is an ideal way to ensure a healthy life in such circumstances.

There is also a need to determine the reason behind the sleep. The unusual sleep in pups can be hazardous. It is important to be observant when puppies sleep so much.


Puppies are always a package of delight and liveliness.  At times they are the craziest of all, growing physically and enjoying the new things around them to the fullest.

The very next moment, they are asleep due to a fun-filled day. Puppies sleep so much because they spend the whole day exploring new things. Sleeping for long hours is typical for pups.

There is a need to visit a vet for an irregular sleeping schedule that contradicts a normal one. Retain a perfect day-to-day timetable for the pups. It helps in supporting the well-being of pups.