When Does Having A Puppy Get Easier? – Owner’s Guide

when does having a puppy get easier

The companionship between dogs of all breeds and humans has evolved over the centuries. History has shown that they are great hunters, trailers, herd dogs, companions, and guard dogs across cultures.

Research also shows that getting a dog as a pet at a young age makes children more responsible and empathetic.

Caring for an animal demands energy but also gives back immeasurably to the overall quality of life.

Most of us have considered getting a dog at one point in our lives. Who wouldn’t love to see an adorable puppy that is up for rescue and needs the home you can provide?

On the other hand, for a beginner, getting a puppy is not easy. The responsibility of feeding, walking, protecting, bathing, and above all training a young puppy is a challenging task.

Still, we can assure you that it gets easier as your little furry friend grows with you and adapts to life with your family.

This happens naturally as the trust between the owner and the animal develops. Rules will be set, and both you and your puppy learn to adapt to each other’s behavior. Here are some major milestones you can look forward to that make life with a puppy so much happier and easier:

Whey They Are Finally Trained

Dogs are incredibly disciplined if they want to and adjust quickly to changes when rewarded and appropriately trained.

Your first concern with a puppy would be training it. From potty training to making sure your puppy doesn’t bark at your mailman every single time, it is a journey. With time, this becomes much easier.

Your puppy faces the consequences of messing up the rug or startling neighbors with the noise of barking at odd times. And when they are finally trained, there is nothing but pure bliss to look forward to.

When They Get Bigger

More fluff, more fun! Your puppy will grow, and one day, it won’t be the baby it is right now.

You can continue to train it as it grows and understands more about the world around it.

When They Become Friends With Your Kin

At some point, your family and friends get used to the puppy. You will share the sheer joy of witnessing its growth together.

Additionally, a more social environment will ensure that your dog learns social behaviors quicker.

With time, it becomes a friendly pup, one that knows how important being friendly to humans is.

When Your Puppy Becomes An Instagram Celebrity

Having a puppy gets easier and more fun once you start posting its photos on Instagram. Both you and your followers will love to see your puppy growing up and all its first steps.

In no time, your Instagram may become an exclusive fan account of your beloved pup.

The challenging part, though, is to calm these restless critters to pose for the camera. (Tip: hold a ball above your camera, and you will have them hooked).

When They Are The Star Of All Family Gatherings

Puppies have a way of uniting families like nothing else. We promise you, your dog will love every member of your family, and everyone will come together to laugh at the little puppy rolling around.

Having a puppy gets easier once its appearance starts entertaining your gatherings.

Your dog is a part of your family now, and like everything it does, the love it brings cannot be measured.

Having a Puppy Will Get Easier Soon!

We hope that now you are convinced that your uncontainable, hyperactive child will soon calm down and be a ball of cuteness lolling around. All those sleepless nights and initial expenses will seem nothing when they hop up your bed to wake you every morning.

All the struggle of keeping your belongings safe or cleaning up the floor at the oddest hours of the day will be replaced with pure moments of pleasure. Their mad barking and often playful biting will ease once they cross the 8 month mark.

To some people, raising a pup might seem more difficult than raising a human baby due to their mischievous habits. The process requires you to muster up a decent amount of patience and not lose your cool at times.

But really, no one can resist puppy eyes asking for treats and petting for nothing but love and reliability in return. Get your best friend now, start that dog account, and make your life better with a forever furry friend in your family!