What To Feed Baby Geese? – Guide

Ducklings and goslings are immediately ready for water and food when born. You should use poult or crumbled chick when born from their first week alive to about ten days. You can feed them other essentials like oats, milo, wheat, cracked corn, plus a pelleted grower ration. You need to provide grit that is not soluble.

What to Feed Baby Geese

Let’s discuss the things you can feed your Baby Geese, Canadian Geese, and Wild Geese.

Pasture For Baby Geese

It would help if you made proper arrangements to get lawn clippings and pasture, which are essential from the first week. In mild weather, these baby geese can be allowed to graze outside after just a few days.

You should place the food for your baby geese on cup flats or rough paper for the first few days. Make sure you do not use smooth-surfaced lids, box tips, or standard paper to serve as feeders.

The natural food for goslings is grass. You could make some savings if you let your baby geese consume pasture around all through their growth period. At 5 to 6 weeks of age, they can adequately live off pasture. They could also get fed other supplements till they get feathered completely.

Ladino clover makes a good pasture for baby geese. You should free about an acre of pasture for about twenty to forty birds. This is necessary because of the quality of pasture and the size of the goslings. When you have poor pasture, grain feeding for supplements is reasonably necessary.

You also need to get a rotation system for the pasture that these baby geese consume. You should guard your baby geese against wet grass or rain, especially when you have cool weather. It would be also helpful if you provide shade when the weather is hot.

Ensure that all the things you feed your baby geese have no chemicals. These are quite dangerous to your baby geese and the entire flock.

What To Feed Baby Canadian Geese?

Baby Canadian Geese enjoy young sprouts, roots, grass, aquatic vegetation, too, like most waterfowl.

They also love eating insects. When you give them fried-frozen crickets or mealworms, these will tend to copy their everyday food choices.

Other great choices include grapes cut into tiny pieces, vegetable peels, cracked corn, birdseed, oats, and barley.

As you try to feed these baby Canadian Geese, make sure you cut everything you offer them into small pieces. It would be quite sad for you to feed geese, and then they turn up dead.

What To Feed Baby Wild Geese?

Wild Geese are grazing birds that love the consumption of berries, bulbs, grain, and grass. They consume lots of insects too. They also love to consume plants available in aquatic areas.

It would help if you fed the geese cracked corn and whole wheat.  Could you not give them bread? Bread is a no-no because it does not have the necessary amount of nutrition that these geese require. You must have noticed many people from Pop Culture reference giving geese and dicks bread, but it is not healthy for them.

Things you can Feed Baby Geese

You should look for and adequately know the type of birdseed you would like to feed your geese. You should have it on your mind that geese do not like to eat sunflower seeds. Whenever you want to feed geese, gather the food you want to give to them in a pile and then wait for the geese to come out of their own free will to eat it.

Geese like staying on land. They like going to the water to either swim or washing their bodies.

It is a fact actually that geese are quite picky about the things they like to eat. They do not eat everything you throw at them.

Water For Baby Geese

You need to provide lots of drinking water for your baby geese. They drink lots of water which is responsible for the high rate of their growth.

You should make use of waterers that these birds cannot get into and make a mess of. These are necessary for the house where they would grow. They do not need to have water for swimming, but if ponds are available close by, that is also cool.

Safety Measures As You Feed Wild Geese

Make sure as you feed geese, you don’t do this from your hands straight up. The best way to do this is to drop the food on the grass and then allow the geese to find them gently.

It is quite relaxing, fun, and entertaining when you feed and watch the geese eating. But don’t get used to the idea of feeding them from the palms of your hand. Yeah, we have all see people do this in movies but don’t let those movies fool you.

These geese would bite you with their beaks. They do not have teeth but don’t let their beaks fool you. Their beaks are quite dangerous and very sharp. This would proper cause you a lot of harm.

Let’s not forget, baby geese move around with their parents, and their parents guard their young with all their might. You need to make sure that you keep a necessary distance from them as you feed them.

In the company of geese, irrespective of the type of geese, you should be very careful.

Final words

No matter what, don’t give geese bread. Not all geese are fans of sunflower seeds. Give them things like cracked corn, milo, wheat, and related feeds. Do not forget about the importance of water too. It is vital for the growth of your baby geese.