What To Do When Your Dog Is In Heat? – Guide

The cute and faithful creatures, dogs, are not difficult to care about. But, it is always advisable to have some basic understanding of their physiology and psychology.

Learning these will also help you see subtle behavior changes in your dog when she is in heat.

What To Do When Your Dog is in the Heat

Not having enough knowledge in hand may result in a mess around the house or moody dog behavior. In this brief guide, we’ll let you know everything you need to know about what to do when your dog is in heat.

9 Things To Do When Your Female Dog Is In The Heat

Being owners of female dogs, we must know some basic information about the dog estrous (heat) cycle. This understanding will aid us in ensuring proper hygiene and understanding the emotional needs of our furry friend.

Generally, small to middle-sized female dogs experience their first heat cycle (periods) at about 6-12 months. This heat cycle in small to middle-sized female dogs repeats periodically after every 6-8 months throughout their lives.

The reproductive cycle of female dogs is known as the estrous cycle. Any canine female’s estrous (reproductive) cycle has four stages. Each stage brings different psychological, hormonal, and physiological changes in dogs.

If your dog is about to experience or experiencing her first heat (estrous) cycle, the following preparation and care tips can help:

1. Buy A Doggy Diaper

If you don’t want your beloved little girl to leave red sprinkles all around the house, prepare doggy diapers.

You can find comfortable and affordable disposable and reusable doggie diapers online or in any local pet shop. Change the diapers at least thrice a day to ensure the hygiene and health of your dog.

2. Buy Disposable Wipes

Similar to diapers, disposable wipes are handy when your dog is in heat. Your dog might not know what to do when it is her first day and leave bloodstains on carpets or furniture.

A quick solution is then needed. Use disposable wipes to clean away any blood on furniture, carpets, or blankets.

3. Don’t Get Angry

Hormonal changes during heat can bring a lot of mood swings to your dog. Your dog may become highly energetic and erratic or lethargic in her behavior. Don’t get angry or scold them if they create any mess when they are in heat.

When experiencing hormonal changes, it is normal for them to have mood swings. They can’t do anything about it. Clean the bloodstains if you find any around, and don’t scold your dog over it. Calmly assure them that it is okay and there is nothing wrong.

4. Give Attention And Love

Being in heat, your dog is going through hormonal changes and feeling highly confused. Despite the gender, your dog will show subtle behavior changes. This is the time when your dog needs your love and attention.

When in heat, dogs sought affection. Therefore, give them your unwavering attention. Whenever you have time, cuddle and pamper them with kisses. Talk to them and let them know everything is fine.

5. Add Meat Or Salmon In The Food

During her estrous (heat) cycle, your dog may have a low appetite. Add a little meat or salmon to your dog’s food to improve her appetite. This may help you worry less about her getting malnutrition.

6. Keep Her Hydrated

During heat cycles, your female dog will urinate more than average. Make sure you provide her with enough water and keep her hydrated all the time.

7. Keep An Eye On Her

The smell of hormones given off by your female dog can attract several male dogs. If you are not ready for a litter of pups, keep your female dog away from male dogs.

When a female dog is in heat, males continuously remain on the hunt. Their instinctual noses are super sensitive to hormonal signals given off by female dogs.

Don’t leave your female dog in the yard or open areas where unwanted male attention is possible. If you have male dogs around the house, make sure you keep them away from your female dog.

8. Use A Leash When Walking Her

The male dogs can get highly aggressive when met with a female dog in heat. Therefore, during this time, you have to stay extra vigilant when walking your dog in parks or open areas.

Make sure you don’t let your female dog off her leash when she’s in heat. The leash will let you have a better grab of any sudden unwanted situation.

9. Visit A Veterinarian

If you notice any subtle abnormalities during or at the end of your dog’s estrous cycle, visit a vet.

In some cases, a female dog’s uterine line remains thickened even after the heat cycle is over. The female dog keeps producing vaginal discharge. Such a situation can result in bacterial or uterine infection. If met with such a case, immediately concern your vet.

What To Do If You Have A Male Dog And There Is A Female Dog In Heat Around?

The male dogs can be highly aggressive when they sense female dogs’ presence in the heat around them. Like female dogs, male dogs also need your attention during this time.

Following tips can help you look after your male dog during dog heat season:

1. Buy A GPS Dog Collar

As mentioned earlier, male dogs are consistently hunting for female dogs in heat. Sometimes, the urges may get so high that your dog may escape your yard in search of a female dog. To ensure your male dog’s safety, buy a GPS dog collar.

You can find various GPS dog collars from amazon or any pet shop. If the unthinkable happens, a GPS collar will help you track where your dog might have run to.

2. Update Your Dog’s ID Tags

To be extra sure, in addition to buying GPS collars, update your dog’s ID tags and microchip information as well. Even if the GPS collars might stop working, updated, legible ID tags and microchip information will reunite both of you.

It is a typical behavior among male dogs to roam in search of a female dog in heat. Therefore, the male dog’s guardians should make necessary preparation rather than being sorry later.

4. Use A Leash When Walking Male Dogs In Parks

Use a leash when walking your male dogs around the parks and open areas. When met with a female dog in heat, male dogs would do their best to get closer to her.

Make sure you don’t let your male dog off his leash when he is anywhere near a female dog in heat. The leash will let you have a better grab of them in any sudden aggressive, unwanted situation.

Should You Spay Or Neuter Your Dog?

For both female and male dogs, spaying or neutering can bring multiple benefits.

If you don’t want your little girl to get pregnant, consider spaying or neutering her. Spaying or neutering a female dog will reward you with less heat cycle mess as well. The aggressive behavior of your dog during heat cycles will also decrease over time after spaying or neutering.

But if at one point in your life you want little pups roaming around your house, spaying or neutering might not be an ideal option for you. As a spaying or neutering operation will completely remove the ovaries and uterus of your dog, she won’t be able to get pregnant after it.

What To Do When Your Dog Is In Heat? – Conclusion

Over the years, dogs have become our best buddies. They provide us the most needed emotional support and love.

Being in heat, dogs can get a little moody, aggressive, and confusing. They need your attention, love, and care.

To ensure their physical and emotional health, pay attention to the days when your dog is in heat. During this time, pamper them with kisses and spend as much time as possible with them.