My Dog Was Attacked By A Pitbull – What Should I Do?

Attacks between dogs are one of the scariest situations a fur parent could ever experience. Like any other animal, dogs can be unpredictable, and often we find them not playing nicely with other dogs. This is also true in the case of pitbull attacks.

My Dog was Attacked by a Pitbull – What should I do

As a dog parent, you should know what is the best thing to do when you find your furry friend being attacked by a pitbull.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to this because not all situations are the same. However, keeping cool and knowing how to help your furry friend will make things easier.

What To Do If Your Dog Is Attacked By A Pitbull

Remaining calm when seeing your dog being attacked by a pitbull is difficult. However, reacting loudly and making rapid moves will not be helpful either.

During a dog attack, keep yourself distant and try to create a distraction to separate the dogs. Do not try to separate them by yourself because pulling your dog on your own will possibly lead you and your dog to injuries.

Instead, creating a loud noise while trying to call your dog away is a good distraction. Once successful, regardless if there are injuries or not, taking your dog to the vet is the best thing to do.

Observe if your dog can walk on its own. If it’s not, you can carry him but with precautions because even the gentlest dog may bite if injured.

My Dog Was Attacked By A Pitbull – Aftermath


The severity of injuries due to a pitbull bite varies. From a tiny snick to a series of serious cuts, it all requires veterinary attention. Generally, all dog wounds are recommended to be assessed by a professional.

Even prick wounds resulting from pitbull bites are considered high risk of infection and should be addressed right away.

For simple bites, simple disinfection will be normally performed, but if it’s more serious, then your dog might be put under anesthesia. In severe cases, x-rays may be suggested to look for broken bones.

Dealing With Emotional Scars After Your Dog Was Attacked By Pitbull

As fur parents, the welfare of our dogs is our main concern. Pitbull attacks may be inevitable at some point, and we might not be able to prevent our dogs from engaging in a fight. So, helping them to cope up after is very crucial.

Yes, you’ve already visited the vet, wounds are starting to heal now, but have you ever considered the emotional scars of your dog? Just like humans, dogs are also emotionally sensitive.

After a pitbull attack, our dog might be experiencing trauma, and the role of an owner here is crucial.

For some dogs, recovering from emotional scars with the owner’s help might not take so much time. But if a dog has poor social skills recovering from the trauma could take a while.

Being with your dog by supporting him and giving him praises will slowly build his confidence back. It may take a lot of patience from the owner’s perspective but if you care about your dog’s well-being, you’ll be supportive throughout.

What to do if your dog was attacked by pitbull

Socialization is a very effective way to help your dog recover from a pitbull attack. Letting your dog socialize with his good furry friends could help him forget the negative encounter he had with another dog.

However, before doing this, you need to make sure that your dog is ready to meet other dogs. Otherwise, if we will be too pushy, things could get worse.

What If The “Attacker” Shares The Same Household?

If the attacking pitbull shares the same household with the victim dog, things will be a little rough.

Attacks that occur at home may ruin the emotional wellbeing of the victim dog, hence develop chronic fear.

It is also important to note the behavior of the attacking dog. Proper discipline should be manifest to help the bad behavior eradicate.

Seeking Professional Help

The willingness of your dog to interact again with other dogs after an attack might take some time. So, seeking help from a professional after a pitbull attack will be a great help.

In most cases, the professional will assess your dog for tautness and anxiety signs. If the results show that your dog is fine, then further assessments will not be conducted.

Otherwise, behavior modification will be conducted on your dog.

Behavior modification is when you allow your dog to be in the place where the pitbull attack happened. Sitting and staying with him there calmly, giving him treats or praises while watching random dogs passing by from a safe distance, will help your dog to slowly forget the negative encounter.

When your dog seems more relaxed, you can slowly let it encounter other dogs.

Showing Love And Support To Your Dog After A Pitbull Attack

Think of the times when your dog showed his support when you were down; now it is your time to give back that support. For your dog to forget the negative experiences, he needs to feel safe and relaxed in his environment.

Giving positive responses is vital to replace negative ones. Praise your dog every once in a while; it will help at least in eliminating the fearful memories after the pitbull attack.

As an owner, giving positive energy to your dog, talking to him, going outside for a walk, and playing, spending more of your time with him will result significantly in your dog’s emotional recovery.

Show your dog that you are on his side and that you will always support him. You are the owner who can contribute a great factor to your dog’s wellbeing!