My Cat Hates My Dog – What Should I Do?

What to do if your cat hates your dog

There is a common belief that cats hate dogs and vice versa. This belief is spread by movies and stories portraying these animals as sworn enemies. Contrary to this belief, cats and dogs are not natural enemies like we expect them to be.

This does not mean they can’t hate each other. These two animals are territorial and dominant; that explains why they sometimes don’t see eye to eye.

Cats are more stubborn than dogs, and it may be challenging to encourage them to get along with your dog. If you have these two animals are pets, listed below are practical measures to take if your cat hates your dog.

What To Do If Your Cat Hates Your Dog

1. Train Your Pets

Dogs are more intelligent animals than cats. When trained, they understand man’s language and expression better than cats. If your cat hates your dog, rectify the situation by training your dog to be friendlier to the cat.

The negative feelings your feline has towards your dog could be a response to a similar feeling your dog has towards the cat. Hence, encourage the dog to stop barking at the cat or chasing it around the house. Use command words such as stop, sit, stay down, etc., to discourage your dog from bullying the cat.

The absence of a sign of aggression or prey instinct from the dog can encourage a cordial relationship between them.

2. Understand Their Personalities And Discourage Aggression

Aggression is often a cause of enmity between dogs and cats. Hatred is sometimes caused when your feline fears the dog. If your cat hates your dog, tame the latter to improve the relationship between them.

Both cats and dogs can exhibit signs of aggression. Different personalities of pets are usually ingrained in their breeds, sexes, and nature.

For example, male animals, both dogs, and tomcats are more aggressive, domineering, hostile, and assertive. Chihuahua, Dachshund, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, Dalmatian, and Rottweilers are amongst the less friendly dog breeds.

Likewise, Siamese, Cymric, and Bombay cats are not as friendly as other cat breeds and often hate dogs in the same household. Aggression may come from either of the two animals. Aggression can be discouraged by rewarding good behavior and withdrawing benefits whenever any of the two animals misbehave.

3. Mark Their Territory

Both dogs and cats are territorial. Typically, every cat hates a dog that crosses boundaries or dominates the feline’s comfort zone. To correct the hatred that arouses from coveting and dominating physical spaces, mark boundaries that should be respected by the two pets. Doing so will prevent any rivalry that could ensue from sharing space.

Moreover, your cat can easily get away from having to face a hostile dog. Besides, female cats are usually protective of their litter. A cat will hate a dog that interferes with its litter.

Marking boundaries will, therefore, make your dog understand off-limits that can help in preventing hatred between the two animals.

4. Introduce Your Cat To The Dog’s Scent

Cats identify people by scent- the more comfortable they are with your scent, the friendlier they become with you. Hence, the scent of a new dog is strange to a cat and can explain its hostile behavior to the dog.

My Cat Hates My Dog

Hence, If your cat hates your dog, keep them apart for a while. However, allow your feline pet to sniff the dog’s feeding bowl, bedding toy to make it comfortable with the dog’s scent before introducing it to the new dog.

5. Get Them Separate Toys And Feeding Bowls

Dogs are possessive animals. Making your two pets share the same toys can cause a situation where your cat hates your dog because of the existing competition over ownership.

A way to correct a possessive trait in dogs is to train it never to assume ownership unless you instruct it to do so. Also, get your both pets separate toys to play with so they don’t have to fight over jointly owned toys.

Moreover, a bone of contention may arise when the dog starts eating the cat’s food. Therefore, provide each of your pets with separate feeding bowls. This will make your canine easily identify its bowl and prevent any trespass or conversion of the feline’s food.

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6. Raise Them Together

If you have a kitten and puppy as pets, letting them grow together can ease the enmity between them. In as much as you make them respect their territory, also allow them to spend time together under your supervision.

Raising the pets together will not only prevent your cat from hating your dog but also ensure that they see each other as friends. That way, they will learn to love and protect each other.

7. Spend Quality Time With Them

Bonding more with your canine companion could be a reason your cat hates your dog. Any sign that you prefer to spend time with your dog could make your cat jealous. Show the same amount of affection to the two animals to prevent one of them from leaving left out or unloved.

Bond with the animals by spending an equal amount of time with both of them. Besides, have playtime with them; bring the family together to play fetch or take walks together. It is crucial to start this process from when they are young and keep up with the tradition.


As pet parents, learn to assert your position as the alpha; otherwise, it won’t be easy to exercise control over your pet. Also, expect your cat and dog to quarrel from time to time. One-time fight does not mean your cat hates your dog. Sometimes, dogs that grow up together fight amongst themselves.

What is essential is to ensure that the fights don’t escalate to a long-term enmity. Felines need more time to get friendly with new pets, so don’t expect an abrupt change while following the tips given in this article.

Lastly, introduce new pets to cats gradually, primarily by scents, as explained in the fourth tip.