How To Keep A Dog Smelling Good – 10 Methods

If you are here, you probably are a dog owner and are looking for ways on how to keep a dog smelling good and healthy at the same time.

I mean, no one likes a smelly dog, whether it’s a bad breath, smelly farts, or overall hygiene.

How to Keep a Dog Smelling Good

You may think that bathing your dog may help get rid of its stinky smell. While this is true, we wouldn’t advise you to wash your pet daily since you may end up irritating its skin.

It is because some of the dogs’ detergents contain harsh chemicals. Besides, the foul smell might be due to an underlying health condition, and regular baths won’t solve the problem anyway.

How To Keep A Dog Smelling Good?

The good news is that there are various ways to keep a dog smelling good, and we have listed them in this guide.

So, whether you are a new dog owner or are looking for effective methods of keeping your pet clean and healthy, read along for some tips.

1. Brushing

The daily brush helps keep a dog smelling good while removing loose fur or dirt. You will also be able to identify any skin irritation brought about by various chemicals or diseases.

In addition, dogs love it when you brush them, and it is a perfect opportunity to bond with your pet while keeping it clean and smelling good.

Note that your dog’s fur may scatter on your clothes and furniture. To avoid allergies on other family members, you can use a lint roller or vacuum to pick them up.

However, brushing your dogs on the lawn or outside the house could save you a lot of clean-up stress.

2. Wash It Using Natural Shampoo

As mentioned earlier, washing dogs often is not healthy for their skin, even though it is an excellent method to keep a dog smelling good.

Therefore, clean it at least every 2-3 days with the right shampoo. The last thing you want is your dog to end up with dry skin or irritations due to frequent wash and bad shampoo.

Different dog shampoos are sold in dog stores based on the breed you own. Therefore, be careful when purchasing one.

3. Keep The Dog’s Beddings Clean At All Times

Bacteria can quickly breed on a dog’s beddings if you do not wash them frequently.

Just like you, dogs can sweat or carry dirt from outside to their beddings, and failure to keep them clean will result in bad odors and even infections.

To keep a dog smelling good, ensure you wash its beddings and other items every day. Also, air the washed items in an open-air for freshness.

Your dog will not only stay healthy and smell fresh but be happy as well.

4. Clean Dog’s Ears

Your dog can sometimes produce a foul smell, and you wonder where it came from even though you have been keeping it clean.

However, have you ever thought of cleaning its ears? Well, ears can also smell if they are not properly cleaned and cared for.

For this reason, always wash your dog’s ears using a solution with natural ingredients. Also, remember to use cotton or clean clothing to keep a dog smelling good.

5. Wipe Paws Regularly

Whether you like taking your dog for an early morning walk or letting it play outside with the kids, ensure you wipe its paws before entering the house.

It is because dogs’ paws can be filled with dirt and germs and carrying them into the house or its beddings will leave the dog prone to infections.

Best Ways to Keep a Dog Smelling Good

Keep in mind that you cannot use cosmetics wipes to clean your dog’s paws. Instead, opt for clean water and dog shampoo or use dog wipes, which you can easily find at leading stores near you.

6. Keep A Healthy Diet

Another way to keep a dog smelling good is a healthy diet. Like humans, dogs’ hygiene begins from the inside out.

What you feed your dog will determine its health and make the dog smell good.

Note that cheap or unhealthy foods may lead to gastrointestinal problems, which will keep you visiting the veterinary doctor more frequently.

So ensure your vet recommends the best foods for your dog instead of assuming that what you eat is also suitable for your pet.

7. Brush The Dog’s Teeth And Maintain Oral Hygiene

Food eaten by dogs may build up between the teeth and cause plaque or germ infections. As a result, your dog will have bad breath that even you cannot withstand.

Therefore, ensure you brush your dog’s teeth more frequently using natural dog pastes.

In addition, try to maintain your dog’s oral health by investing in gum strengthening dental bones and additives for their drinking water.

8. The Power Of A Baking Soda

Although we don’t advise you to wash your dogs daily, you must be wondering how you can live with it while maintaining its hygiene without a clean wash.

The good news is that baking soda can help to keep a dog smelling good. You will only sprinkle on the dog’s fur and brush it for deodorizing odors.

However, your dog should not ingest the baking soda, and you need approval from your dog’s veterinary doctor before using it.

If your doctor doesn’t recommend it for your dog, there are various types of freshening sprays to keep a dog smelling good.

However, do not spray near the dog’s eyes, nose or mouth since they can cause adverse reactions.

9. Rinse Them After A Muddy Walk Or Rain

You should rinse your dogs with clean water only after going for that long walk on a muddy road. Also, if you get rained on, ensure you rinse your pet since this is one way to keep a dog smelling good.

You do not have to use detergents in this case, but if you must, ensure they contain natural ingredients.

10. Make Regular Visits To The Veterinary Doctor

Your dog smelling bad doesn’t necessarily mean it’s because of poor hygiene or an unhealthy lifestyle. Instead, it could be an underlying health condition that will require a vet’s attention.

Therefore, if you know that you have taken all the measures to keep your dog clean, but it still stinks, you may want to visit a veterinary doctor.

A complete check-up together with your description of the dog’s smell will help the vet to identify the underlying problem quickly.

As a result, your dog will get the proper medication, and you will also be given tips to care for it.

Keep in mind that early detection of a health problem may save your dog’s life. So always conduct regular check-ups to keep a dog smelling good.

What Is The Best Way To Keep A Dog Smelling Good?

You can use the above ten methods in different combinations to keep a dog smelling good and healthy. Note that some dogs are sensitive to dog products than others.

Therefore, while purchasing a product for your dog, ensure it suits that particular breed. Also, having clean dogs at home contributes to a healthy and happy family in general.

There will be reduced cases of allergies and other skin reactions brought about by dog furs.

All the above methods are harmless even though most require you to spend some money.

However, don’t you think it’s better to use a little money now and keep a dog smelling good than wait for it to get sick to make a move? Well, the answer is obvious.