I Don’t Like My Puppy Anymore – Why? What Should I Do?

I don't like my puppy anymore why what should I do

Are you not comfortable with your dog anymore? Do you not like your dog now?

After buying a dog, you do not want it anymore. It might be because your dog starts irritating you, destroying the things in the house, start chewing the stuff in the house, or there is any other reason that you do not want your puppy anymore.

First, you should assess the reasons why you do not want your puppy anymore.

Find The Reasons Why Do You Not Like Your Puppy Anymore

Prisoner In House

When you get a puppy and add a new member in your life and family, then you have to give it your all-time because the more time you give your puppy at the start, the things will be useful later in life.

For this, you have stuck at home with your puppy and have to train it. It means you have to give your time, and you could time for yourself and your regular lifestyle.

My Half Of The Salary Are Dog Expenses

The first expense of buying a pet is extremely just the start. All the pets have a wealth of intrinsic costs related to them despite the kind of pet you have.

This can incorporate veterinary bills, food, and natural surroundings, such as confines or tanks, supplies, preparing costs, compliance preparing, and boarding when the owner of pet needs to go away. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, claiming a pet will accompany numerous financial commitments and penances.


There have been unreasonably numerous tales about individuals who have bought or received a pet just to discover later that they are sensitive to their new member in their family.

This can be upsetting for the individual, and conceivably harmful for the pet. Numerous individuals will be vulnerable to their new pet’s dander, salivation, and even pee.

In truth, many people won’t understand that they have an allergy because of pets until they become owners. The allergies that people get because of pets are among the primary reasons people do not want their dogs anymore.

Noise Pollution

Many people don’t cautiously consider their specific style of living before they bounce into pet mastery. If somebody inclines toward a calm and peaceful condition, possessing a pet is certifiably not an exceptionally good choice. A wide range of pets usually is very loud.

From yelping dogs, shrieking feathered creatures, and felines who howl ceaselessly, the tranquil and quiet fortification of isolation will rapidly transform into an engaged and loud pet event group.

If these were not viewed before buying the pet like a dog, problems would undoubtedly arise.

I Do Not Want Your Puppy Anymore. What Should I Do Now?

Make Notes

To start with, get organized. If you have administrative work from your buy or appropriation, put that in a safe spot.

Compose a rundown of characteristics about the puppy so another person can survey them for expected adopters; Does your puppy go insane when they see a cat?

Do they loathe thunderstorms or yell at noisy commotions? Have they, at any point, bitten anybody? Are they food forceful?

If you make these notes, it will help the second person find the best match for your dog, who will do the best care. Make sure to include any medical issues or drugs, just as the last known date of injections and vaccinations.

Before giving your dog to someone else, give a bath, and groom your dog so they put their best self forward.

The less work, the veterinary specialists or salvage staff, need to do, the quicker your puppy can be adopted.


Ask relatives and your mates if they would be keen on taking the puppy. Post-top-notch photographs and a point by point depiction of your pet via web-based networking media to attempt to get the word out. “Photographs and depictions truly assist individuals with making an association with a puppy.”

Attempt to compose a depiction “that portrays the puppy’s character, tendencies, and a portion of the seemingly insignificant details that cause this puppy unique.”

At the start, you should not list down any incapacities or medical problems about your dog because these are the things that can attract potential buyers, and they will reject your dog in a while.

Do not restrict yourself to friends and family also attempt to get the message out your social circle. “Simple correspondence ought not to be thought little of.”

From everybody and anybody around you that they need a pet. You can ask in your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, mutual friends also.

Special Breed Rescue Centers

If your puppy is a special breed, then you do not have to worry. Many breed-specific groups are working as animal shelters. These breed rescue groups have time and space to buy the new dogs.

These recuse groups adopt the dogs that are less adopted by others because these are old or have some special needs that are different from other dogs. You can look for such breed rescue groups for your puppy.

You can check out the breed rescue groups like the American Kennel Club. You can find by giving the name of your dog’s breed and rescue groups with the state name.

If transport is not available in your state, they also arrange transportation between rescue groups and shelters.

Animal Shelters And Animal Control Centers

Taking your puppy to an animal shelter is a choice. Animal shelter staff will not disgrace you and cooperate with you and will give you all the instructions.

Keep this at the top that if the animal shelter is at the full perimeter, you might be suggested to an animal control center.

If you’re thinking about taking your puppy to the animal shelter, remember that a few puppies won’t adapt well in kept zones for significant periods. If you realize your puppy has uneasiness or control issues, you might need to think about another alternative.

If, in any case, the animal shelter has no space for your dog, then they will give you another option or suggest other things. Some animal shelters may offer you different facilities and instructional courses for your dog. They may have a notice board where they post data about pets accessible for adoption.”

Military Members And Dogs Of Development

Frequently, members of the military get requests to go to an area and can’t take their pets with them because of bans of breed and policies of pets.

In case you are getting positioned and do not have a clue how to manage your puppy, you can look at Dogs on Deployment. This charitable association discovers residents for military pets until their relatives return home. We value your support of our nation and need you to have the option to keep your pet.

Animal Control Centers

The government controls municipal animal control centers. A large portion of them can adopt any pet, yet the compromise is they, in some cases, need to euthanize unadopted pets.

So please attempt to discover a no-kill animal shelter first. If they are at the limit, however, animal control is the place they may send you. If you have attempted every other alternative, animal control might be the last spot you can bring your puppy.

Services Of A Caregiver

It would be best if you tried the assistance of an acknowledged caregiver for you and your pet.

Many agencies are offering 24/7 availability to provide the support that you need to care for yourself and your pet.

Agencies should use nationwide background checks to carefully screen their employees and help you to develop a plan that functions well at home.

Build Your Bond

At the point when you do not need a dog any longer, it’s presumable because you haven’t manufactured a strong bond with your dog.

Remember that building a relationship takes time and work. Puppies are charming and fun. However, they are likewise dreary and can cause a lack of sleep. From the start, you need to work to build up that underlying connection.

Go through at any rate 15 min in a row, three times each day or more, interfacing with your pup. Support each individual from the family to do likewise.

Instruct the little dog stunts, or play a game. If you interact with your puppy, you will like your pup, and your puppy will love you. Your pup will likewise become familiar with you and your quirks and will react.

Recall that this 15 min should exclude losing your temper or getting resentful. Your little dog will require direction on high conduct, yet that doesn’t imply that you should be cruel. Puppies react best to a quick revision, trailed by an interruption to another movement.


Pet ownership is one of the benefits that ought not to be gone into gently. It very well may be a staggeringly fulfilling and compensating involvement in various advantages.

Be that as it may, it is not for everybody. Before anybody settles on a choice to bring a pet into their family, they ought to deliberately gauge all sides of the condition to guarantee they are prepared for the responsibility.

No, ifs, ands or buts, there are incredible advantages, but there are additionally clear reasons you ought not to get a pet.