I Don’t Like My Puppy Anymore – Why? What Should I Do?

I don't like my puppy anymore why what should I do

One day, you might discover that don’t like your puppy anymore. This can be because your dog starts irritating you, destroys things in the house, starts chewing the stuff, or any other reason

In this article, we’ll discuss such a situation and what you should do about it. First, it would be worth analyzing the reasons why you don’t like your puppy anymore.

Reasons You Might Not Like Your Puppy Anymore

Prisoner In House

When you get a puppy, you have to give it most of your time to care about it and provide it an essential training.

For this, you may have become stuck at home with your puppy. It means you have less time for yourself and your regular duties.

Dog Expenses

Buying the puppy is not the only expense you will face. All pets require regular expenses, despite the kind of pet you have.

This includes veterinary bills, food, supplies or toys. No doubt, having a puppy will accompany numerous financial commitments. This is a fair reason why you might stop enjoying your puppy so much.


There have been numerous tales about people who have bought a pet just to discover later that they are allergic to it.

This can be upsetting for the individual and not great for the pet either.

The allergy that people get because of pets is among the primary reasons people do not want their puppies anymore.


Many people don’t realize certain aspects of their environment until they get a puppy. If somebody inclines toward calm and peaceful conditions, getting a puppy not a good choice.

In such cases, a noise may be another reason people stop liking their puppy.

First, Build A Bond With Your Puppy

If you feel like you don’t like your puppy anymore, it’s presumable because you haven’t established a strong bond with it.

Remember that building a relationship takes time and commitment. Puppies are charming and fun, but they also drain energy. From the start, you need to work to build that strong connection.

Every day, you need to spend at least 45 minutes interfacing with your puppy. Convince each family member to do the same.

I Don’t Like My Puppy Anymore. What Should I Do Now?

Sometimes, even when you try your best to build a bond with your puppy, it just doesn’t work. Here are some tips on what you can do if you’re certain you won’t get along with your puppy.

Make Notes

First, prepare a list of your puppy characteristics about the puppy – this will be useful when you look for potential adopters.

  • Does your puppy go insane when they see a cat?
  • Do they loathe thunderstorms, or are they sensitive to noise?
  • Have they, at any point, bitten anybody?
  • Are they always hungry?

Such notes will help find the best match for your dog, who will do the best care. Make sure also to include medical information, just as the vaccination dates.

Friends Or Relatives

If you don’t like your puppy anymore, you can ask relatives and mates if they would be keen on taking the puppy.

A good idea would be to add a post on your social media. Remember to include lovely photos of your puppy and describe some characteristics of your puppy. This will help individuals with making an association with a puppy.

Compose a few sentences that portray the puppy’s character, tendencies, and details that make this puppy unique.

Do not restrict yourself to friends and family – also attempt to get the message out to your social circle. You can ask your friends, family, colleagues or neighbors.

Special Breed Rescue Centers

If your puppy is a special breed, then you do not have to worry. Many breed-specific groups are working as animal shelters. These breed rescue groups have time and space for new dogs.

Anyone who doesn’t like their puppy anymore can look for such breed rescue groups.

You can check out the breed rescue groups like the American Kennel Club. You can google this by providing your puppy breed name and rescue groups with the state name.

Some of these groups also arrange transportation between rescue groups and shelters.

Animal Shelters

Taking your puppy to an animal shelter is another choice if you don’t like it anymore. Animal shelter staff will not disgrace your decision and always cooperate with you.

Sometimes, if the local animal shelter is full, they might recommend going to the animal control center.

Military Members And Dogs on Deployment

Frequently, members of the military get requests to go to an area and can’t take their pets with them due to bans of breed and pet policies.

In such a case, you can look at Dogs on Deployment. This charitable association provides shelter for military pets until their relatives return home.

Animal Control Centers

The government operates municipal animal control centers. Some of them can adopt any pet, yet the compromise is they, in some cases, need to euthanize unadopted pets.

So please attempt to find an animal shelter first. If they are at the limit, however, animal control is the place they may send you to. If you have attempted every other alternative, animal control might be the last spot you where can bring your puppy.

Services Of A Caregiver

A good alternative for adoption is the assistance of an acknowledged caregiver for you and your pet.

Many agencies offer 24/7 availability to provide the support you need to care for yourself and your pet.

Such agencies use nationwide background checks to carefully screen their employees and help you to develop a puppy care plan.

I Don’t Like My Puppy Anymore – Conclusion

Pet ownership can be a source of joy and fulfillment. On the other hand, many people discover that they’ve lost a passion for their pet after some time.

We hope that our guide helped you in making the right decision about your dog. But before you take any critical steps, do your best to build a strong bond with your puppy.