6 Ways To Stop Dog Jumping Up When Out Walking

Different ways to teach dog how to stop Jumping up when out walking

Most dogs will jump up in excitement when being taken out for a walk.

However, there are times when you are out walking together, and she suddenly jumps on you when you least expected it.

Other times your dog might jump on small children or older people. When it reaches this point, you should stop this behavior and begin training your dog appropriately.

Here, we will answer the essential question many pet parents ask – how can I stop my dog from jumping up when walking together?

Why Would Your Dog Regularly Jump When Walking?

Different reasons make your dog jump up when out walking:

  • Jumping up is a sign of greeting for most dogs
  • She is seeking attention from you
  • She probably is a playful dog
  • Anxiety

How To Teach Your Dog Stop Jumping Up When Out Walking

To walk comfortably around with your dog, it needs to be well-disciplined. Below are a few practical ways to make your dog stop jumping up when out walking.

1. Be Gentle But Firm On Your Dog’s Behavior

If you want to get rid of this behavior, you should be firm on your decision but gentle at the same time. When your dog notices that she jumps on you and you do not approve the gesture, she will begin to lose interest slowly.

It would help if you did not even show any excitement or give her some positive vibe when she jumps on your lap.

2. Do Not Mistreat Your Dog

Most people will either push the dog down or step on her toes when they suddenly jump on their lap. This is highly discouraged. You should understand that this will not only make the dog afraid, but it is not the best way to deal with his behavior.

A dog is a man’s best friend, and so it should be treated in the best way possible.

3. Reward Her Efforts

Rewarding her good behavior comes much later when she finally starts to calm down. Rewarding your hound with treats and dog biscuits anytime she does something good helps it understand better.

You can, for instance, praise your dog if she does not jump on you when walking outside.

However, you should not go overboard in praising her because she may again think that you want to play with her, and again, she will begin to jump on you.

4. Use A Leash

A leash will always help keep your dog in line. It will neither attack your neighbor’s dog and not jump on other people as well.

Leash and dog collars come in different sizes and brands. Depending on the size and agility of your dog, you should use the recommended leash for improved results.

How To Correctly Use A Dog Leash To Train Your Dog Not To Jump Up When Walking

In most countries, it is in the Law to keep all dogs on a leash when walking outside.

If the dog’s leash is long, she will still find it easy to jump on you when walking. So, it needs to be of the correct length to keep the dog from reaching your lap.

It would help if you used the other hand to hold the leash attached to the dog’s collar and control her when walking.

Only use a durable leather leash that guarantees optimum outcomes.

5. Ignore Your Dog If He Persists

When your dog gets overexcited when walking, he will often jump on you and wag his tail firmly.

During outdoor walks, you can fold your hands and freeze for a few seconds until he gets tired of hanging on your lap with his hind legs. If he jumps on you, do not make any sudden movements.

6. Discourage The Behavior By Getting To The Dog’s Level

According to dog behavior, most of them will try to reach your face as a sign of greeting. This is because they usually sniff each other’s noses to greet each other. By lowering yourself to the dog’s level, it will feel comfortable.

Fortunately, after some time of continuous practice, you should notice the decline in jumping when walking.

Bonus: Purchase A Canine Anti-Anxiety Wrap

A canine anti-anxiety wrap is an efficient solution to decrease the anxiety most dogs have when left unattended.

You can use the anti-anxiety wrap to calm an anxious dog that jumps when walking. This wrap has been engineered to relieve stress, fear, insecurity, and hyperactivity. A relieved dog should not worry you when you are outside walking.

The anti-anxiety wrap comes in different sizes, brands, and make. So, you should pick an ideal accessory that fits your dog.

How to stop dog jumping up when out walking

What You Should Never Do To Stop Dog Jumping Up When Out Walking

With all the positive things you should do to teach your dog to stop jumping up when out walking, there are also a few other things you should NOT DO to your dog.

Below are four things not to do during this learning process.

  • Do Not knee your dog on the chest or wherever
  • Do Not forget to reward your dog when she does something good
  • The training session should not run too short
  • Do not be too emotional when teaching your hound a good behavior

Final Thoughts

If you have attempted all the approaches mentioned above and she would still not listen to you, you can contact a certified dog trainer or seek professional help.

A certified dog trainer will be able to handle the situation professionally and help your dog stop jumping up.