How Do Dogs Comfort You When You Are Sad?

Have you ever had a bad day, or you are crying, and suddenly your dog is at your side trying to snuggle up with you?

It’s almost as if your dog can sense that you are in a mood, and it is trying to help you in some way.

Dog can comfort you when you are sad

Good news to all dog lovers, your pet can sense when you are feeling sad and distressed, and it is one reason why it is quick enough to snuggle up to you when you are not your usual self.

In its way, your dog is trying to comfort you.

Dogs are probably one of the most sensitive and emotional pets found in people’s homes.

Dogs are usually in tune with their owners’ feelings, and it is perhaps one reason they can sense that you are probably in a bad mood.

Somehow, they are eager to help you out of that mood that you are in. They play different tricks to get you to be happy again.

How Do Dogs Comfort You When You Are Sad?

There are several ways that your dog may want to comfort you or help you ease the stress that you may be feeling. They do this by;

1. Licking You Up And Down

When your dog suspects that you may feel sad or think you may have been crying, it instinctively starts to lick you up and down.

It is a way of communicating with you and trying to comfort you. It will lick you more than it would have done on a regular day. It is almost as if it is its way of saying, “everything will be okay.”

2. Cuddling With You

Dogs, as we already know, like physical touch. It is heightened when they notice that their owners may be in a bad mood.

Your dog can snuggle up to you in a bid for you to cuddle it. When they are close to you and cuddling with you, they will often be looking at you to see if there has been a shift in your mood.

A shift in your mood after they may have cuddled up with you shows them that you feel better.

3. Distracting You

When your dog wants to comfort you on a bad day, you may see it trying to play so many games with you. They may be tugging at your clothes or will make you try to chase them.

Sometimes they may even try to annoy you so that you can go after them.

They are simply trying to comfort you by distracting you with different activities that you would have done if you were in a very cheerful mood.

Indulge them and play those games, and you will be sure to feel a lot better after some time. You may find this annoying, but you should understand that your dog is simply trying to cheer you up.

4. Exercise

If your dog is not trying to play some games with you when you are feeling down, it is trying to get you to exercise by taking a walk or running with it.

The dog is showing its way of comforting you by doing this. If it is a dog that you may be training, the dog will pick that as the appropriate time to train.

5. Your Dog May Give You Space

Sometimes, dogs know when to quit playing with their owners and allow them time to themselves. It especially happens when your dog may see you cry or go into the room and shut the door.

The dog takes that as a cue to allow you to be by yourself and will only come back to be with you when they are sure that you feel better.

Dogs notice emotions like anger, stress, and anxiety, and they know that at that time, you may want to be left alone without any disturbance.

It is their way of comforting you and letting you know that everything will be okay.

6. Companionship

Sometimes a dog might not even do anything when they notice that you are not your usual self or see that you may be sad.

They may not play any of your everyday games with you or even snuggle up with you. They may only sit beside you, wagging their tails.

They do this to provide you with companionship, almost as if they are trying to say, “I am here if you want to talk” they believe that their presence and the friendship they can provide will be enough for you to be comforted.

How do dogs comfort you when you are sad

Why Doesn’t My Dog Comfort Me When I Am Sad?

Sometimes, the opposite may be the case when you cry or feel sad.

You may expect that your dog will notice this shift in your mood and try to make you feel better, but instead, it withdraws and acts like it doesn’t even notice that there may be something wrong with you.

The truth is that your dog does see that you feel sad but may refuse to comfort you for the following reasons:

1. You Have A Horrible Relationship With Your Pet

If you have not tried to build a good relationship with your dog, the chances are that your dog will not do anything to help you feel better when you are feeling sad.

Your dog will withdraw and be on its own. It is simply because you have not tried to bond with your dog properly.

2. Intimidation

Your dog may sometimes get intimidated by you. It stems from the fact that you may impose a superior position on the dog.

The dog may feel relieved when it moves away from you as it gives it the chance to breathe.

3. Confusion

Your dog may not reach out immediately to comfort you as you may expect because it is confused as to why you are feeling sad.

Instead of rushing to help you as you may expect, it just stays on its own, mopping at you. It just feels confused about what to do.

4. Stress

Your dog may see you feeling sad, and immediately there’s a shift in its mood, but it isn’t doing anything to make you feel better.

The fact that you are feeling down and sad has caused resultant stress on your dog. It’s almost like a transfer of energy from you to your dog.

It may cause your dog not to comfort you as you may have expected.


Dogs are incredibly sensitive and will do everything to ensure that their owners do not feel sad.

If you notice that your dog doesn’t try to do anything when you feel sad, you should re-evaluate your relationship with your dog.

It may be why it isn’t doing anything to make you feel better. Otherwise, dogs are highly emotional animals and will be sure to reach out to you when you are having a bad day.