Reasons Why Your Dog Protects You From Your Husband

As a dog owner, you may notice that your dog displays some traits and characteristics, such as trying to protect you from your husband, fiancé, or any other person entirely.

Why your dog protects you from your husband

You probably did not expect this to happen because you expect your dog to be used to your husband, but that isn’t the case, mainly if the dog is grown beyond the puppy age.

Just like most mammals, there are several reasons this may happen.

Dogs Are Sensitive

Dogs are susceptible. They react to their environment and people immediately.

If they have a close relationship with their owners, they will do everything within their power to be with them and also protect them from any danger.

Sometimes, it may be a little difficult for a dog to differentiate between potential danger and who is not. The most important thing to note is that your dog is trying to keep you safe.

Your dog may react differently whenever it notices that your husband is around. It may keep barking at your husband or trying to move you away.

All the dog is trying to do is communicate that it does not trust your husband.

Because there is no ground of trust between your dog and your husband, your dog may try to protect you from what it thinks is danger, in this case, your husband.

What may be the cause it this need for protection? What is it that your dog may see in your husband that you do not see?

There are several reasons your dog may protect you from your husband. In this article, we will explore some of these reasons and give tips on navigating this issue.

Your Dog Is Not Comfortable Around Your Husband

When a dog feels uncomfortable around people or other animals, their first instinct will be to protect their immediate loved ones like their puppies, and in this case, you, the owner.

You may notice that your dog is constantly growling at your husband whenever he comes around you. Your dog may even try to move your husband out of the way by jumping to attack him.

Your Dog Is Not Used To Being Around Your Husband

Dogs are usually very wary around strangers. Their first instinct will usually be to protect their owners from any stranger they think may be a potential threat.

If your dog is not used to being around your husband, it may see your husband as a stranger and may feel the need to protect you from this danger.

It may bark, snarl, or growl at your husband in an attempt to keep your husband away from you, thereby protecting you.

Your Dog And Husband Have A Bad Relationship

If your husband does not have a bond with your dog, constantly yelling or shouting at it, it may make your dog not develop any bond with your husband as dogs have their own emotions and may feel not loved by your husband.

Your dog doesn’t have that relationship that it has with you, with your husband, and may try to protect you from your husband.

Your husband, in this case, is just like an enemy to your dog.n As an enemy, it needs to protect you from him. Your dog, in this case, too, may also bark and growl at your husband.

Your Dog Perceives Your Husband As A Potential Threat

If there is one thing we need to commend dogs on, it is the fact that they are susceptible. If a dog doesn’t feel comfortable with someone, they think that they are a potential risk or threat.

Your dog may be trying to protect you from your husband because it thinks your husband is a threat that you do not know.

Your dog probably has seen your husband do something and only feels the need to protect you from him.

Why your dog protects you from your husband explained

A Deeper Analysis Of The Trait Of Being Possessive

When your dog starts to protect you from your husband, you may find your dog becoming very possessive of you.

It starts to follow you everywhere, wouldn’t let your husband anywhere near you or wouldn’t also let you near your husband.

It tries to jump on your husband any chance it gets in an attempt to scare your husband and make him leave you alone.

It may be a little new to you, especially if your dog does not behave towards other people. As a new dog owner, you may also be left feeling disturbed about what to do.

It is almost as if your dog is feeling jealous in some ways about the relationship that you and your husband have. This is not far from the truth.

Your dog does feel jealous sometimes about your relationship with your husband. It’s almost as if they feel like they are about to be replaced.

It happens when your dog has an exceptional bond with you.

It does not want anyone to take its place in your life, and it will do anything to secure the spot that it may have in your life, even if it means protecting you from your husband.

What You Should Do

What should you do to alleviate this problem? You love both your dog and your husband, and there should be a middle ground where the both of them can meet and agree on.

Some Alone Time

The first thing you want to do is give your husband and dog some alone time. It allows your dog to get used to your husband in a situation where the dog considers your husband a stranger.

When your dog gets used to your husband, it stops treating him like a stranger and finding the need to protect you from him.

Giving your dog some alone time with your husband will also give them the time to build a good relationship.

Once your dog considers your husband as part of the family, it wouldn’t find the need to constantly protect you from your husband since it regards your husband as a family.

Dogs are intuitive, and they know when they do not have a perfect relationship with someone.

If you notice that your dog starts to become violent towards your husband, it may be time to get a professional trainer to step in and train your dog so that it stops being aggressive towards your husband.

The last thing you will want is your dog biting your husband or hurting him badly. A professional trainer will ensure that your dog is always well behaved around your husband.

Another thing to do is set a boundary for your dog and barricade where it can reach or enter the home.

Some dogs tend to control their owners as they have the liberty to do what they like or get what they want from you at all times, and this may be a starting point of the overprotection when he notices a third party and may then be too late to control.


Dogs can be overprotective and overbearing sometimes. They only do this when they consider you their owners unique to them.

Finding ways to get your husband and dog to bond will be paramount to them having a good relationship and stopping your dog from finding the need to protect you.