Do Dogs Think Humans Are Cute?

We all agree that the company dog gives is one of the best things we could wish for.


We like to treat them like how we treat humans. And because we know they listen to us, it comforts us and makes us feel special.

Above all, we could agree that our dog pals are one of the cutest pets humans could have. But when the roles are reversed, do dogs think humans are cute too?

First, Do Dogs Think At All?

While we may think that we have the smartest dog in the world, animal psychologists believed dogs are about as intelligent as a 2-year-old human. Dogs can understand more than 150 words, count up to 5, and notice simple emotions.

In the recent development in brain imaging technology, we are starting to get a better picture of what is happening inside our pals’ heads. Study shows that they rely more on humans when it comes to affection. And that they respond more to the aroma of their owner. That could only mean that just the scent makes our pal unbelievably happy.

Most dog owners will agree that these four-legged friends are unquestionably cute. Their actions and expressions simply amplify their “cuteness”. So, when asking “Do dogs think humans are cute?” the answer to this one-million-dollar question is somewhat more physiological.

1. Do Dogs Find Humans Cute When They See Us?

Dogs cock their heads to see their favorite person better. They assess facial expressions, eye movements, tone of voice, body language to improve their way of understanding and communicating with them.

In general, dogs have difficulty seeing a human’s face because of their long muzzles. On top of that, the visual system of dogs functions well in low light; that is why they have more limited color vision than us.

Dogs aren’t completely color blind, as most people think. But unlike the 3 specialized receptors in our human eyes, which distinguish colors, our pals only have 2. Because of this, they only see black, white, blue, and yellow.

Meanwhile, their brains don’t interpret red and green but instead see grey. So, because of that, dogs perceive most of the motion of objects.

The study reveals that dogs pay the most attention to the eyes rather than the nose or mouth when trying to recognize their owner or discriminate faces in general. In the conducted study, while using discrimination tasks in which dogs see photos of pair faces on a touch screen, they will be rewarded if they touch the correct face.

It shows that just like humans, dogs recognize through the eyes, nose, and mouth but mostly discriminate faces when shown the eyes. Although these studies were focused on dogs’ visual abilities, this doesn’t tell us anything about how they think.

But when they see humans, we can perceive that they can recognize us. Although, we are just not that sure if our pals find us cute.

2. Dog’s Behavior When They Find Someone Cute

From the way our four-legged friend thump their tails, invade our laps and steal our pillows, it certainly seems like they love us back and find us cute too. But since dogs can’t tell us, how can we be so sure?

Behavior research supports the recent findings that dogs show they find their human cute in many ways. It could be like wagging their tails, which speaks volumes. Or we can know through their facial expressions and body language.

Are dogs thinking that humans are cute?

The behavior of our furry friends speaks of many ways, and we need to understand it as it is essential for building a solid relationship with them. Say, for example, when our furry friend squints and blinks, it could mean he finds his favorite person in a good mood, adorable, or so we say, cute.

But if he squints a lot, then that means another way. Dog’s action tells us a lot about their mood and how they think towards us. It is essential to learn how to recognize and interpret dog behavior since we don’t speak the bark language.

3. Dogs’ Emotions When They Find Us cute

Do you ever feel like your dog gets you? It turns out that humans and dogs both respond to emotional sounds!

The study revealed similarities in the way dog and human brains process emotions. When our four-legged friend hears us crying, for example, they interpret our crying as another dog whining.

They are skilled at sensing our emotions by reading our movements and expressions. Whether we are happy, sad, or angry, our furry friends will know.

They will often pick up on subtle changes in their fur parent’s voice intonation associated with body gestures, and through that, they respond accordingly. For example, they get excited and playful when they find their owner cute.

Do Dogs Think Humans Are Cute? Wrapping Up

There is no way to know exactly what a dog is thinking or feeling. That means it may not be clear whether dogs find us cute.

But through physiological clues, we can relish that if we find dogs cute and adorable, we will treat them well and understand them rightly. They will also reciprocate the same feeling to you, maybe even more.

At the end of the day, dogs are a great source of positivity, and they are considered everyone’s best friend. It may be hard to trust another human being, but you never be wrong in giving trust to dogs. They can be our most trusted confidants as well!