Do Dogs Know They Are Cute? – Fun Facts

Dogs have become very popular recently. Some pet parents have created dog accounts on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Actually, some dogs are celebrities and have mass followings on different social platforms!

Do Dogs Know they are Cute

What’s surprising is that some dogs are well taken care of with a full wardrobe. They have sweaters, ponchos, parka, fun costumes, vests, and booties. Some pet owners have even set aside a budget to groom their furry friends.

Are dogs being groomed feel they are cute? No, they don’t. Dogs don’t have a concept of “cuteness” as it’s an abstract human concept that needs cultural understanding.

Besides, dogs don’t have the brainpower or cognizance that people have to know if they are cute or not.

If dogs could talk, we could know if they know or feel they are cute. Also, we could know what they are thinking and share their thoughts and excitements with us.

However, even though dogs don’t know whether they are cute or not, they are smart creatures that learn and react to human behaviors. That’s why some people think that dogs know they are cute.

Here are some of the things that make people think dogs know they are cute:

They Learn And Recreate The Behavior

Dogs are considered to have an IQ that is similar to a two-year-old child. That’s enough for them to create a bond between them and their pet owners. Several studies have found that dogs make eye contact and listen to cues from their owners.

After being together for some time, they get to understand their owner’s facial expressions and cues. That’s why dogs are trainable and learn a few things after interacting with you.

For instance, your canine friend will know when you want to play, when you’re serious, and when you don’t want anything to do with her. Dogs look at our eye contact and body language to understand what we want them to do.

According to various studies, dogs have hijacked the human oxytocin bonding pathway, which makes us love them more when we stare at them.

As a result, dogs don’t know that they are cute, but at least they have a hint of what makes them look or appear cute. That’s why they know what to do to get their owner’s attention, be given a treat, or even get a pat on the head or a massage on their stomach.

They Express How They Feel

Aside from learning and recreating their behavior, dogs also feel cute in different ways. That’s why dog owners must learn their pet’s body signals and react to them accordingly.

Dogs usually communicate how they feel by their body posture, mouth, tail, ears, mouth, nose, and behavior.

Jumping Up

One of the usual signs of a happy, healthy, and confident dog is one that’s jumping up and down. Not only does this show that the dog feels great about itself, but it also shows that the dog knows how the owner feels about it.

Therefore, the dog will carry items to the owner ready to play. It can be a stick or ball. Besides, the dog will be ready to receive any commands from the owner just to please them.

Wagging Tail

Another sign of a dog feeling cute or confident about itself is wagging its tail. Dogs wag their tails because of happiness, anxiety, nervousness, excitement, submission, and feeling frightened. But if your dog wags its tails as it jumps around, this shows that it’s confident and knows that the owner loves every bit of it.

Some dogs might Know they are Cute

So, if your dog wags its tail, it’s an indication your furry friend is happy and excited. However, you should not mistake this as a sign of the dog telling you that it’s cute.


A dog can bark at you because of different reasons, It can be a warning, demanding food, being protective, telling you that she’s in pain, or asking for attention.

Therefore, you should not assume that the dog wants your attention when she backs at you, just because she’s cute.

Of course, the dog doesn’t know that it’s cute, but it’s trying to tell you something. So, pay attention and know your dog’s signals.

Tongue Hanging

Just like tail wagging, tongue hanging can mean a lot of things. If your dog is happy and jovial, it may have its mouth wide open and tongue hanging. At the same time, it may be panting and ready to play with you.

This is an indication that the dog trusts and loves you. However, the dog can also hang its tongue if it has a dental issue.

Excellent Energy Levels

Dogs may not know that they are cute, but they can feel a good vibe and reciprocate the same to humans.

So, when you dress up your dog or give them a treat, it will reciprocate by showing a good energy level when you’re around. It will jump up and down, wag its tail, bark, stick its tongue out, and even come for a pat on the head.

All of these are signs that your pet loves and trusts you, but have nothing to do with them knowing that they are cute.

Bottom Line

Dogs may be cute animals that mankind has fallen in love with, but these canines don’t know if they are cute or not. This is because they lack a cultural understanding or brainpower to know this abstract.

However, dogs know that they are loved and they try to reciprocate this to humans. As a result, they return a good vibe by being excited, jovial, and playful around their owners.

Also, they love attention, which makes people mistake them for knowing that they are cute. Instead, they just show appreciation for being loved and cared for.

So, if you’re a dog owner, you should learn your dog’s behavior and signals as it does the same. A dog will manipulate you into giving them a treat or playing even when you don’t feel like it.

They are simply responding to behaviors you’ve exhibited for some time. That’s what makes people think that dogs know they’re cute, but they don’t.